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Nocturne Build Guide by Heikold

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Heikold

Lightning Jungle Nocturne

Heikold Last updated on March 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Mostly just an introduction of the relatively new item Ionic Spark to a Nocturne build. Threw in my jungling guide, but this is mostly a heads up that Ionic Spark is a fantastic addition to most jungling Nocturnes due to the sheer speed at which it allows you to clear clumps of minions.

First time I tried it out, I was level 18 when they were all 12 and being slaughtered to cries of "NOCTURNE OP! NOCTURNE OP!" so I'd recommend giving it a shot ;)

Oh and yes I'm aware that most people pick the Q off the start with Noc, but as a jungler I'd rather have the damage reprieve from his E off the start. It also means that if you get ambushed by an invader with boots you have a sure fire way of making your escape rather than just having to hope that your Q makes you quick enough and that there's a straight line of retreat available.


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Summoner Spells

No question here.

Smite - A jungling essential. No chance of clearing the jungle in one go at early levels without it and later on it can close the deal quickly if you're about to get ganked or be used to steal a buff that an enemy thinks that they're about to get.

Flash - Nocturne is great at getting into fights, but not so good at getting out of them and he often has to. Flashing over a wall is very handy and Flashing near to a group of minions and using your Q to run straight through them is a great unique escape route for Nocturne. Clumsier enemies will have to go around or be slowed down wading through the mass.

If you're too low a level for Flash, then consider Ghost, but it isn't as good seeing as your Q basically does that anyway. Teleport, allowing you to quickly surprise someone trying to backdoor your team might be a better call.

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Get a team member to provide a pull on your Blue Golem then go back to their lane. Take it using Smite, a health pot and maximum use of abilities (the buff will regen your mana). It arrives at 1:55 so don't get impatient and keep hidden in the grass in case of incursions. Once you've killed it, put a note in chat of the current time +5 minutes with "OB" (Our Blue) before it. So if you kill it at 2:15, put "OB 7:15" into chat (you can also note it on a piece of paper). That way you don't have to guess when it's going to respawn - you can just check the chat history or your cheat sheet when you're getting closer to that time. Also having written it down aids memory.

Then go to Wolves and kill them using E and Q - shouldn't be hard. Take a health pot on the way to Wraiths if necessary. Their respawn time is 1:40, so you can do the same as above, but "OWl", if you're trying to get into the habit of it, but it's not really necessary.

Activate E on big Wraith and then hit it with Q, allowing you to move through the small Wraiths and focus autoattacks on it. The little ones do very little damage so don't worry while cleaning them up. (Respawn time: 1:40, but no need as with Wolves) Use a Health Potion (Pot) on the way to little Golems. Do not use Smite.

Like with Wraiths, focus on the bigger of the two Golems and use health pots to keep your health high. Make sure that your health is at at least 2/3 before moving to Red. Do not use Smite unless you somehow mess up and will have to recall afterwards anyway. (Respawn time: 1:40, but no need as with Wolves and Wraiths)

Hit the Red Lizard with E and then activate every ability you can on it including Smite. Try to line up your Q so that it hits at least one of the smaller lizards each time as that will make your job easier. Recall after doing this to buy items etc. (Respawn time (worth recording): 5:00)

Once you get back, look for opportunities to come out of the river and gank using your Q to pounce them quickly, your W to block the inevitable disable attempt and then your E to hold them in place. Obviously once you hit level six use the combination R,W,E,Q instead.

Once you have Wriggles' Lantern, get into a habit of leaving a ward just outside the Dragon early game, switching to the Baron at around level 13. That way your allies will have some warning about incoming ganks as well as knowing if the enemy are planning on stealing one of those very important river buffs.

In my experience, you can comfortably solo the Dragon from level 11 which is worth doing if your team is busy but could do with the cash injection. Very worth noting down Dragon respawn times (6:00) assuming that you know when it was killed.

It's rare that the Baron is used twice in a game, but there's no harm in noting down its 7:00 respawn time. The Baron is such an important buff that if you see the enemy team taking it (good use of Wriggles will give warning) then sacrificing yourself to steal it with Smite is worth it. I have had some success using R on whoever's nearest to the Baron to get in, Smiting the Baron (make sure that it is on low enough health before you start any of this or you'll just die for nothing), and then W allowing you potentially enough time to get to the edge of the cave and Flash out. Odds are you'll die, but unless you're the last surviving member of your team it'll almost certainly be worth it.

Here's the full list of respawn times in case you were wondering:

Small creep camps (Golem/Wolf/Wraith packs) - 1:40
Lizard Buff - 5:00
Golem Buff - 5:00
Dragon - 6:00
Baron - 7:00

One last thing - when stealing buffs out of your opponents' jungle in the knowledge that they're using it fully, try to leave one minion remaining. That way it won't respawn. If you're playing a low level game where they aren't using it properly, then just kill it and mark down the time as "EB" (enemy blue) etc.

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Once you have Ionic Spark, bear in mind that you will go through minions like a knife through butter so if you see a big clump of them just throw a Q through as many as possible then get to the middle and start autoattacking for a ridiculously fast farm.

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Team Work

Remember - your job as Nocturne is to make sure that if your allies start something and can't finish it, you're there to clean up.

Your ult is fantastic for finishing off champions who think that they've got away, particularly ones like Shaco who think that they can mess your laners around and escape at will. As long as you've got your ult, then use the combination R,W,E,Q. If not, then you'll want to go for Q,W,E instead.

You're usually hardy enough to pull off a turret dive, particularly with your ult up, but make sure that they don't have the ability to hit you with multiple disables and that you will only require one or two hits to get them. Often a well timed Q can stop you from needing to put yourself at risk.