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Lulu Build Guide by astrolay

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author astrolay

LULU listen *squish navi*

astrolay Last updated on March 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 6

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Utility: 24

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So its been a while since they put a carry into the game, and I am writing this before mobafire has LULU as a selectable champion to write a review for her. SO bear with me while the champ is wrong the ability tree is right and the masteries is correct as well. I spent all day with different builds and item combinations to find what the best way to carry this new champ and found she is versatile and fun. this will be my third guild and the first complete one. the rest were short and not much talking done about why certain items or masteries or even spells were taken.
So welcome to Astrolays introduction to the ranged carry LULU the fairy charmer.

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Pros / Cons

- strong basic ability that scales with level -abilities do not last long even when leveled
- versatile to play ap or attack speed champ -squishy
- strong ult to use on self or other champs -sending your fairy out is usually not a good idea
- cute to look at. -skins are not impressive.
- good for burst damage or sustain -weak solo, but its a carry... no suprise.

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so the two types are ap.
go with utility, 24 offense 6. many think offense has the increased ap, but in the end you lose masteries on thing you won't use.
so in utl. 3 points into expanded mind; mana per level, helps to sustain lane longer and later lets you burst your abilities with out running out, 1 point good hands; less time dead is always good, but you are carrying others and thus should be behind them helping them so to many points in this really wastes the masteries. 2 points swiftness thus letting you keep up with your pusher and team. or escape a little better. if they went speed build your not getting away anyhow, so any more is wasted again. 3 points meditation, mana regen. early lane holding is key in level and gold, so longer you can stay and shoot things the better. 3 points transmutation you will need some form of life regaining ability, so you can stay in lane. and with the items picked for this build you need this to stay in there. 4 points awareness, 5% exp to level faster to give you an edge over the opponent. helps in many ways.
sage, you are going to be assisting in kills, early kills mean more level for you, again levels help a lot. if you can get 2 level advantage over the enemy you have a very strong edge, even if they are ambushing you from the bushes. 3 strength of spirit, gives you health regen based on your total mana, and since you need a way to heal, this gives you based on your strong stat for a caster your mana. 3 into intelligence, cooldown reduction, yes please. nuff said. and lastly mastermind for 15% cooldown. hit them more and you get more damage, slow, reduction. etc. so yes take it.
For Offense.
summoners wrath, this gives you more bang for your buck on both spells you have and even makes you stronger when you used one. 3 into mental force, some ability power but it leads into your next masteries, 2 sorcery's more cooldown, hit them hard later, and more early.

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Skill Sequence

so skills.
order of priority.
Wild growth (your utl) > WHimsy (turn the enemy to a squirrel, or grant your ally/self movement speed and ability power) > glitterlance (shoots a line of 3 missles that hit everyone in the line effect that you target) > help, pixi (stops you from getting your shots out and instead gives you or an ally a sheild, or atatcks the enemy.)
note when you use help, pixi and then use glitterlance the shots from your pixi will come from where ever it is to the target point, no matter how far the champ you put it on goes.

now reason ult always best ability. so take first is a given.
whimsy vs glitterlance. if your attack speed build I put up there your using very little abilities instead going for basic attacks. so having the enemy unable to use its anything should allow you to hit it quite a lot before it changes back, if your going ap. you will want it to poly longer so you can use other abilities on it. and in either build the buff to go faster to get back into lane or on your champ your assisting to finish them off with a burst of speed, helps quite a lot more.
help pixi needs a buff to the shield and last longer. I would throw it up and a basic attack from range would see it gone, just one attack. no thanks, and the shots coming from my enemy or other ally made it hard to hit something in a concentrated fashion, not only that your glitterlance shots are stopped by intervening minnions so the pixi when not on me would rarely at best hit the target. so last pick here.

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AP build first:
Marks - 9 marks of magic penetration 0.95 per gives you a good start to bypass inherent resistance at game start and for a little while after. 8.5 pen to be exact.
Glyphs - 9 glyphs of force building ap runes that level with you so they still matter at level 18
capping at 3.06 at 18th level gives you 27.54 ap not a a bad sum. just for glyphs
Seals - Now these are where most will diverge. I have put only 6 seals of clerity, as lulu's mana use is light for her abilities. this should get you to levels where you will have items that give it to you and it increases as you put points into skills that raises there costs. starts at 2.34/5 and at 18 is 7.02. the other 3 I gave her some lane sustain so long as your not getting hit by the other champion constantly. you should be able to take minnion hits and not notice and later with spell vamp and this should keep you healthy. 3 seals of regeneration 0.11/ lvl capping at 1.98. meaning with this build you will be able to stay in minnion and behind your carry with out much troulbe till there ready to go buy at the shop.
Quints - 2 quints of force give you more AP. 1 quint of transmutation for life gain through spell vamp. again your going to be helping a champ this will help lane sustain and keep you healthy while gaining gold or helping smite the enemy.

