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Lulu Build Guide by kade2kool

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kade2kool

Machine Gun Lulu

kade2kool Last updated on September 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Now I was told to build this guild cause it is something that needs to be know to the world. Lulu is an underestimated champion beginning play but if you follow this guild champs will run in fear when they see you coming down the lane.
This guild is for AD lulu!! Not support.
Hope you like it and here we go.

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Seals I chose the seals that way cause the build I have is relativity expensive and any bit will help.
Marks I chose the marks the way I did simply because everyone like a little more damage.
Quintessences The quintessences were chose the same reason the seals, more money.
Glyph You don't need this late game but early game it is amazing and helpful to have.

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The masteries are all dumped into utility because she gets to gain more experience, your speed is up, and more.
Utilities are amazing things to have around.

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Okay so lets talk bout the choices I made for the items. The reason you want to build an attack speed Lulu is simply her passive, pix. Pix shoots out 3 bolts of magic damage every time Lulu attacks something, besides turrets, and it adds up quick with attack speed.
Buying boots and pots right off the bat is just something that has always came in handy when it was bout staying in your lane as long as possible. First item on recall is boots of speed, they make you able to return to your lane as soon as possible.
The next item you should build into is the phantom dancer, increased attack speed, crit chance, and movement speed. Now that is a nasty thing to have on Lulu.
Next item is the Madred's bloodrazor. It is something all attack speed players should use simply cause the lower you opponents health gets the more damage you do.
You build another two phantom dancer increasing all of the important stats again and making you that much more deadly
The very last item you buy is the Infinity edge. The infinity edge will make it so that every attack you make is a crit and you deal more damage.
This build hasn't lead me wrong yet but if you have any ideas to improve comment and let me know.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is simple, Ult as soon as possible, glitter lance, Shield next, and you whimsy last.

Ult this makes you or an ally champ larger grants more health, slows anyone near the champ you cast it on, and the best part is that it knocks enemies into the air when cast.
Glitter Lance I choose to level Glittler lance first because of the slow and haring ability. The lance is an amazing tool because of its slow and damage. The slow, well slows 80% of the movement speed for a short duration of time. It also does a decent amount of damage to the target.
Whismy My choice on leveling Whismy last is because you don't need the full potential till level 18. Whismy is way fun for a couple of reasons. The first reason is it can make you or an ally move faster, witch can make you or an ally escape is a sticky situtation. The second part of Whismy is when you cast it on a enemy. This makes them turn to a cute little creature for a duration of time that silences them.
Help, Pix! is my second choice to finish leveling because if you hit the enemy with it and cast Help, Pix! it will hit them no matter what. This one creates a shield around your ally or yourself. Casting on an enemy will hurt them and give you vision of them for a small period of time.

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Summoner Spells

I chose Clarity for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that she is mana hungry and this solves that problem. The second reason is the longer in lane the better off you are and this is a great way not to go back because you run out of mana.
I chose Teleport as my second option because you can return to lane extremely fast witch can turn the tide of a battle. Also you can Teleport to someone in need pretty quickly.

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Pros / Cons

Pros She Has a high attack speed and can melt enemies with the build I have placed in this guide. She is also way way fast witch is an advantage so she can get where she need to go.
Cons She is way squishy and doesn't survive very long if focused. Not much help on the support end.
Over all she is amazing at killing and not so much at support

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Alright well that's all i have for right now leave me comments to help improve the guide and build so we can put Lulu in the place she should be in.
Just remember one thing when playing Lulu this way, being over aggressive will get you killed and no one likes to die.