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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Tristana Build Guide by Poptart

less QQ more PEW PEW

less QQ more PEW PEW

Updated on January 18, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Poptart Build Guide By Poptart 2,444 Views 0 Comments
2,444 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Poptart Tristana Build Guide By Poptart Updated on January 18, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


More pew pew

This Trist build plays off of the new additions to SR with the Jax/Sejuani patch. Playing on the passive of her E, and using the combined ability of Ionic Spark you make a very dangerous, very tanky death dealing monster.
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For runes on this build to take advantage of the attack proc of Iconic Spark I put attack speed Seals, but you can sub in anything that you want. I would recommend either AD seals, or armor seals just to add in some more tanky. I believe however that the speed runes will play a biggere benefit especially when you tap her Q for that attack speed buff that she gets, that combined with the Ionic Spark and late game BR will clear out minion waves in a heart beat. It will also shred tanks, and non tanks alike!
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For masters I take everything AD in the attack tree specializing in Ignite. I then tap over into the defense tree for 8 points taking the extra health and a bit more MR. The last point goes into TP specialization. The reason for the TP is that Trist is slow and it allows you to TP in on something if you are just coming back, and then W into the fight and pick up some assists or kills.
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Summoner Spells

The reason for the TP is that Trist is slow and it allows you to TP in on something if you are just coming back, and then W into the fight and pick up some assists or kills.

Ignite can be changed out for exhaust if you want it to keep other champs like Trynd and Yi, but with the recent nerfs to Trynd the BR and your speed should be enough to knock him down.

Clarity COULD be used, but its better left to a support or your AP toon.

The only other one summoner that I would take on her for this build would be surge. She has some AP in her W and R so you get a bump there, but more importantly you get more SPEED. Which means more procs from the IS.
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Skill Sequence

For skills I start out with the rapid fire. It can be a good deterrent for someone to get close to you, or if you are a laner and you face check a bush a way to pick up first blood. It is also super useful when shooting towers.

The second skill is more a taste choice. Either level her E for early game lane help, or her W. If you go with W hold on to it for a while so that they dont know that you have it yet. Could be helpful in picking up a kill with a well timed stun.

At 3rd level you should have a point in the E. This will help you pick up kills as it also places on a dot on the enemy, and it clears out mini waves.

For me the first thing I max is the E. This is for farm purposes as much as it is for defense. If I can clear out the minis, that leaves the tower to shoot the enemy, which you can W on at that point and possibly pick up a kill.
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Farming is super easy with this build. Last hit till you get IS, then you just SHOOT. Your procs take care of the rest and you can watch the minis die in DROVES.
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Pros / Cons

Starting with the CONS on this:
It is easy to over push. You kill minis extremely quickly and can over extend with it. Be very careful and mindful of this early game. You may want to hold off on IS till your lanes tower is down because of this.

Its easy to KS. Your team may hate this (cause your IS can KS). But remember that this is a team game. Not only will it KS, but it will also allow your team to pick up kills easy too.

Minis wont stand a chance! You will clear waves in NO TIME. Faster than Trist has ever been able to do before and better.

Its easy to KS. While this will net you tons of gold to get more items, it could also piss off people. Keep in mind that they are getting money too.

Tanky! 2800 life on a ranged AD?? YES PLEASE! And if you need to go more tanky you an get rid of the blade and get any thing with life on it. I would recommend a banshees for the MR and the life.
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Credit where credit is due

This build is not my idea alone. While I had the idea of putting IS on Trist after it was announced, my GF did it first. Made me want to try it, and wow. It is epic. THANK YOU HONEY!
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To finish:

This Trist build brings a lot of great new toys to someone that is under appreciated. Now you can wipe out minis with a bat of an eye, and champs to boot! Eh? Whats NOT to love about that? YES PLEASE
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