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League of Legends Build Guide Author EksSkellybur

LET'S TALK META: End of Season 1

EksSkellybur Last updated on June 16, 2016
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What Happens Next? (End of Season 1?)

Well. That pretty much Covers all of the Clash of Fates, Pre-Season 1 Champions in the Game. (Expect Warwick.) So Far; I actually what i'm doing for the LET'S TALK META Series; Since I get to learn a lot of the Champions themselves, just from look at their kit, and how they would function in-game; rather if they are an Aggressive Support, a Defensive all-in Tank, or even an Attack Speed Bruiser for all I know, I get to learn a new experience of Creativity in the game.

Now I know that they are a few F-Ups I Made out of the 17-- I mean, 16 Champions. Such as with: Kayle, Master Yi and the Godforsaken Teemo., And I guess not getting enough love for Ambulance Soraka. I only gotten under 100 Views with Soraka, yet I can get just about over 100 Views with Objective Support Tank Teemo? So I want to some Revists with the Champions, before moving on, and finishing the other 23 Champions, and Finally Completing the "Clash of Fates 'Era'".

I'll be doing this for every season I make for the LET'S TALK META Series that I'm making, and so far, I think It's heading to a decently good Start. I've Gotten some Good Scores with Sivir and Tristana; Although I don't know If I've gotten more Views with Tris, because of the rant that I made or not. I like what I'm doing so far, So I want to Continue the series, even if it's just a peek of Interest, for dozens and dozens of people. To Me, that shows me that this series can actually live; And All I have to say about that is: Thank you for your time. It means a lot. And I'll see you when Summer Strikes. (21st June). Untill Then.

'gl hf.' and 'report noob for feed'

-Bronze "EksSkellybur" Scrub


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