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League of Legends Build Guide Author Papacheese

Looking For Feedback Tiger/Tank/

Papacheese Last updated on February 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is how I have been playing him as a tank, please note I left the boots plain for this build here just to point out when I get what ever boots are necessary for the current game I am in. Common sense if the other team is tank heavy with a lot of A.D. I get Ninja Tabby, if they are A.P. Heavy I get Merc Treads, If I want to chase quickly then Boots of Mobility. I'm just pointing this out so people do say "man you use plain boots? wtf thats stupid" your build sucks.

I'm looking for some feedback here, I play Tiger Style not Pheonix so that would also not be something I care to see a whole lot of in the comments either. But what runes would be better, what masteries or should I just lane Tank this build or Jungle it? Should I grab different gear that would help better then what I use already?

Those are some of the things I would like some feedback on.


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Those are as best as I can get rite now for runes for Tanking. I'm not sure if I should get dodge or get health yellow runes? I don't have a lot of time to play cause of work so asking this here and waiting on a response or two would be more efficient that buying 9 wrong runes then 9 more to correct a mistake.

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If any of you have any suggestions to change certain masteries around I would be more then willing to give it a shot. However I think the cookie cutter 0/21/9 works well enough, I don't think I can improve on that for tanking/jungling with this.

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I some times take a early Banshee's Veil if the other team is C.C. heavy. If I take the Banshee's Veil I drop out Spirit Visage. I also grab Merc Treads for the same reason, the buff to slow duration of stuns and Such is greatly under estimated. Thornmail if necessary etc etc. This is just the basic go to set of items I plan on making each match, but this is all subject to change, even Wriggles Lantern some times gets turned in to Madred's if I have a really good farm.

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Skill Sequence

This is as close as the order I can think I get my skills in. If I'm in the jungle I want to get my second point in Turtle ASAP, the second point helps greatly with Mana and HP Regen per hit in comparison to the first point. Same goes for the second point in Bear Stance, the stun duration and speed buff when you proc it are also much better then just the initial first point. At level 5 I shoot for my second point in Tiger I think, it is kind of hard to say as it is kind of circumstantial to the current game I am in, some games I need more Bear Stance early on, and some I want more Tiger to kill the squishy's.

The gist of this though is 2 Bear and Turtle and 1 Tiger at level five. This makes for a extremely easy gank or two at that level.

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Summoner Spells

If I jungle I take Smite, if not I take Exhaust. Ghost, Exhaust and Smite are by far my favorite Summoner Spells on every Champion I play.

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Creeping / Jungling

If there is no Jungler on the other team I start at my blue buff and work my way to Dog's, Wraith's, Red buff, Double Golem's and rite in to the other jungle for their Blue then dogs. Back to my Wraith's and Dog's thats level five I believe and time to set up a gank and push turrets or time to set up 2 ganks before going back to buy.

If I'm in a lane I try to stay in Turtle for the most part. I'm big on last hitting only and being able to keep my health up with Turtle is such a great thing early game. I pop a Bear stun and Tiger attack to harass followed by turtle and 1 more shot before another bear and back behind my creep. That to me is proper Harassment, other then that keeping in mind that this is a tank build so save your lane buddy with Bear Stuns when ever needed. Also popping Bear and rushing in to stun one person then going rite to Turtle for the shield early game makes him a beast and very hard to kill.

So don't forget to help your team when they are in trouble if your playing a tank.

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I am putting this guide up just to get feedback. At this current point I don't actually reccomend this as I'm sure that there are things I need to fix for Tanking Tiger style.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!