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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr.Prototype

Lux: Double rainbow, all the way!

Mr.Prototype Last updated on June 16, 2011
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Table of Contents
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Chapter 1

LoL Champion: Lux (Cheat Sheet)

Health 2142
Health Per 5 Sec 0
Mana 1875
Mana Per 5 Sec 17
Armor 130
Magic Resist 110
Attack Damage 109
Crit Chance 0%
Crit Damage 200%
Attack Range 550
Movement Speed 411
Ability Power 447.39
Attack Speed 0%
Life Steal 0%
Armor Penetration 0
Magic Penetration 68.55
Cooldown Reduction 0.0%
Dodge 0.0%
Gold Per 10 Sec 0
Reduced Death Time 0%

Greater Mark of Insight
Greater Seal of Clarity
Greater Glyph of Force
Greater Quint of Potency
Ability Sequence
Ability Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Light Binding
Prismatic Barrier
Lucent Singularity
Finales Funkeln

Purchase Order

Doran's Ring
Kage's Lucky Pick
Boots of Speed
Amplifying Tome
Mejai's Soulstealer
Boots of Speed
Blasting Wand
Needlessly Large Rod

Rabadon's Deathcap
Sorcerer's Shoes
Needlessly Large Rod
Zhonya's Hourglass
Lich Bane
Void Staff
Banshee's Veil

Mastery Trees
1/3 3/3



Offense: 9

Defense: 0
1/1 3/3





Utility: 21

Guide Top

Why those items?

Lux should always be pushing the front line with Lucent Singularity while scaring away enemy pushes.

Lux should also never be within range of any enemy champions... your #1 priority with lux is to STAY ALIVE.

Once you start hitting champs with your ult for 50%+ of their health and 'LEGENDARY' keeps filling the screen with your name, the enemy team will take notice and want to kill you... this turns out to be one of the best ways to bait in the enemy. Harass the front line, and just when they think theyre in range of you, send a light binding at them.... let your team ambush from the sides, and when the rest of the enemy champs engage your team mates, send a FUNKELN right into the lot of them. BAAM, you've just destroyed 50%+ of their HP, if not killing them outright... now your team can push, and ensure victory.

Lux is meant to carry, anyone who says otherwise doesn't know how to play her properly. Hopefully this guide will help.

Highlights of this Guide

900+ Ability Power mid-end game
Finales Funkeln every 24 seconds (lowest CD possible)
Literally 2 shotting enemies
How to maximize gold profit and farming
How to maximize damage output
How to push and ensure victory with Lux, making her the most valuble champion in the game!

Over 400 Games as Lux

With over 400 games as lux, and often carrying in ranked games, I feel this guide is the best a lux player can do.

No Rod of Ages?

You will notice I don't get in this guide nor suggest it... people don't understand this. I will explain why Rod of Ages is a bad choice for Lux.

First off, every item in this guide adds +AP, right away. It's important you build lux with as much AP as fast as possible. Most people when building RoA get first, which is 1325g spent in the wrong direction. While HP is nice, lux really can't escape much (if you miss your Q, you're done)... so that lil extra HP really doesn't make a difference.

Furthermore, and most importantly -- by the time you get RoA fully purchased, you could have had Deathcap up, which means you have significantly less AP @ this point than you should, and your ability to carry is instantly diminished. Without an early deathcap to carry, you cant destroy, and you cant get fed.


Why you don't need Cooldown Reduction!

Alot of guides on here say go with cooldown reduction Glyphs, and Magic Penetration Quints. This is wrong. Lux is about DEALING DAMAGE, and as much of it as you can dish out. Constantly in game you want to get blue buff as much as possible, and you won't need to worry about cooldown reduction, since it will always be close to maxed @ 40% with Elixir of Brilliance 10% + Blue Buff 22% + your masteries bonuses (9%).

15% CDR Boots are not recommended simply because 15% CDR on lux is about 1.2 secs for Q, W, E spells. Lux is about bursting damage, and if you don't kill that enemy champ with the burst of using Q, R, E, you aren't going to kill them. You have no way of preventing their escape, so CDR doesn't really matter - you will still have to auto-attack for 8 seconds(9 sec w/o CDR boots) before you can use an ability again... That's why Magic Penetration Boots are necessary for lux.

You will be fine. :)


I looked @ the figures.

Finales Funkeln rank 3 Cooldown:

w/o any CDR is ~36 secs.
/w blue elixir is ~32 secs.
/w blue buff is ~26 secs.
/w blue elixir and blue buff is 24 secs (lowest possible).

so when you don't have any cooldown reduction at all, your ult takes an extra 12 secs... however, i recommend always having blue elixir, so thats only an extra 8 secs.. and once u get blue buff (which you should always have) you are at max CDR right there, thus proving going CDR on items is a bit of a waste.