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Lulu Build Guide by arcanis14

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author arcanis14

Lulu AD

arcanis14 Last updated on March 22, 2012
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Hey everyone, this is the first build i've published. Don't go easy on me. I know how teh interwebs works.

Ok, doin Lulu. Not literally. well, sorta literally. Anyways, First game I played her, I faced off against an AD lulu and got my world rocked. I wasn't even aware that this champ was gonna be viable AD, until I read her passive. :O HOLY @#$% THAT'S A NICE PASSIVE, i said to myself. Then proceeded to tweak it a bit, and this is kinda what i came up with. There won't be any flashy icons in this post, so live with it.

Will do this to the best of my abilities.

(I'm american btw, so my english is rock solid. Seen some people on this site that couldn't spell for #@!$)

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Armor pen is great for Lu imo, specifically because pix is doing all the damage. If they stack armor.

CDR is obvious. The faster you can use her abilities, the better. BUT, too much CDR is probably taking away from her AS, so use sparingly.

Attack Speed again, quite obvious, seeing as how this build is completely based off of that, and the damage you'll be doing late game is phenomenal. Srsly, you'll be wiping the arena with your pixi, if you do this right.

Now, probably my most controversial one is the glyph of avarice. Let me preface the next few sentences with this statement: This build is freaking expensive. And by that i mean, it costs so much to buy, I almost don't wanna play Lulu atm it's so damn expensive. BUT, she is definitely worth it if you can get fed fast.

In all honesty, I probably messed up my rune selections a bit, so play with them all you like. None of it's set in stone.

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AD/AS and some mana regen stuff was really all i thought was necessary while playing her. Late game, build into some AD and AP and you'll be fine.

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Ok, this is where i'll probably get grilled most at, but here goes nothing.



did you catch all that? lol

Basically, buy the items above in whatever order you see fit. I'd get the boots first personally, and follow as close as you can by the trinity force. That being said, The TF is one of the most expensive items in LoL, if not THE most expensive. so if you wait, i understand. Getting items to be used as fast as possible is really the key to winning. Some other items you may want to consider:

1. Guinso's rageblade. I'd be interested to see how this works specifically with lulu's abilities. You're going to be attacking constantly anyways, might as well get something out of it.

2. Malady. Seriously, the attack speed, and bonuses almost scream 'lulu' in their sleep. But, the ability power is somewhat less than other items available, so choose for yourselves which items you would rather trade out.

3. Ionic Spark. the attack speed and extra damage every 4th attack speaks for itself. Again, it's your choice what to take out of the build above.

4. Maybe something with more mana or health. Perhaps some armor or MR, but i believe lulu is pretty squishy, so do so at your own risk. Do not sacrifice any of her attack speed, AP or AD just for buttloads of health, armor, or MR. Consider building the maw of malmordius if you need a bit of MR. or madred's bloodrazor for the stats it offers, and some armor.

I believe that the build i have listed is probably one of the best builds to maximize lu's ability/damage output. Again, It's yours to play with, just suggesting some stuff to consider.

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Skill Sequence

best to start with whimsy for the AD build, the slow and polymorph will go a very long way in fast killing. I suggest maxing it by 9. The rest is up to you. Grab wild growth at 6, 11 and 16. I've been starting the games lately with glitterlance, but i can't say this enough: It's completely up to you. I filled in the rest throughout the levels with what i thought would be most beneficial at that particular moment. Choose wisely.

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Summoner Spells

flash and surge have worked exceptionally well for me, consider the bonuses from surge, the extra attack speed makes her late game attacks fire like a machine gun with the build above. your choice though. replace flash with w/e you would like, if you don't play as aggressively as i do. perhaps ghost if you really like to run, hahaha.

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Like i said at the start, i'm totally new to this. If you see something small i missed or something stupid I put down, please correct me in the comments below. If i made a complete fool of myself in one of the sections above, don't troll me. Constructive criticism is wanted, trolling is not. Fair enough?

As far as this build is concerned, I wrote everything to the best of my knowledge, and then some.

Lulu is a great champ when played either full support or AD. She's complete fun too, when played as an attacker. I hope this build helped you figure out how you want to play lulu, and gave you some ideas for playing her AD.