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Lulu Build Guide by jesus12

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jesus12

Lulu..I just might carry

jesus12 Last updated on March 22, 2012
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How it works...

1v1 skill pattern= Help pix,polymorph,glitter lance, repeat untill health low then ulty self
Lulu's passive does massive amounts of damage low level.
Your job playing lulu is to try to ks but at the same time keep everyone alive.
When using this build your auto attack is very useful make sure to use it.
Try to stay back and ult the person with the most people on him.
Dont be afraid to ult yourself.
Lulu Is AMAZING at lure-ing.
-when luring use ult then polymorph then help pix on enemy along with glitterlance.
Dont be afraid to 1v1 its pretty easy.
this build looks ugly maby but its does major damage.

*summoner spells*
Flash - works very well with getting away or a quick gank. Using flash then whimsey cause for a perfect escape.

Heal - Heal is great for the lulu players who like to lure, or support team. Using heal in a bush and then ult gives you full health to strike or get away!

Ignite - Works great when 1v1-ing AD Carries (helps against there life steal)

I wouldn't recommend any others.

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Swimming out of shallow waters...

I maining lulu have to say pros and cons:
-Easy to get away
-Amazing lures
-Stays alive
-Helps other
-People will like you
-tons of damage early game

-kinda hard to get used to
-have to have timing.. timing is key

Now Lulu is amazing at 1v1 as ive said before here is the formula:
Help pix, poly morph, glitter lance, repeat untill health low then ulty self

*If your fighting an AD carry then try to run in and out brush to keep hits off of you.
*when fighting mages dodging skill shots is key

Most people dont think Lulu can be a carry and think Lulu is strictly support and they hate the idea of Lulu carry. The thing is in this build you become so strong and have so much ap you can support like a champ.


Why attack speed boots?
Early game the more attack speed will have amazing effects with the passive lulu has.

possible items to get after death cap:

Will of the Ancients - provides nice heals and is pretty cheap.
Void staff - Adds alot of extra damage.
Lich Bane - Nice passive on it that makes you dominate damage.
Hextech Gunblade - Never gotten to try this but it seems like it gives nice heals.

These are things you think about when your fed early on.

When using my build after a while people understand you powerfull, and the focus you. thats why getting zhora's hourglass helps in teamfights. As long as your alive you win.

*Early game*
The reason I love this build personally is because of the output with such little gold. the items you need to get are simple and by the time you need to get your deathcap, you have money flying out of you. Best part is all you worry about is harass and even if you get no minion kills or kills, as long as you've got assist your still fed!
Most Lulu's think glitter lance is your best move max it first. WRONG!!!!
Always Use Help Pix!, Help Pix! is the best offensive move Lulu has, and occasionally it will save a team member. glitter lance does alot of damage in the begining also and is easyer to use when pix is on your target (from Help Pix!).
At lvl 3 you can get risky as long as you know your formula: Help Pix!, Polymorph, Glitterlance. You will find that your tanky, and deal maaaasive amounts of damage.

Im cramming you with all this info but once you got it, you got it.
This is the Lulu Handbook Master this, and you'll rock any map everytime.