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Lulu Build Guide by CaptainTE

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CaptainTE

Lulu my loved buff-****

CaptainTE Last updated on March 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello and welcome to my guide. This wil be a quick guide cause i am very bussy with my exams but even so i wil make it so in-depth as posible.

This is a dominion guide i haven't tested it on clasic

A few things to start of with:
-Lulu is a support and not a ap carry in my eyes so I will explain who to support your team with all her power and not how to do damage or get kills.
-Tanky items does seem strange but i will explain why it works later on.
-I am not English so my English is not that good but it will be understandable.
-This guide is not complete yet but i already posted it so that people can try out the build.

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I am on 11 game winning spree since i used this build with one loose cause of a leaver.My last dominion elo was (when it was still was shown) around 1700
summoner name: CaptainTE

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Pros / Cons

-Very good supportability
-Can take quite a lot hits if played well
-Is a savoir of teammates
-Nice ammout of movement speed
-Good escapabilities
-Can dive in to save or troll and still make it out alive

-Does little damage
-Is a support so can't 1vs1 (needs teammates)
-Dont know if works on Classic cause i play as good as only dominion

if anyone find some more pros or cons write them in the comments :D.

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Why tanky?

Pretty simple. She does not scale good on AP and your skills are more for utility then to do damage. That's why you are a support.
And idd she is not a tank but you are not the tank of the team with this build.
But as a support dont want to die and in my experience the focus me (lulu) i have to much cc and to much buffs for my team. And you will survive long eneugh with this build that your team will win the fight. If played right even in unfair fights (3vs4, 2vs3).

hope this explained it enough. if any questions just ask ;).

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Summoner Spells

I hear a lot of people say heal is lame but it does the trick to save your team mates and thats what you want so heal is a must.
i recommend ignite or exaust as second.
You can choose to get flash or ghost for more escape-ability but in my experience it is not needed.

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The choice for this order is that you need the cooldown reduction and you still want to be tanky as possible and you need the mana regen. The main build is always the same but after that you have to decide:
-magic resist
-or a combination
This depends on the enemy team. Full ad is of course armor, only ap camps magic resist. But if they have both i recommend both as shown in the first build.
you can choose to buy boots of mobility instead of swiftness

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Runes + Masteries

After i explained you want the cooldown reduction you may ask why not take that in runes. i don't do this cause it is not nessesery so i want more survivability early game.
you are free to play with them and test some diffrent runes but this is what i used.

Take 9/21/0. why not 0/21/9 cause you want the cool down reduction of the offensive tree.

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Skill Sequence

I max out W at first cause its your main utility spell. I max q last cause it only slows and the other skills can do a lot more.
I will go in on who to use the skills at the Unique Skills part.

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Unique Skills

Lets start of with your Q.
it does some damage and slows for 80%. that is a lot. but its pretty hard to hit properly. i take 1 point at start cause its a cheap spell and it give you good cc in combination with escapability. I see a lot of build max this at first cause its your main damage but cause your not here to deal damage you are gonna max it last.
Keep in mind that it shoots 2 beams one from you position and one from pix.

No to your W.
You have to option. cast it on an enemy or cast it on an ally.
If casted on an enemy it poly-morph them and slows them for a small amout. This means it can be used aggressive and defensive.
if casted on an ally it speeds them up for a nice amout and it gives them a lot of AP. this is also both useful for aggressive play or escaping. Or just to speed yourself or an ally up to get somewhere faster.
The choice between casting it on an ally or an enemy is a hard one. I reccomend saving this skill in a fight with enemy's like warwick, katarina or malzhar to interrupt there ulti's.
I use it to poly-morph most of the time cause it saves lives and secure kills. i also use it to initiate a fight. and the times i use it on a team mate its usually to help them escape.

Up to your E.
This can also be used on an ally or enemy.
On an enemy it does damage and it reveals their location for quite a time.
on an ally i shields them and pix follows them.

Now your R (ult)

How to combine the skills!

No time to complete this now cause of exams but will be updated.

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Team Work

No time for this now cause of exams but will be updated.

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Last comments

there are a few things to say at the end.
-Allied turrets are you best friends

Thx for reading and i hope it helps you win as it did for me.
If you liked it please rate :D!!
Any thoughts or any advice just post a comment :P