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Lulu Build Guide by Diabeastes

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Diabeastes

Lulu- The essential guide to mass destruction!

Diabeastes Last updated on March 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Who is Lulu, and what does she do?

Lulu Is a high dps/utility support. She is easy to play (for the most part), but if you learn how to master spells such as glitter lance and Help, Pix! she can be one deadly yordle. In this guide i will cover all the basic (and some more advanced) necessities you need to dominate with Lulu!

As for me: I have been playing league for over 2 years, and i have played almost every champion. As for making guides, this will be my first. (I never used guides, but i have been doing so well with my custom Lulu build that i decided i would share it with all of you.)

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Pros / Cons

Lulu is one of the most fun champions I have ever played and she has a lot of pros, but she also has a few cons. (Don't let anything i list here discourage you from playing her, she is an exceptional champion and these are just my personal opinions on her.)

- Fun to play
- Great damage output
- Multiple slows
- Low cool-down on ultimate
- Useful in team fights
- Excellent range on Glitterlance if you know how to use it
- Her spells can save teammates quite well
- Not completely useless by herself (can hold her own against enemy champions)

- Very mana hungry
- Squishy early game
- Requires the ability to communicate with teammates (for getting the extra range of of glitterlance and telling teammates when you are about to put Wild Growth on them.)
- Glitterlance is a hard spell to get used to, and is very hard to get the extra range off by putting Help, pix! on a champion or minion close to the target.)
- Tends to fall of late game with lack of assists/kills/or minion farm. (the majority of champions do this, but she tends to lose more of her usefulness than most champions)

*Note that all of the cons listed above are covered in my build, and they should not be a problem if you actually follow my guide ;)*

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Glitterlance is an extremely useful ability when it comes to playing as Lulu, although it can be hard to hit with, this spell is unbelievably useful when it comes to harassing and/or slowing enemy champs to let your teammates kill an enemy. As for casting glitterlance, there are two key factors you should keep in mind 1. When casting while pix is at your side, the closer you move your cursor into your champion, the more widespread the two bolts will go. So if you wish two shoot the two bolts into the same area, move your cursor directly at that area, if you wish for a more widespread shot, move the cursor closer to your champion. This will make the shots spread out considerably more, you can even shoot them in opposite directions. (And yes, i know this all sounds very complicated, but its not as hard as it would seem. If you feel uncomfortable, feel free to practice shooting her skills in a bot match.) 2. As for using glitterlance as a harass/killing spell, you can cast it at an enemy (or even two!) for considerable damage...But here's the tricky part about it: Lets say you've been harassing master yi for a while now, and he's down to a bar or two, so he decides to run behind his turret, and thanks to that pesky turret you can't get a shot off on him without dying from the turret...or can you? Since the second bolt from glitterlance fires off of pix, you can use the spell Help, Pix! to place pix on a minion or champion, and fire pix's glitterlance off of that giving you considerable range. With this you can snipe enemies behind turrets without taking any damage at all! On a final note, you can put pix on a stealth'd champion, without breaking their stealth (casting glitterlance off pix won't cause the stealth to break either, meaning you can basically set up your invisible champion as an extension of your glitterlance. This is tough to do, and requires excellent teamwork and communication, but can be a very strong asset in winning you the game. *MAX THIS SPELL OUT FIRST*

Whimsy is a pretty basic spell with a rather cool animation on Lulu. Obviously use to speed up yourself or a friend, or to slow and/or escape an enemy. Max this out last, you only need one point in it.

Help, Pix! is another rather basic spell, on allies it's a shield and on enemies it's a small burst attack. Two things i would like to point out. 1. If you haven't yet, read over how Help, Pix! and glitterlance combo well (I talked about the combo under "glittelance" 2. The shield given by Help, Pix! Is not very good early game, but is very useful at blocking damage mid-late game. (Especially once you get a higher AP).

