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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crazy Grimm

Machine Gun Zilean

Crazy Grimm Last updated on February 8, 2012
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Hello Everyone. What I have to offer here is not just a good build. It's the greatest build ever created by man. Using this guide you will dominate The Dominion so hard noobs will report you for hacking. But enough about me, lets talk about the man behind the League, behind the Legends.

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A Hero Emerges

Zilean, probably the most terrible Hero in all of Lollia, right?


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I've always thought Runes were junk. And guess what? I still do. Runes are garbage that they put into LOL to trick noobs into thinking it will make them win more. "Lets spend all of my riot points on runes, herp, derp". Riot's gotta make a buck somehow. But you want my honest opinion? Don't waste your time. If your one of those pro kids who feels like the extra 25hp is going to win you the championship against Cobra Kai then go for it. Here's what I recommend. Feel free to just face roll until you find an assortment that meets your needs. For example, this is what I use.

The Best Runes You Could Ever Use.

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Just like any good buffet, variety is king. A little of this and a whole lot of that. This is what I recommend. Gives you some speed, extra money and extra minion damage.

The Best Masteries You Could Ever Use.

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Summoner Spells

I can really only recommend two Summoner Spells for Zilean. These Summoner Spells make what would be an amazing build into a build you would want to take home and introduce to your folks. The kind of build you want to settle down and start a family with.


Close your eyes. Are they closed? Good. Imagine you're in a world where you own a beautiful Lamborghini. You easily cruise around your neighborhood, impressing friends and imaginary loved ones. Are you still with me? Can you picture your dream car? Now attach the Challenger Space Shuttle to it. That's what having Ghost is like. Flying through the air at marvelous speeds, but only briefly, until they build the next one.


Just like E.T. and Jesus Christ, no matter how good you are, eventually, you will die. And just like these great American Heroes you too can come back to life in an instant. When I die trying to solo Baron this makes me feel a lot better afterwards. This is probably the most underrated summoner spell in all of Lollaia. A must have for any serious Zilean player.

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The bread and butter of the build. The Pièce de résistance. With every build comes choices, of the entire build this section is probably the hardest to grasp. With time however, you too may begin to understand. Follow me and stick to the path and perhaps, with time, you will learn to walk again.

Boots of Mobility

Forged by the gods of Lollia. Just like God and Chris Hansen, these boots grant the ability to be everywhere at any given time. Much like the flux capacitor in Doc Brown's DeLorean, without these boots, you won't be able to transcend time and space. A must have for any Zilean player worth his metal.

The item that comes next may blow your mind. I suggest you sit down if your standing. And to anyone who has had Dell Taco in the last 4 hours, I highly recommend putting on an adult-sized diaper.


Phantom Dancer

Speed. Speed of Body and of Mind. Speed of Attack. Speed of Movement. Speed Absolute.
(The sacred speed chant of Zilean)

You're probably asking? Really, bro, really? This item is for good heroes like Master Yi and Ryze. Not for Zilean, he needs Ability Power items.


Avarice Blade

Money Item, You buy it early, you get tons of money. Use this to buy yourself more of these.

Which become more of these.

(Refer to previous item)

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Skill Sequence

You know what button Q is on your keyboard? Well prepare on never using it. Pretty much ever actually. It's a bad key that has said terrible things about you and your loved ones. Now that that's out of the way. Lets get serious folks, here's a rundown of what you should and shouldn't be doing.

Time Bomb

Terrible, just awful. This doesn't give you speed. You know when you put points in this? When your level 13 and you are forced to put points in it. You need your mana for better things anyways. I have a special keyboard I use when I play Zilean and the Q key is removed.


Good spell. You know why? It makes it so you can use your best spell almost back to back. This I always max out second. At rank 5 it has a 6 second cool down and reduces all other spell's cooldowns by ten. That's nuts.

Time Warp

This is what makes Zilean more than just a mere mortal. This makes him a god. How do you gank someone who is moving at a constant 600 speed. Trick question. It's just that good. It's basically like being able to cast exhaust or ghost on anyone every 20 seconds. (10 seconds if you use Rewind, which you do). The slow is deadly on just about anyone.

Chrono Shift

Bringing the dead back to life. With great power comes great responsibility. You can use this in a lot of great ways. Zilean doesn't have very much health. In fact, he might as well have no health. Beginning at level 6, guess what doesn't matter for you?! HEALTH! "Oh no! Tryndamere is going to dive me! OH WAIT, I'm back alive noob!" "Oh no! My carry is getting ganked because he wanted to farm 3 minions! Good thing I go 88 miles per hour and can save him!" If your feeling pro you can even use this to bait their assassin or carry, run up, auto attack, begin to run, pop your Chrono Shift, have your team gank him. It's just that easy.

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The Secret Sauce

Behind every delicious recipe, lies the mysterious ingredient that gives it it's unique flavor. It's


You want to know what makes me better? What gives me the edge.


The best aspect about Zilean is that he has such an array of appropriate music to listen to while playing your favorite bearded buddy.

I recommend the following music, I promise if you listen to these while you play that you will not lose a game.

Back To The Future Theme
SNSD, Time Machine
Coldplay, Clocks
Depeched Mode, A Question Time
Styx, Too Much Time on My Hands
Alabama, I'm In A Hurry
Cyndi Lauper, Time After Time
Huey Lewis And The News, Back In Time