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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShabamWizard

Lower Level Vladamir

ShabamWizard Last updated on September 30, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide is for the Vladamirs who are not yet level 30. I myself am level 20, and this guide will be based on such. There are few runes since runes are only of value when level 20 or higher, and I have just achieved level 20.
My item build can be changed according to how the battle is going. If the other team has many crowd controls (Stuns, Slows, Taunts, etc), then you may choose to change the Sorcerer's Shoes for Mercury Treads. If you tend to die a lot and want some extra survivability along with some slows, buy a Rylai's Crystal Scepter in order to gain extra HP and AP instead of a Mejai Soulstealer. Warmog's armor is just one of my preferences for Vladamir, it gives high HP recovery, as well as HP in it of itself which gives Vlad an extra HP boots and AP as well. This can always be traded for other armors such as Force of Nature. If you are getting attacked often by Yi or some other physical DPS, just snag yourself a thornmail. Lich Bane is just a finisher item, which gives high damage boost, but most games will not go long enough for you to get this item.
Tips 3v3:
Early game, soloing or taking a lane doesn't matter. If you have a better harasser than you on your team, go help with the bottom lane. If you are the best harasser on your team, go to the top. Every time you can use Transfusion, you should be using it. (Unless the enemy has a better harassing skill than you, in which case you would use it on minions to regain the health you lost to them). Your Regrowth pendant should help you out on staying alive, and only pop your health potion when on extremely low health after one of their failed attempts at first blood, or shortly before starting a major attempt at a first blood if you are not already at a significantly higher amount of HP than they have.

Early game once you get your Sanguine pool, you will want to use it only when escaping, when you are at really low health, or when the enemy is trying to escape and you want to finish them off. DO NOT initiate your attacks with a sanguine pool unless you have your team helping you to kill them, in which case you would still cast transfusion first in order to deal damage, and get it on your cooldown, so even if your team fails to kill them, as soon as you pop out of sanguine you can use transfusion again.

Most people DO NOT EXPECT Vladamir to turret dive early game. Vladamir CAN turret dive early game (level 3 or so) Though it is not recommended. I myself am highly aggressive and will take advantage of this. After attacking a champion and are under attack by a turret, you can pop a sanguine and the turret CANNOT hit you. You can use this to your advantage and turret dive.

Many people DO NOT understand what sanguine pool does at all. Or they forget that you have it. They will often go for you at low HP thinking they can kill you off quickly, then recall. You can change this, as you deal damage AND lifesteal as well as not take ANY damage while in sanguine pool, you can quickly turn the tides of a battle in your favor.

Use your Tides of Blood only when you have enough to spare. It is a GREAT farming move, and is one reason why we decide to put a point in it early on.

GANK. Vladamir is GREAT at ganking. As he can do great damage while losing HP, he looks squishy but in turn does a lot of damage. By the time the enemy realizes their mistake and starts to run, you can slow them with your sanguine, dealing damage, and stalling time for your team to finish them off.

Vladamir is NOT a tank, so DO NOT try to take on all three of the opponents unless they are REALLY bad.

Often times, Vladamir can still deal a fatal blow even when low HP. Many squishy enemies will try to chase after you when you have low HP, and while they are doing so, you can hop bush to bush, waiting for them to go to the bush, and use transfusion right before they come into the bush, taking out a good chunk of their HP while healing yours. If something goes wrong, you can always pop ghost & Sanguine pool to get away, OR use Flash through a wall.

This is my first attempt at a guide, and I am VERY bad at words. Please help me correct this build. :D