Wild Growth Is a rather unique ultimate in the league, it increases a target (friendly) champions health by a considerable amount, knocks up all surrounding champions, and then produces a ring of slow around the buffed champion. This can be quite useful in team fights, whether your loosing the fight, and you need to escape, or whether your chasing an enemy champion down and need the knock-up to get the kill. The major problem I've encountered with this spell is that I will buff a teammate with my Whimsy for speed and my ultimate expecting him to dive the turret and get the kill, but instead he runs away and puts my ultimate to no use whatsoever. So a key factor in using Wild Growth successfully is good team communication and well placed pings.

If I have been to vague or you just have questions about any of the abilities, please message me or post in the comments, thanks!

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Runes & Masteries

The runes i listed are what i use, but although they do help, it's not like they will decide the outcome of a normal game, so don't fret if we have different runes, because almost every rune will work for Lulu. Heck, I've even seen an attack damage Lulu go positive! (I am not suggesting you do that, although I plan on releasing a Hybrid build for her sometime in the future.)

As for the masteries, it's not imperative to follow the masteries i have listed above, but it is highly suggested, they have worked out well for me in every game I've played. With Lulu it's best to get as much gold and mana re-gen as possible, hence the masteries, runes and item guide.

*I will probably enter more mastery options at a later time, but for now i have only tried out a few, with the current one being the best by far.*

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Items & General Play

Okay. Overall what this build should achieve is making you a support that can stay in their lane and farm up gold and XP (while also never letting them push your turret) until around mid-game where i have you start buying more AP heavy items, making you more of a DPS champ than a support. Throughout this next section i will walk you through how to play Lulu successfully, while maintaining your mana and health, and by late game, you will have enemies running in fear from you...

Lulu Is a very squishy and mana hungry champion, which is why i have you get the regrowth pendant and mana potion first, this will allow you to stay in your lane and farm up minions for gold and XP as long as possible, i suggest you go back to base once you have enough gold to buy a Philosopher Stone and your Boots of Speed (It doesn't hurt to pick up a mana potion or two while your at base.) This should all occur around level 6 or 7. Up until you hit level 6, you are very mana hungry, meaning you should only use glitterlance to harass. (Only use all your abilities for a sure kill or to save a life.) After you have gone back to base to buy your Philo Stone and Boots of Speed, use the summoner spell TELEPORT to return to your lane quickly. I have you buy your Hextech revolver early on to give you that extra little AP Boost.

Lets skip ahead, it's around mid game and some turrets have been destroyed, and now everyone is roaming for the most part. Follow the build i gave you until you buy your Lich Bane and then you should make some decisions about what to buy next. If there is a high amount of AP Dps, buy a magic resist item instead of your Rod of Ages (i personally suggest a guardians angel, and a thorn-mail if they are AD heavy.) If no one in particular is doing high damage, pick up a Rod of Ages. After that, a Shurylea's Revive is a great choice, the speed buff can help your teammates out a considerable amount in chases or escapes. Also the extra health and cooldown reductions are great for Lulu. As for your final item, either get a Ryali's Crystal Scepter or Rabadon's Deathcap. I would go with Ryali's if your dying a lot, but if your getting a lot of kills, Rabadon's isn't a bad choice. Either will help you out at late to end game.

This Is around my average game. (In this game i died more than i usually do thanks to a laning partner that doesn't speak English). In this specific build i decided to go with Rabadon's Deathcap instead of Rod of Ages, which led to my downfall because i was taking quite a bit of damage. But in the end we pushed their nexus while they had only taken out 2 of our turrets.

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Summoner Spells

I could not recommend Flash and Teleport more, and here's why:
Flash: An excellent escape mechanism that will save you throughout the game, it can trick enemies out, and you can even use it for surprise attacks. No matter what, get this spell.
Teleport: This is the most useful spell in the game when it comes to helping your team out. Early game-mid game it will save your lane, and allow you to get back in the action fast. And in late game, you can save your nexus, save turrets that are about to be pushed and you can teleport in on your teammates to get the final nexus kill. If you must switch it out then fine, but i cannot suggest it more.

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All around, Lulu is an excellent champion, that with proper skill and teamwork, can turn a game around. She is one of the most fun champions I have ever played.

As for the build: I will be adding in more detailed pictures and explanations later on, but for now i figured everyone could use a nice, basic build to get them started off playing Lulu, the yordle of mass destruction!