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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FatedTwist


FatedTwist Last updated on September 8, 2010
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I take no credit for the magewick, (all credit goes to Haelstrom for the idea)
i simply want to provide a guide that makes magewick somewhat more fun and actually quite viable IMO.

Pretty regular, just change depending if your going to jungle or lane

CD reduction and Magic Pen
makes your hungering strike great!

1. Meki Pendant/Amplifying tome (depending if you think you will have mana issues)
2. Boots of Swiftness or Mercury Treads if they have a ridiculous CC team
3. DFG (GET THIS ASAP and make sure to USE IT, ill explain more later)
4. Hextech Gunblade (Seriously this thing complements MW so well.. the 60 Attack Damage means when you have to melee a few times - while HS is on cooldown - you will at least do some damage. the 75 AP helps your hungering strike 15% lifesteal makes your lifesteal even MORE amazing. 13% Spell vamp (TBH this is something I'm not sure about. does this stack with the 100% life steal you get from hungering strike? If anybody knows, please comment and tell me) if it does stack thats even BETTER. if not. thats not too bad considering the rest of the great stats. The passive. absolutely wonderful! The passive deals 300 damage, which will make MW's dmg output greater and it also slows, which givesyou time to pull off a few more hungering strikes!
5. Rylai's Crystal Scepter (HP, AP, and slow from melee - enough said)
6. Zhonya's (Great passive for the AP and also pretty amazing active because you can rush in and kill their carry and then zhonya to give you immunity while your team cleans up.)

Early Game (For me i prefer to lane with MW because i dont grab Hunter's call because it is practically useless in conjunction with AP not AD, which makes jungling more difficult)
Start off with either meki or AT (amplifying tome) and go lane with another, preferably range, champion. Play defensive and last hit, using hungering strike is a great way to last hit because it deals a lot and heals you. when you reach lvl 6, go for a gank or go back and grab some items. If you go back, you want to grab your boots of speed and then upgrade your items to get DFG

Mid game
This is when MW shines, at this point you should have DFG and working on hextech gunblade. When you gank, run in, pop DFG, hungering strike, use your ulti for the stun to give your ally time to help and to give your HS time to come of CD, ignite, hungering strike, and toggle Blood Scent just in case you need to chase (in most cases if your teammate isn't stupid, your opponent should be close to- or dead)This combo will really just drop people FAST. with a few successful ganks. go back and grab your hextech gunblade and upgrade to boots of swiftness.
Here is where you get KILLER.
when you gank. run in, hungering strike, pop DFG, ulti for the stun life steal and dmg, hungering strike again, use hextech gunblade, and if they arent dead, it should be simple to chase them down because they are slowed AND you have bloodscent + boots of swiftness and ignite if needed. (practice using this combo, if mastered its like an instakill practically even if they have a flash or something)

Late Game
You should have grabbed a Rylai's Scepter for the HP and the slow and AP and hopefully working on/completed your zhonyas. This will increase the dmg on your HS and your melee attacks will slow as well. By this time, your probably pretty notorious for killing people super fast, and being an incredible chaser (hextech for slow, rylais for slow, blood scent for increased chase, boots of swiftness). During teamfights, your job is to run in use your combo on their carry, trigger your zhonyas so you dont get instantly kiled, then start cleaning up the teamfight because their carry is dead.

Max Hungering Strike
and then Max Blood Scent
Obviously grab your ulti whenever possible

The reason i max blood scent before hunter's call is because really, chasing down a champion after your combo is SO much more important than increasing your attack speed, because frankly, with this combo you really wont be doing too much physical melee dmg.
P.S. remember to toggle your blood scent. you dont want to give away a potential gank!

I find that during mid-late game.
changing your hotkeys can really make pulling the combo easier.
because you dont need to use hunter's call or toggle blood scent often, simply change w to DFG and e to hextech gunblade. this way, its simply like pressing W, Q, R, E (rinse and repeat). this is obviously much simpler than Q, 2, 3, R IMO becaue im more used to pressing QWER than 123456. but thats just my own opinion, if your used to using your item numbers than feel free to leave them be.

So.. go out there and HS some ppl to hell.
Seriously some ppl will ROFL at our build, but its an even BETTER ROFL when you own them.
I would be happy to hear some constructive criticism before you downvote

P.S. credits to Haelstrom for MageWick Idea