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Lulu Build Guide by Freakyyy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Freakyyy

Lulu - The Carryordle (AD carry hybrid and totally viable!)

Freakyyy Last updated on April 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Utility: 9

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Lulu is one of those champions that can be played as pretty much anything,and excel at it!
I have noticed that there is a shortage on good lulu guides so i decided to make my own.
Please do not rate it down until you actually tried this build.
Looks dumb at first but trust me Lulu can be an excellent carry using this build,while at the same time maintaining most of her "supportness". (I'M NOT JOKING AT ALL THIS BUILD WORKS!)

Lulu was meant to be a full support champion,but she has some pretty nasty tricks up her sleeve that are just too overpowered on a carry,to ignore!

Sorry that the guide looks like ****.
This is my first guide ever and it's way too late,and i'm way too sleepy at the moment to make it look pretty.
I honestly didn't put much effort into making this guide,this guide is more for people who already know Lulu and are just looking for a way to DOMINATE!
For more descriptive instructions on how to use her skills (which in my opinion are quite simple to master) check out the AP\Support guides first.

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I Chose runes that are typical for AD carries but feel free to use other runes as you see fit.
This build is for hybrid Lulu so that pretty much any rune set goes!
Does your team need more of a support? use ap\cdr runes.
Does your team need a carry? use ad\cdr runes.
CDR is a must on Lulu since all of her abilities are useful in more than 1 way,and even as AD carry you will find yourself using your abilities ALL THE TIME!

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I use AD damage focused masteries with 9 points in utility.
Again,since this is a hybrid build feel free to put 21 in AP offense rather than AD offense,but AD offense works better,since it will give you a much needed tremendous boost to your damage early game.

If your team needs you as a support more than as a carry,feel free to go 9\0\21 where the 9 points will be in AD offense,and the 21 aimed at CDR and mana regen.

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Start of with Boots of speed and 3 health pots.
use this when you know you will farm quite will in the begining.

Otherwise take a Doran's Blade,to make farming easier.

Next get those Berserker's Greaves as soon as possible. if you can,try getting a Vampiric Scepter at the same time as your Berserker's.

Then proceed to upgrade that scepter into The Bloodthirstier for some damage output and sustain during your laning phase.

Next comes Nashor's Tooth.
This item is core for any Lulu build in my opinion.
TONS of attack speed and CDR,along with some nice AP and mana regen.
EVERYTHING she needs in 1 item.
After buying this item you should be dishing out some significant damage,farming easily,and getting some kills on the way,and this is the stage where you will start being fed! =]

Guinsoo's Rageblade - this item is not as "core" as the previous items,but is amazing combines with nashor's tooth.
At full stacks you will be a beast with both your auto-attacks,and your abilities.
It will allow you to support much better during team fights (which around now should be breaking out every minute or so),since this will boost your AP as well.
Keep attacking those minions to keep the stacks up at ALL times.

Hextech Gunblade - I already stated that since this is a hybrid build she will need both AD and AP.
This,along with a hefty life steal+spellvamp will fill up your health about as quickly as your enemies can drop it.
You will be spamming abilities while continuously attacking your enemies,might as well heal from both the above!
Has a cute active that might be useful sometimes. (i often forget to even use it ^^)
After buying this item you will be nearly unstoppable and you will feed really easily.
This item is core!

And last comes Infinity Edge - as the name implies it gives you the edge in those late-game battles where your damage output is just not enough to score a kill in less than 5 seconds.

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Skill Sequence

This is not really as set in stone as other things,but i would recommend maxing your E first,since it can both shield you or an ally significantly,and secure kills at the same time.
it also allows you to assure that your Q will hit almost 100% of the time.

Max your Q second,since you will want the amazing CC from it to be maxed ASAP!
(just imagine 80% aoe slow on an ad carry,which can hit even if the enemy is very far away,if you have managed to land your E on him beforehand.)

Max your W last,not that this is not a good's AWESOME,but the scaling is not as good with levels as the others,and this does not deal damage at all.

Needless to say take your Ult any time you can.

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Summoner Spells

I personally take Flash and Ignite,but you might take anything else you find useful,and that helps your own personal style of gameplay.

Flash is a MUST on Lulu,you will need this to escape fights where you would almost surely die,synergizes well with your self-cast Whimsy,self-cast Help, Pix!,and self-cast Wild Growth.
it goes something like this:
When you need to escape - First flash out to create some distance between you and your enemies.
Then use Whimsy to get 35% movement speed for 5 seconds,letting you get away.
this will also give you some nice bonus AP for a short duration,which will make your Wild Growth,and Help, Pix! grant you more max health,and defense to your shield respectively.
Then shoot your Q backwards while running,to slow any enemies that are still chasing you down.
with 80% slow,your chances of getting away are pretty high!
nobody can catch you.

Also allows you to get into range for hitting a quick E+Q combo and throw in an Ignite as well,helping you secure a kill.

Ignite - i think i don't even need to bother explaining why you should take this.

Spells to stay away from:
Exhaust - with your Q on low cooldown granting 80% aoe slow,what the hell would you need this for?!

Clarity - as a hybrid\ad carry you shouldn't be wasting much of your mana,at least not enough to justify wasting a slot on this spell.
You will also have some mana regen from items and masteries.
besides you will have blue nearly the entire game.

Other viable spells:
pretty much anything else!
Heal - can save your butt allot since Lulu has no built in heal except her ult,and lets her be more of a support.

Teleport - situational,but very useful if there is nobody else with teleport in your team.
helps save remote allies,defend defenseless turrets,and quickly get to a swarm of enemy minions for some great farm.

Ghost - You need to catch up with your enemies.
even with your built in mini ghost (Wimsey)Lulu is still a relatively slow champion.
not to mention Wimsey has a semi-high cooldown at lower levels.

Surge - Extra AP and attack speed. both benefit you greatly!
can change the outcome of a 1 vs 1 fight.

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Pros / Cons

-TONS of CC which will aid you in getting kills.
-High damage output from both abilities and auto-attacks.
-Super survivability since ALL of your abilities aid you in escaping lost-cause team fights.
-Can support VERY well even without support\ap items.
-Changes the outcome of team fights.
-People are scared of getting close to you because you can render them totally useless with all of your CC.
-Wimsey is just epic! turn a mean looking giant cho'gath into a cute cuddly little critter!
-Wimsey can interrupt almost ALL channeling abilities. it's like slow+blind+silence in 1!

-Squishy. enough said. though your ult and shield kinda compensates for it.
-Needs to farm allot at first to be any good.
-Bad farming during the laning phase.
-You are more of a 1 vs 1 champion,being more useless when there is more than 1 opponent.
-You will be focused allot,although it might not be the best idea for them =p
-No serious AOE damage. only your Q is AOE,and it's a skillshot!