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League of Legends Build Guide Author ABoH

Locked Screen Tips and Tricks(In Progress)

ABoH Last updated on January 8, 2013
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This is a guide for those who like me and other people I know that generally play with a locked screen. This is purely to aid those who can't seem to play without a locked screen and its purpose is to give tips and tricks for those who need it. This guide is NOT a guide saying that a locked screen is better than an unlocked one. Playing with a locked screen poses several obstacles, but it IS doable. This is my first time actually making a guide, so apologies in advanced for any issues with this guide, as I am inexperienced with all the functions. Also, please do not bash me for using a locked screen. It is a personal preference that I choose to use. Feel free to give any advice about the guide or guide making in the future as I would appreciate the criticism, but please refrain from giving hate without a good reason. Please and Thank you :D Onto the guide!

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  • Allows better focus on own champion
  • Less Multitasking to keep camera focused
  • Easier to use for new players(Not to say that experienced players don't use locked screens, but it is not used as often among advanced players though they are out there)


  • Less Map Awareness
  • Presents difficulties when playing champions with skill shots and more range
  • Poses a disadvantage when playing on purple team (Explained in further detail later on)

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Why a Locked Screen?

Many MoBa veterans who have came to League from games such as DoTa and other games like it are used to an unlocked screen. League of Legends is one of the few of these sorts of games that have a locked screen function, so understand that that is the reason why locked screen users are a minority. Many locked screen users use a lock screen simply because that was the default in the tutorial, and never bothered to change the function and became accustomed to having a locked screen. Others just prefer to focus on their champion most of the time, can't handle the multitasking of changing the camera, or maybe they read the terms and conditions that clearly states "Every player must play with a locked screen". I'm wrong? No way theres such a condition? Well, did YOU read the terms and conditions? No? Didn't think so! So go through the terms and conditions and prove me wrong if you want :P Just kidding. Locked screen usage is a serious issue, and with your help it can be cured, with a measly donation of 2500RP we can together cure this disease. Wait, aren't you a locked screen user >.>? Uhhh I don't know what you're talking about ;D. In all seriousness, people play with unlocked, some with locked. You need to accept that both sides exist. Please don't bash locked screen users just because of our camera setting. There ARE pro players that also are effected by the locked screen usage disease too, and they can give you a run for your money, so leave us alone.(Apologies to other pro players that are godly in their LoLing ability on the same level as TPA M5 etc.)

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Map Awareness

This is one of the biggest problems with using a locked screen; it is the fact that you are restricted in your vision of the map. Although it allows you to better focus on your own champion, League of Legends is a team based game and you cannot afford to miss out when a team mate needs help, a team fight is starting, and other things that are outside of your vision.

The Minimap

This is one of your greatest tools when using locked screen. By clicking and dragging on your minimap, you are able to view other parts of the map and instantly return to your locked screen. Always pay attention to it, as it is your only vision beyond the surroundings directly around your champion. Learn to recognize when a gank is happening on your lane by the enemy and your allies. It should be rather obvious with the player's icon coming to your lane through the bushes, but it is easy to not notice when focusing on your lane. Remember to always look at your minimap every so often. Look around when you are returning to lane, are waiting for respawn, or are idly sitting in a lane picking your nose cause you decided to troll/afk your team.(Jk, Please don't troll your team, you just ruined the next half an hour of 4 people. But if you ARE a troll, remember that you are making 5 people on the enemy team happy, and you are also enjoying it, so 6 happy people is worth 4 sad people :D Kidding. DON'T. TROLL

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Blue V.S. Purple

Whats the Difference?

The team you are on does not affect unlocked screen users nearly as much as locked screen users. The reason is that locked screen users are restricted to what is directly located around your champion as far as vision goes. On blue team, you are looking at the top of your screen when laning (facing the enemy). However, on purple team, you are looking at the bottom of your screen, which is quite abstructed by your HUD. This handicaps locked screen users even further when playing by cutting off more of your vision. This makes using abilities more difficult by hindering your vision on your enemy, making playing champions such as Kog'maw, Nocturne, Nidalee, and others very difficult. Why can't Riot let us zoom out more!?!I wonder that myself. It would help locked screen users ALOT. But its okay, I wrote Santa a letter and I'm sure Santa can help convince Phreak if he gives him a big trinity force pillow :D.

So I Can't Use Locked Screen on Purple?

WRONG. Although it may be more difficult, it is honestly not impossible. The next few chapters will explain how you can compensate for your locked screen by simply changing some of the features in your client that will greatly aid with playing using a locked screen on either team.

