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Tryndamere Build Guide by AWEsomeJorge

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AWEsomeJorge

Make them /surrender

AWEsomeJorge Last updated on November 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Alright this is my very first build on MOBAfire. This is my build on my favorite Champion in the game Tryndamere. I’ve played this champ since ive started playing LoL in general and he is easily one of the most hated characters in the game because his ult. Well anyways this is the build I use to make them Rage Quit or mostly /surrender around 20-25 mins.

Just a heads up this won’t be a very eyecatching tutorial since I have no idea what im doing.
It also may be very brief (sorry)

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The runes I would recommend (spelling?) are anything with Crit damage or damage in general maybe even crit chance. I went with Armor pen Marks Crit chance Seals Crit chance Glyphs and Crit damage Quins. Its a little bit of everything and I may change it but who knows it seems to do well.

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21-9-0 Pretty much standard Masteries nothing to much outta the box I dont go down utility even tho I should I just think 9 in defense is safer. Kinda short sorry.

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Ahhh my favorite part. The tools used to destroy my opponents! This is where I think they named the B.F Sword after was because of Tryndamere. Anyways!!!! Let’s start off, Right off the summoners platform I buy boots and 3 pots (this time of year Candy corn). Most of you guys are thinking this is suicide or that Brawlers gloves are better. That’s why I have runes and my rage bar is my Gloves. Whenever you get a chance go straight for Berserker Grieves. Get more kills with your Attack speed then start for that Zeal. You should be able to chase down all your enemies and crit there health to ZERO! After you have enough rush to Phantom dancer. My friend gave me some insight that a B.F sword before a PD is better but sure you do damage but its slow and rarely a crit. With PD you shouldn’t have trouble getting that B.F sword to do tons of damage. After the PD for for IE or if your having trouble you could go for a Blood Thirstier. I do sometimes to piss my enemies off by "how the hell does he have full health?" Usually when I play Tryndamere once I get my PD and a BF Sword its around that /surrender time and I cant complete my CRITICAL MAYHEM! This makes me sad inside. But Yeah get both an IE and BT (I reccomend 2 Blood thirsters) you can determine the rest on your own with the other sides characters Tanks I usually for a Whisper and just say buh-bye to armor. You could also consider yourself as tank if you’re the only one. Go for something like a Frozen Mallet which isn’t bad but I don’t care for it since I don’t like the Pre items it takes to make (phage, Giants belt) if you’re like me and have 3k before you back like a 5 time because they keep throwing their selves at you and you answer "I’m freaking Tryndamere! Are you ******ed!?" Yeah bare essentials are the Berserker Grieves PD IE and BT rest is up to you!

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Summoner spells, Summary

Summoner spells is Exhaust and Flash.. No question why I have Flash who doesnt. But why I have Ex is because I like it more than ghost. Bottom line.

This is the build I try to make before they surrender.. I have destroyed a enemy Nexus for weeks playing Tryndamere. All in all I really dont care if you take this build or dont I just dont like watching other Tryndameres play and they are just awful. Its a bad feeling when you have a teammate play your charater and make him look like ****. Its happened countless times for me. But yeah coming back from my tangent, Tryndamere is a broken character I must say so many people have a hard time to beat a Tryndamere and should he's freaking scary! You can either like it or dont I really dont mind I just wanted to make this mainly because I wanted to get used to MOBAfire and see how it works and decided why not make a build? But take it as you may imma play Tryndamere with this build either way. So have fun playing with this build if you decide to you wont be disappointed!

Please dont downgrade this build due to the sheer fact that it doesnt make you cry with all the visuals.. But if you do thats your decsion