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League of Legends Build Guide Author zloque

LoL: Learn/Beat the Meta

zloque Last updated on November 25, 2011
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No this won't be pretty. No it won't have pretty pictures. But it will be inforative.
This will be a guide looking back at the previous metas and current meta in the game.

We will try to understand why LoL has shifted and changed so much in the last year and how we can abuse this current meta and dominate solo queue. This is essentially what all the top elo players are doing. [Conscious or not]

In here I will prove the strongest champions right now, and the direct counters to the meta now and before.

I will also justify the FOTM champs and why some champs have suddenly erupted in OP, and others taking a back seat when they were at the top just a while ago.

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I call it Pre-Meta. This was our NA meta, a year ago.
Now I hadn't been playing very well yet, at this time I was a lone level 3, however if I recall correct it was:
AD Mid
AP Top
Tanky DPS Bottom

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The Roles and SkillSets

AD Mid
Pretty much farming and getting good amount of gold7
Large Auto attack damage

AP Top
Control Dragon
Get early level advantage if possible
Strong Spell Damage

Tanky DPS Bottom
Control Dragon
Get Tanky
HAve lots of tankiness and CC [THIS WILL BE VERY IMPORTANT]

Take Map Objectives
Help Other lanes get fed
Roamer will have lots of tankiness and CC but lack in gold [THIS WILL BE VERY IMPORTANT]

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The Idea of Pre-Meta

Basically we have our 3 solo lanes.
They take solo lane to get alot of CS, as solo lane were able to take all the CS while bot lane fought for CS.

We put our Tanky DPS in bot lane and he pretty becomes the initiator/ tank and packs a LOT OF CC.

The idea of Pre-Meta was simple. We have our 2 carrries build full damage and get a ton of gold. Meanwhile we put our tank in solo lane also, as we need someone who can tank their carries, and a tank without health items will die instantly. Jungler/Roamer to help carries get fed and get a lead in their lane.

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Problems of Pre-Meta

Jungler + Roamer, unless they were successful in ganks, tend to fall in gold
AD Carry taking solo lane would give him a large amount of exp + gold when in reality he only needs gold
AD Carry would typically be harassed and fall behind in CS by himself, requiring lots of assistance

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The Counter

The Counter to the Pre-Meta is pretty much our Current Meta/EU Meta.
So, the guys in EU knew that the AD carry needed farm. So they thought, why not put this huge wall between their AD carry and their farm, that could get them to recall. But who could harass somone out at early levels... o wait... AP Carry can!
They also realised that roamers would often fall really behind in gold and opted out.
They also wanted their AD Carry to get farm. So, the question was, how do we deal with this AP Carry in lane with our AD. O we can get someone to outheal their harass! And thus, the 0 CS Support and 2 AP was born.
The New meta:
AP/Tanky AD Top
AP Mid
Support+AD Bot
Tank Jungle

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The problem that people are abusing now is the LACK OF CC and LACK OF TANKINESS.
The direct counter is: Burst Damage with gapclosers. AKA Assassins.

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The creation of New Meta made Assassins viable.
This is why Akali is becoming FOTM. This is why AP Sion is being picked/ banned. This is why Kassadin is godlike. This is why Leblanc is being played.
People with BURST and a gapcloser/ESCAPE destroy this meta.

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Big topic in my discussion.
A year ago, no one really cared for this champ. Sure, some people played her here and there but she was rarely used. Nowadays she is practically permabanned. Why? Because of the shift in the META.
Recall the old Meta. Tanky. CC. Pretty much the ANTI ASSASSIN.
And now the New Meta. SQUISHY. LACK OF CC. Survivabilty from Escapes. ASSASSIN WONDERLAND!
This is why she wasn't played often before. She didn't fit the meta, nor counter the meta.
This is why she fits in now. She fits in the top lane [to counter farm] and can rape the whole system of LoL by herself. This is causing the new Assassin Meta

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Assassin Meta

The direct counter to the current meta:
Only team I see running it is Dignitas.
Pretty much Assassin Top/Mid
AD Carry + Support Bot
Tank Jungler

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Counter Assassin

Run Pre-Meta. Rip them to pieces.
This meta relies on winning early and snowballing. Assassins will snowball if you don't get tanky and have CC and fight together.

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Conclusion on Assassin

1. Focus them
2. CC rapes them
3. Build Tanky

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Soo? How do I win Solo Queue?

Now I won't guarantee you go up to 2K Elo. But basically the easiest way right now, is simply play an assassin. The vast majority of the LoL community worship the metagame like the bible. Rarely anyone counterpicks/thinks [this is below 1800 elo at least]. How to win?
Abuse weaknesses in the meta. Abuse the Solo Queue. Play an assassin. Get fed. Win.

So what are the top assasins in Solo Queue?


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Assassins pretty much wreck the current meta and solo queue in general.
This is why so many assassins are FOTM.
This does not make them OP, you just need to adapt.
If you don't adapt, start now.
If you want to go up in Elo, Assassins are your best bet.
I don't believe I'm the best player. Don't get that impression. I am an average player, maybe below that. However Assassins keep me at where I am.


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