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Your HUD

Managing Your HUD

This seems to be one of the most underminded features(IMO) that many players don't notice. In your settings when in game, you can reduce the size of your HUD. This may not seem like a drastic change, but I have noticed many of my friends that have not bothered changing it. The truth is, this is something that I HIGHLY recommend changing even if you are an unlocked screen user. By reducing the size of your HUD(Your items, abilities, and minimap) you give yourself more vision on your surroundings, especially on purple team. On purple team, you will be far less abstructed if your HUD is blocking less of your screen.Cool! Can you make the HUD do tricks and get me cookies too?No, it can't... because I ate all your cookies >:D

The Minimap

Another little known feature is the ability to invert the minimap, flipping the minimap to the left side of your sreen. This helps on Blue team, when the enemy is to the top right of your screen, giving you even more vision.Can the Minimap do tri-Buy me cookies and then I'll answer that.

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Unlocking Your Screen

A very helpful change in your client is the unlock screen button. No, that is not a typo, this is not a joke, I mean the unlock screen button. The truth is, you cannot always use a locked screen. This is because, in certain situations, the vision limitation is simply too great.

Have I Lied to You?

Have you deceived us? Isn't this a locked screen guide? What does your mother smell like? No, yes, and what kind of question is that. Simply put, you must learn to unlock your screen, and then quickly lock back your screen. For example, when playing a champion such as Nidalee, you cannot afford to lose vision on the enemy. Nidalee's Q ability, her spear throw, has a range that exceeds the maximum vision of your locked screen. Therefore, to compensate, you must quickly unlock your screen to get a full view of her spear throw, activate the ability, then lock your screen back quickly.

Key Binding

To better achieve the quick switch, I recommend changing the key binding for locking your screen from the default Y key to something more convenient. I personally edited my settings so that the A key unlocked my screen. Think of that key as now your universal "I need vision, and I need it now" ability that works on every one of your champions. See? I haven't betrayed my fellow locked screen users. You can put out your torches and put down your pitchforks now.

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Endangered Species, and an Optional Cure to the Disease

If you are reading this as a fellow locked screen user, there is something you must know. Its that gradually, many locked screen users have converted to unlocked screen, making our numbers to suffer. Now, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, many argue that the change is for the best. However, don't feel discouraged. Using these tips, you can compensate for your disease of locked screen usage(Once again, KIDDING). However, it is true that unlocked screen users face less issues. If you want to continue as a fellow locked screen usage afflicted person, that is fine. Use these tips, and show the world that we are just as good as our unlocked brothers! However, if you have decided to switch from locked screen, I do not blame you. Do not fear, because there IS a cure.

The Cure

For some, switching camera options is as easy as making cookies, ie, incredibly difficult, burning your house down, shaving a cat, and getting your **** stuck in a ceiling fan. Kidding. However, for some, its rather difficult, and here are some tips to ease you into the process.

Hugging the Space Bar

By default, the space bar centers the camera. Utilizing the space bar, you can unlock your camera and hold down the space bar. This way, you can get used to a lock screen while not feeling like this is a foreign country. So, when your thumb finally gets tired you can unlock your screen and stop being a little wimp! KIDDING. Heres a cookie.... PSYCH. MINE.

Champion Abuse

Many players use locked screen because it is easier to play with. However, by playing champions that are very difficult to play with a locked screen, you can learn to accept unlocked screen as easier and better. Another alternative is to simply forcing yourself to play with unlocked. This is the same as submerging yourself in a foreign country that doesn't use English. This takes away using English as a crutch to learn a new language. Its also the same if you shoved a paralyzed person out of their wheelchair. Learn to walk, WIMP. KIDDING. Don't abuse the handicapped, they are just as good as you :(. In all seriousness, this is a much more difficult conversion, but in the end it is a more effective of teaching someone to play with an unlocked screen.

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I realize that this guide sort of became an anti-locked screen guide near the end. However, make no mistake, I still believe that playing with a locked screen has is Pros, though I did not explore them very much in this guide. As I explained, this is not a guide promoting locked or unlocked screen, but merely as a tool to help those with the locked screen usage disease. But all in all, for those who have just started playing League, remember that either option IS doable despite what anyone says. And for those who are more experienced and can't seem to switch, remember that you are not alone and that is okay to play with a locked screen, and that you can punch whoever says otherwise otherwise in the face. Kidding. Just steal their cookies :D. Anyways, this is the end of the guide, for now. So, in conclusion to my English Proj- ...... wait a minute. This isn't my English Project D: Why did I write this >.<? Nooo D:(KIDDING, final joke, sorry if you did not find my jokes funny, this guide was written mostly because I was bored and felt like writing something, and also to help fellow locked screen users. ****. I JUST LOST THE GAME.)But in all complete seriousness, thank you for reading my guide :D If you didn't like this guide, please comment or discuss or whatever you wanna call it why you didn't like the guide. I appreciate any advice. Farewell, locked screen users and unlocked screen users alike! LOCK ON!


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