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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blu3sp4rks

M-ps'er Twisted Fate

blu3sp4rks Last updated on March 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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If you bored of DPS or AP TF, this should change things around for TF players out there.

NOTE: I also play TF but no pro so this is build is more for beginner TF.

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Pros / Cons


-Incredible Magic dmg output that eats tankers alive (early to mid game)
-Can pretty much solo any carries, in late game (35 - 40 mins mark)
-OP ulti for escape/gank/push...etc
-Nuff said...


-Team dependent.
-Low survivability, if they decide to target you.
-Can't kill building at all (LoL!)
-Get slightly weaker throughout the course of the game. (He's not a carry after all)

However, I will discuss these more later on.

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I chose health over everything else simply because as TF needs to stay alive for maximum damage output.

The MR is for tanking nuker, 68.5 MR isnt bad for a semi-carry like TF. Plus in my items builds, there is 1 more spot for any situational items that you feel needed.

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The standard 21/0/9 gives TF what he needs to kill, support ganking and push.

You may ask why I need magic pen --> TF deals mostly Magic dmg later on, the more you can penetrate through the better.

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Skill Sequence

I chose to max out wild card early because I use it to farm and counter harassment from the other team. You can even skip it after lvl 2 if the other guys doesnt harass you.

Blue card from PaC will help you a lot for mana.
Note: use your pick a card constantly, it will get your mana back up and also get you rdy for any surprise gank.

The stack deck vs. pick a card lvling is always debatable. For me, if I see that both team is play conservatively, then I will max out stack deck for best farming.
Otherwise, pick a card is good for that 2 secs stun.

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This is where the build defines TF.

Bloodrazor, Malady and Wit's end (plus boots of course!) are the only 4 items you need to own.
All 4 items provide AS and on-hit Magic dmg.
Combine with your Gold card, you can rip a tank apart so fast he didn't know what hit him.

I know that Bloodrazor is expensive but you don't need them really early.

This is how I do it:

Get Madred's Razor after boots for maximum farming.
Then I get either Malady/or Recurve bow depend on how good you doing.
Then I get Bloodrazor (1st) and WIt's end

Finally, phantom dancer will get your AS up to exactly 2.498 :D
Believe me, at that point you can kill any carries, mages if you get you gold card on him 1st.

(10% max health + 155 + 70 (from your stack deck) MAGIC DMG PER SECOND)

Try to eat that in a 2 seconds spans of your gold cards stun....

For your sixth items.... You know what to buy :D

Nukers? -> Banshee Veil, Nature Force
Runners? -> Frozen Mallet
Having fun? -> Ifinity Edge :D (that will put the lights out of any wanderer on the mini map)

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Summoner Spells

Flash -> escape/ chasing
Tele -> map domination

Nuff said...

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Team Work

As it is said, this build works best when there are tanks, who would distract them for you attack. Also, TF is also amazing as turning 2 v 1 gank to a 2 v 2 counter gank. He is also exceptional at coordinated gank. He's a amazing support ganker as well with his OP ulti.

However the most important thing is to use your ultimate OR flash to get to their carries and nukers quickly with that golden card. This is where TF becomes team dependent.

Talk to your team to argee upon a target. TF has crazy dmg out put but not so much when he has to attack all 5 at once.

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IF you get mid, just farm, lasting hitting like crazy. Dont give the other dude a ****. Unless the dude is aggressive, then gold card + wild card will keep him at bay.

Keep distance always, use your blue card for a sure last hit solid mana pool for wild card.

NOTE: if you lane with bust nuker (Annie, Kass...), if he seems to knows what is he doing, then ask a gank at lvl 5 or switch after reach lvl 6. They are not good for you at this point in the game.

IF you get bot or top then coordinate with your teammate to harrass and kill them as soon as the opportunity come. You farm best when they are dead.
If your lane-mate is bad then either switch him or buy some wards to counter the gank.

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-Later on, if there's a big minion wave, use your red card to damg the RANGE minions.
THen w8 for the them to engage your minions and line up ur wild card for a sweep.

-Get blue buff for max CDR

-Use brush to land your ultimate

-Don't hesitate to def a super minion lane alone, with this build you could kill a super minion in 4 seconds flat.... :D

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IMO, this is solid build for TF and for ANY carries (Mag'Kow, for example).
The shopping process overall extremely easy to obtain. (only around 1000 gold for any components, plus after you get Madred, you can farm with ease.