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Lulu Build Guide by NiNjAiKoToBa

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NiNjAiKoToBa

Lulu Heavy Damage (AP) Build

NiNjAiKoToBa Last updated on March 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Lulu The Faye Sorceress is both an amazing support charactor and in her current state can be very overpowered if played right.

The other guides i have read about her have been mainly mana/tank builds but as i am not a tank but a support player, i happened to find this when trying one of my ability power builds.

This Build allows you to perform VERY large amounts of damage on your opponents aswell as the effects doubling up on the support buffs.

Remember. Support. Not Solo. Take top and/or bottom. Try and choose a teammate you can voice chat to, they can request the buffs and relay information back faster to you then.

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The Runes as Such are ones that i previously used for other supports such as sona. I recommend these runes as they provide vital boosts in areas that support champions lack and/or need.

These runes can be altered but i can not personally provide any alternatives as i am new to this whole guide thing.

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Summoner Spells

SUGGESTED: Clarity - Important For The mana that you will eventually run out of.

SUGGESTED: Teleport - Only recall when this is ready, or within 20 seconds of it about to finish recharging. Use this to stay in the fight, and so you spend very little time away from the experience gain. It helps you stay ahead, and with the passive for lulu (Pix) gaining power as you level, staying ahead in level really helps your basic attacks.

Alternative: Heal - Yea, your a support, but your not a tank so you shouldent really need this. Use it if you need to, but your ultimate heals at least 300Hp at the lowest level.

Alternative: Ghost - The bonus movement speed will allow you to occationally use whimsy on the enemy, disabling their attack power when they are trying to run, rather than buffing yourself the move speed with your ever so precious mana.

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Skill Sequence

The sequence listed in the nice graphs and sheets above are the ones to follow. Unlike other champions, you wont really gain from using another cycle.

Prioritise your skills as follows:

Wild Growth > Help Pix > Whimsy > Glitterlance

Aim to get one point in each starting with glitterlance, Help pix then whimsy to activate all your buffs and a skills.

You will gain more by leveling other than glitterlance as it doesnt gain much between levels.

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Starting With The faerie charm, health potion and the ward.

You need the faerie charm to stop you bleeding your mana dry too fast, however, it still doesnt mean go nuts on the skills, hold back untill you get further into the build.

The health potion should cover up for the slow health regen up untill level 6, so use it wisely.

Hold back, and pop the halth potion when you drop below half health.

Save the ward untill you destroy the first turret, and then use it to watch for ganks. (RECOMMENDED FOR CO-OP VS AI, Because that is what the bots are programmed to do)

The Philosophers stone is baught using the faerie charm and then is a build item for the Eleicia's Miracle. Once you have aaught this, it should stable out your mana use. Providing you have Summoner level 21 and have Mastermind, Clarity should clean up the moments when your feeling low. Else the shop runs with teleport cover it aswell.

The Next suggestion is buying lucidity. The cooldown buff combined with the ability to use whimsy to chase and kill your opponents is a very useful tactic for taking the kills you deserve, and it grants you the gold required for this build to work.

Nashors tooth Provides attack speed, ability power and cooldown bonuses which you will appreciate as When pix is idle it will grant bonus attacks to basic attacking. The faster you attack, the faster this bonus activates. The cooldown buff allows whimsy to be alive more often, once again granting you the ability to hunt your opponents down.

The rageblade is important as it grants you some ability power aswell as attack power. Kind of nessacery if your going to be using basic attacks alot. Rageblade stacks upon attacks, so it becomes more powerful as you use it more and more.

Finally the rabadon and void staff combo. Here you have something nice. Not just the ability power that they offer, but 30% bonus ability power, and 40% penatration. In effect, it increases your magic damage by 405*(AP*1.4/0.8).

So id say that it gives you around 65% bonus spell power.

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Use pix when it is idle to give you the bonus damage, useful for singple minion farming.

Use glitterlance when the minions are approaching in a line to take damage off all of them within range.

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Creeping / Jungling


Stay your lane. Your teammate would appreciate the help.

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Team Work

Generally you can use your buffs on yourself, but allways fire your buffs at the teammate that is the either the most likely to die, or the one who is most likely to get the kill.

Use Whimsy and Help Pix to allow an ally to escape with a little bonus health to endure damage.

Wild Growth can be used as a heal!

Whimsy is more effective on allys, its funnyer on enemys though. Tactics Usually come first though, remember that.

Prioritise staying alive, teammates will appreciate you saving them over them getting a kill. Feeding the enemy is bad.

Spam Buff. Use all 3 buffs simultaniously to tank a teammate. At end game, with this build the buffs can grant over 1000HP to a teammate, or veen yourself.

Get a teammate as chogath to feast to the max level and use wild growth on him. The enemys will Fear them. Chogath will need a lane to himself.