Attack speed build
Marks - 9 armour pen runes , whats better your not going to take pesky thorn mail damage that bad as pixi is doing most of the shooting for you.
Glyphs - 5 alacrity glyphs to increase attack speed, 4 celerity glyphs to reduce cooldowns now you may want more cool down or more attack speed on your game play. but for me this worked really well, and since items helped a lot with attack speed more cd would not be unwanted for most.
Seals - 7 alacrity seals, 2 clarity. more attack speed and some mana /5 your relying on your basic attack, so not as much mana regen here, but in item build I have giving more mana, enough that with LULU's cost for skills you should never run out unless you have prolonged heated battles with the enemy champions and allies.
QUINTS - 1 desolation 3.33 armour pen. 1 celerity 2.34% cooldown, 1 swiftness 1.5% movement
cancel early game base armour, have faster cooldowns through out, and beable to chase them down or escape faster. all excellent choices.

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- first item mp regen turned into tear of the goddess. you want this item early as it builds your mana. now some will say Dorans ring, and with 100 hp and some ap added for none carries I would agree, like morgana. who solo mids on occation. but since your carrying you would be better of with more mana/5. you should be able to get this 2-3 rd wave of minnions, or if you make an assist on first blood, or even the kill. those extra pixi shots do add up.
- second you will want boots, get the base boots or if you can stay in lane longer take the ionic boots. now people say the sorcery boots. the 20 magic pen is okay, but with the AP build you better bet is cooldown, now I have seen many a graph that mathematically show why. but since I don't know how to do fun graphs into this program, you'll just have to take my word for it. cooldown > spell pen.
-third/fourth: now you can do two paths from here. upgrade to archmages or get sheen.
sheen is faster and will let you get increased damage on ability use. archmage will give increasing AP as you use it, and mana. then you will want to get the other which ever you didn't make.
- fifth: lich bane, your hits get stronger as you level in base damage from your pixi and yours are AP based, you will get a decent AP increase from this, some mana (more ap) and your magic resist will increase taking the edge of some other ap champ you will be fighting against.
- sixth/seventh: BIG ROD to the cap. 140 ap with a 30% increase on total, yes please.
-home stretch now, should be late game and you should be team fighting quite a bit, to keep you in the game for damage VOID STAFF. 40% spell pen, and 70 AP this will let you punch through most AP resistances and give you more power behind your punch.
-last item, you can space it out with getting the belt for hp earlier to keep your squishyness down. but this will let you slow enemies while they are squirrels. for easy team fight kills on those cc champs, or bursters. they can't hit you as a squirrel. target right and easy first kill, then your team will have number advantage, and your whimsy will be ready soon with cd's you have, and 3rd champ wil lbe looking at a squirreling himself, and the tank will get one as well when your mopping up.

now most will look and say why not the dagger, well 12% life steal when I have set up attack speed in glyhs and seals means i have good sustain from the start and again I am a carry, the extra hp/5 and 100 hp should be in my ally who I am helping. you can get it, just means later you will be buying it anyways.
- second boots, movement is very important, be at the right place and harras, your shooting distance is a nice amount, make it count with minion waves and against champs. you have them tower sitting in no time. or they will be dead squirrels.
-third/fourth tear of the goddess, you need mana, no getting over this, but you can have it with this item and will build into something you can use, also sitting there helping and shooting fast you should just use an ability(glitterlance) every time it is off cool down thus keeping your mana high and harassing the enemy champs, and building mana pool.
-fifth. okay I only showed one boots ionic, but you can just as easy go for berserker. either way you get ahead, more attacks = more damage. you want cooldown go ionic you want attack speed go berserker. I like late game fast cd so I put in ionic. but both have viability.
your still going to need gold at this poitn unless your carrier is killing well, then you can skip just longsword and go strait to manamune. more mana per hit and ability, its your dream come true. plus it adds to your AD based on that large mana pool your sitting on, well thank you very much. this lets you still cast spells on your allies and your hits will count a lot in basic battles, or minion farming.
-next we are building a hextech gunblade. first build a cutless, lifesteal and more AD plus a use ability to do some decent damage to that champ, very nice combo.
-interrupt your blade for a sheen. your abilities will hit harder and you get some mana, increasing AD.
-okay go back and make a revolver, now your ability damage goes up and you get spell vamp, so no matter what your doing except running your getting life back. leave your lane at this point is not a question, cause you can stay there all day, helping your ally, or at this point soloing it and a single champ.
-now finish you gunblade, or if you can do it with the revolver as well. AP, AD lifesteal, spell vamp and a 400 damage addon, its everything you wanted.
-This is now mid to late game. you want some power and speed to catch those running champs from you and your ally. SO TRINTY FORCE. if you can strait, if not get the phage, slow them down for your ally with a hit and get some hp while your at it.
-late game. you want to stay in and hit, so attack speed with phantom dancer and another movement increase. you can now freely move and help 1-3 allies with little time traveling to them. also fast hits = more life for you win win.
-late late game okay if your this far some of them have finnished there builds and that tank is taking a while to take down. cause he has **** hitpoints. GET A BLOODRAZOR, this will do 4% magic damage a hit, and your pixi does magic damage hits, and your doing AD hits, so they stacked for one type of damage, your other will get them. this will bring down any burrly tank, and keep you in the game no matter there hp. with your speed of hits you will gain hp after a 1v1 battle.