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Lulu Build Guide by Keezjah

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Keezjah

Lulu the great, tank/support/initiate build

Keezjah Last updated on September 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Lulu is a great champion shes not very hard to play but when you spent alot of time getting to know this girl you will have a very nice time supporting your AD carry in early game and initiating, tanking and supporting your team late game (yes she can do it all)

Lulu is a yordle and great with yordle carry's like tristana and teemo but she basicly works pretty good on every AD carry.

I, myself play lulu most of all supports and fell in love with her when she got revealed.
she can jungle, if thats what you want, but shes not a very powerfull one and, thus i only support her bot lane.

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Skill Sequence and skill explanation

because you start early game supporting you want to poke and yet get the most out of protecting your AD carry.

Look no further! Glitterlance is a great skill for level 1 it slows deals a moderate amount of damage and it has a decent range (as a jungle make sure you use glitterlance exectly in the shape, using pix, to hit all jungle creep).

HELP! PIX. is great if used on an ally pix will shield them for a moderate amount of damage and help deal some extra damage on auto attacks.... perfect for AD carry's. but watch out the homing attacks dealt by picks get intercepted by any enemy or neutral creep/champion between your target and pix.

WHIMSY! whimsy can be really helpfull and i use it most of the time for the movement speed buf changing lanes, catching up to enemy's or running away. the other side of whimsy is perfect in teamfights, target the strongest and most deadly enemy champion with whimsy will give a great cc at max level whimsy will cc your opponent for 2 and a half seconds!

Wild Growth, wild growth is a little underrated and is best on using as an initiate or saving yourself/friends. this spell will let you grow, increase your healthpool and knock all enemies around you up. great cc.

Pix (passive), Pix is lulu's passive abilty, but this little fairy is anything but passive (s)he shoots homing attacks to the enemy on every auto attack, this deals alot of extra damage on your auto attacks and is great for the early laning phase its also why i take attack speed marks in the rune page explained later in the guide. As explained before these attacks from pix are homing this means any enemy or neutral creep/champion between your target and pix will take the hit instead of the target of your auto attack. this can be rather frustrated but when mastered you can really hit it of by farming 2 creeps at once or by shooting just by all enemys and hit only your target dealing great damage on low levels.

the skillsequance is generated through whats needed first. i like to poke the enemy down with glitterlance.
after that comes defendind and supporting your friend in lane ( most of the time AD carry's)
for this take HELP, PIX! at level 2 and Whimsy at level 3
In early game focus on supporting and thus max shield by level nine
then glitterlace by level 13 and, because you only need it for cc and for movement speed, whimsy comes last
as with every ultimate level wild growth at 6, 11 and 16

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Initiating and other tips

Initiating is an art. malphite is really good at it using his ulti, but here comes lulu, not really a scary sight, right? haha think again.

flashing into the entire enemy team with your huge healthpool shielding yourself and using wild growth will knock all enemys around you up and increase ur already enormous healthpool (dont forget the fact you become LULUZILLA!) in most cases all enemies will attack you and you can use heal and will probably eventually die. now ur dead.... but if your friends wouldvev helped you a big part of their team fell to this initiate can turn tides in all battles.

If your alone in lane you do such weak damage you wont impress your enemies and they will underestimate you when your all alone and harmless by that tower!
Enemies will often turret dive at lulu when shes alone... BAD IDEA (for them ;) )
once lulu reaches level 6 and gets Heart of gold and a tank will dive at you under the turret with his damage dealer you just use your ulti, shield cc and tanky items can make a tank and AD carry tower diving you have a bad time they will die just shield yourself cc the damage dealer and when they are both close use wild growth, they will both die and you will walk away smiling. Even when you have low health they will have a hard time getting you.

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Summoner Spells

helpfull summoner spells:
- Heal i have this because this is a support without a heal and for the initiate
- Flash initiating, getting away
- Exhaust great for assisting your Carry getting your enemy but you already have whimsy for that so i prefer something else
- Smite Jungling ONLY
- Clarity If you find yourself in trouble with mana take this it well help you sustain in the laning phase but it will cost you your heal or flash
- Clairvoyance Typical support spell for checking if the enemy is in brushes, at baron or dragon or just to check if specific neutral creep like blue buff or red buff has spawned or when you think the enemy team is taking it.

Not to take:
- everything else possibly

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The rune page is perfect for helping you get even better at what you do best or for just helping you with boosting your weakest points.

Quintessences, I love health just to intimidate the enemy and thus i take this for having them just use that extra abilty that they then cant use ona teammate. therefor, you guessed it health quintessences

Marks, I take attack speed marks just because lulu her passive is really pokey on squishy targets like teemo and ashe the place where you have to hit them at early levels.
Therefor attack speed Marks

Seals, You want late game to tank the enemy team and thus you shouldnt be afraid to get hit those seals will protect you just a little bit from that nidalee spear your taking, or that ashe that keeps shooting you. there for half of the seals armor per level and magic ressist per level seals

Glyphs, at low level you want to poke your enemy and this is going to cost mana, alot especially if you also have to shield your friend therefor try replenishing your mana with these Mana regen per 5 seconds glyphs

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Pros / Cons

Pros and Cons


- Strong Poke
- Great Support
- Good cc
- Good initiator
- Strong in team fights
- Pretty good at chasing and running away from enemies

- Not the strongest support there is
- Needs focussed Play
- Rather Squishy early game
- Weak if your alone and bad farm (that is with this build)

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Team Work

Lulu's team play is not hard and can easily be learned:

Warding, Make sure as a support you are warding the river placing wards at dragon, baron and the brushes at midlane in mid- and lategame also warding blue and red can help you get a good overvieuw at the game, early game place wards at your brush on botlane so you can see ganks comming early. Warding is a great way to get the upper hand in a game and is the key to any victory, not being able to see where the enemy is will cripple the entire team so if you have extra money buy an oracle's elixer and destroy the enemy team!

Farm and Kills, As lulu you dont want to farm, you want your laning partner to farm so dont kill any minions let your partner farm them and gain cash, you will get the experience anyway and you will get your cash due to your heart of gold, philosofers stone and the Greed Mastery. Just poke the enemy and if they are both damaged and get to close flash in, shield yourself and use your ulti, just make sure your partner kniws you are initiating even at low level lulu has great cc and initiates the kills are not yours only when they are getting away kill them this is called KS... nono not kill steal, Kill Secure. In most cases let your partner have the kills they need the feed and having a strong damage dealer wins the game

Dragon and Baron, the dragon and the baron are 2 creeps that are powerfull and should not be faced alone, especially if your lulu wait for botlane to either be recalled, dead or pushed, ward properly around dragon and ping mid and your partner to go dragon.
The baron should only be fought Late game when you are 13 your team will be higher then you they made kills (hopefully) and farmed alot you only have assists thus you will be lower then the rest, no worry its normal but when you take down 3 or 4 or maybe even 5 of the enemies go baron take it down it willg rant the entire team gold and a great buff that wins battles

Faking dragon and baron, if you see the enemy team wards the dragon or baron and all your friends are near let them hide in the brush then attack the dragon when you see them comming you can initiate and take down the enemy team by surprise (if you attack the dragon make sure 1 of your teammates is going to initiate since you took some damage and have dragon on you) once their team is obliterated by Luluzilla and her partners you can easily kill dragon without any opposition.

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