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Ryze Build Guide by fitzpeanutz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fitzpeanutz

Lower Level Ryze : a lv10+ summoner's guide

fitzpeanutz Last updated on June 27, 2011
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Hi All,

This is my first build for my first character ever on LoL.
I'm not a good player, just a beginner who is having a lot of fun with Ryze and this build.

I'm making this as a level 10 summoner, so i don't have that much masteries / spells / runes.
This build is greatly inspired by the Top #1 Ryze build from this very site, and also it tweaks over to something of my liking.

It is not a pro guide AT ALL, just a beginner 2 beginner guide really.

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So if you've read "Ryze revamped, Ap be damned", which you should; You know that Ryze needs 40% CDR for teamfights, so that he can have a nice burst.

Sadly we can't reach the 7% treshold with tier 2 runes and only 10 slots. So i'm going CDR still, because my objective is to get to that 7% ASAP. But you could do anything you like.
The standard Magic Penetration/Mana/Mana regen could work too.

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Basically we're going to Spell Mastery and that eats up most of our Mastery points.

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So as far as item goes i'm not creating anything special here apart from the Will of The ancients.

The idea is simple, with your burst and will of the ancients, you have around 50% spell vamp.
That will give a lot of survivability in team fights.

Basically we're starting off with sapphire crystal. Our first back will be at around 950g so that we can get both boots and the tear.

I go Catalyst early because it is a very useful item early game and benefits from the levelups.

Then rushing Glacial shroud allows you to start being annoying on your lane and deadly in skirmishes. Just do your typical burst combo.

Afterwards, depending on the amount of CC you're facing, either go Banshee or Rod of Ages.
Rod of Ages if you're not being stunned/silenced/aso... much. Banshee if you get focused and CCed.

Then (and this is where people will find it weird) i go for Will of the Ancients. Just for the spell vamp. This lets you get a 45% spell vamp with your ult. Making you hard to kill and survivable in melee. Also, this will allow you to farm between the fights with minimal risks.

Then, in the late game, you're just finishing boots, frozen heart, rod of ages/banshee (if you took banshee earlier, i'd advise getting rod before frozen heart, because it needs time to stack up)

And then i chose to go for archangel, because it upgrades the tear and gives a little bit more mana.

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Summoner Spells

Yeah so we're around level 10. So no flash for us.

I suggest going ghost/heal.

ghost : helpful in most situation for a run away. Just throw a spell prison and ghost away from, say a warwick.
Also, it can be useful in these situations where you messed up your combo, and have to wait for the killing overload. Just ghost to catch your fleeing target.

Heal is very nice early game as it will help you stay in the lane at a minimal cost ( ie : less potions to buy ). The mastery helps too in that regard. Later, heal will/can be helpful to sustain a push after a big teamfight that you've won.

I think a lot of other options can be good, but those two are very versatile, and as a lower level summoner, we kinda need those to help us stay alive.

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Ranked Play

As far as the combo goes, i've been thinking about it over and over.

I have been doing Q-R-W-Q-E-Q with a little bit of succes.
Although, i must confess at some point i just boldly bash the keyboard and click like a mad man.

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So basically here's what i do :
-Trying to solo mid if possible, for more xp and gold.
-Last-hitting with my auto-attack before the first back, so i can use overload and rune prison to harass my opponent. More often than not, at lower levels, they'll try to get you under your tower, a simple rune prison can net you some nice gold and a level advanatege. So try and save that mana early
-Try to back at 950gold, with a moderate/bad farming like mine, this should happend around the end of your level5, beginning of level 6
-Grab the tear and boots, then go back.
-Here you have much more farming capacity and with all your spells you have a nice burst ( around 700ish damage, healing for 100ish). So you can take down wounded champions easily.
At this point, you want to farm till you have enough for catalyst (1325) or both catalyst and shroud ) (1325+1525 = 2850). With moderate quality farming and a couple of kills, this can happend at level 10 or so.
-After that you're pretty much set, you got your 36%+CDR and a pretty nice damage output.
This is the point where people start wrecking each other in low level games. Just stick with your team and make it fall on your opponennts.
By level 15 you should have rod/banshee and your will of the ancients.
At this time just mash the buttons when you engage and watch your hp dance while your opponent dies.

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So here it is,

That's how i play my ryze, and have a lot of fun with it.
I know this is not top competitive and stuff, but will net you a lot of fun as a newbie.

Also, this build costs around 2300IP, so it's kinda cheap when you come to think about it.

Rate/Comment and let me know what you think.