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League of Legends Build Guide Author MTaur

LoL Trollympics

MTaur Last updated on July 27, 2011
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Please only do this in custom games, and make sure everyone agrees to play along. It's only fun for everyone when everyone wants to play that way.

Note that this is in the Humor section.

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The LoL Trollympics - This ain't AD Annie we're talking about here

Sure, we've all seen AD Annie, Sunfire Twitch, AP Garen, you name it. These are builds that are self-defeating or at best ineffectual.

The LoL Trollympics is something else. You're not just going to suck. You're not just going to feed. You're going to actively try to help the other team win by whatever means are available to you.

To make it fair, one player on the "other team" is trying to do exactly the same thing to "their team".

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1. Feed

Anyone can do this, but Soraka has the lowest health of all (I think). She's actually sort of bad at trolling overall because of her passive, though, and because she has trouble ruining the game too much in other ways.

2. Grab all the buffs and feed them to the other team

Warwick, for example, can do this. He can even solo Baron for the other team down to an inch.

3. Kill steal.

Get an assassin or maybe a nuker to maximize your chances at this, or Garen, who has the ultimate KS skill at level 6: Demacian Justice. Katarina should be good, too. Kill stealing synergizes with (1) by resetting the gold reward for the "enemy" team when they kill you.

4. Positioning

Anivia is probably the best, having a spammable wall that does no damage to "enemies". Jarvan IV has a handy ult if you use it "right", but don't level it past 1 or you'll hurt someone. Know how that noob Alistar always saves champs before death? Now you get to do it on purpose. Trundle and Urgot are ok, but theirs are harder to use because they have negative effects built in.

The good news is that *any* champ can be an escape anchor for Katarina to Shunpo to, Jax to Leap Strike, Lee Sin to etc. etc. So non-trolls have to take trolling into account when planning as well, possibly.

5. Creep stealing

Your "allies" can't farm if you farm it all first. At the very least, just being around leeches exp. But if you really want to bring your "team" down, farm entire lanes while your team is helpless to get anything at all for themselves. Make sure "your" carries are never in a solo lane, ever.

6. Counter-troll

This is probably the trickiest. Of course the easiest thing to do is to hunt down and kill their troll. For this reason, a strong 1v1 champ like Jax can help. (He can also help the other team solo dragon quite easily at level 6) You'll probably have lots of opportunities to kill-steal the other troll from your team, so if you're playing a strong kill steal champ, this is all the more reason to go for it.

7. Life steal sourcing

"Enemy" Ashe has The Bloodthirster. You, Dr. Mundo, have Warmog's Armor and Spirit Visage. It's a match made in Heaven.

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Extra rules

I don't now if /all chat should be allowed. Obviously, saying "care Caitlyn" on the /all chat would be a little too easy. Also, a code could be developed, so maybe disabling /all altogether is an option.

Then again, some other non-verbal warning system could easily be devised - casting AoE spells where "allies" are hiding, for example. Even /taunt would work.

I'm not sure what would be the most fun and least complicated thing to allow communication-wise. I think you can't forbid anything more than /all chat maybe, and past that it's too subjective.

In any case, don't even bother trying to play stealth.

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Variations: Mafia-style

If you have some way of arranging this, assign the two trolls by blind picks in such a way that the only one who knows who each troll is is that troll him or herself. Troll from the start, or wait for a decisive moment to blow your cover? Or maybe walk the line by making "mistakes"?

Mix it up some more:

Optional twist: Every 10 minutes, a vote is taken, and the loser has to sit out for 5 minutes. In a tie, whoever has more deaths must sit out, and the second tiebreaker is the least assists, and the third tiebreaker is just the given order on the "team" roster.

Optional twist 2: The player with the most kills unilaterally gets to decide who sits out.

Optional twist 3: Point system - Spend 10 points to bench the player of your choice for one minute. Two points awarded per kill, one per assist. Only one player can be benched per "team" at a time.

Ok, this is getting pretty convoluted. I'll leave it at that for now.

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Honestly, Mafia-style is way too complicated

My head hurts just thinking about it.

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Post replays if you've got them

If you actually get bored enough to try this sometime, share the replays.


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