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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HyakKi YaKoU

Make your enemies want to die faster!!

HyakKi YaKoU Last updated on December 7, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build post so CONSTRUCTIVE criticism only please. If you try my build but it doesn't work for you post why it doesn't work and what you think I should change. As with most other builds, please state a reason before down voting.

I've been intensively playing trundle since he got released and I always enjoy playing new champs. This build has worked for me very well and I hope it will for you too. The aim for this build (in my opinion) is to successfully take out enemy teams/champs relatively quickly while keeping a good amount of survivability. This way I can wreck teams AND stay alive. I've found that purely relying on trundle's ult to survive team fights is a bad idea.

summoner spells:
summoner spells are always interchangeable. i get exhaust and ignite because he i don't feel like he needs many more escape mechanisms. contaminate and pillar of filth are great for getting out of tight spots. besides, exhaust is another way to run away. but if you feel the need, flash and/or ghost are always great spells. you can even rock teleport for better map control. nothing's set in stone. i refuse to judge against people who do what they feel works best for them.

Rune Build:
This rune build is the same as the spotlight's jungle trundle rune build. I've kept it and never saw a need to change it despite not jungling with trundle. please feel free to change this to whatever you see fit. I found that these runes help with early game survivability so I've kept them as it is.

I've decided that a dps mastery build worked well for me. It helped get those early game kills, though if you're not careful, you're early game survivability can take a pretty huge hit. But of course that also depends on who you're laning against. some matchups are just terrible, in which case you should request a lane switch.

Item build:
this item build focused a lot on getting attack speed and damage/health items. In my opinion trundle doesn't need much damage. dps are squishy enough that he doesn't need it (especially when combined with rabid bite), and tanks get taken down quickly when you combine his ult and madreds. My item build only fills 5 item slots. this is because that last item should be whatever suits your current situation. It is also because I've only ever gotten a full item build once in which i got a hex drinker. i.e. if the enemy team is AP heavy, you can get a Force of Nature, or Hex drinker like i did. If the enemy is AD heavy, maybe a frozen heart or randuins. and if they're tank heavy, you could go for more damage by getting a bloodthirster or infinity edge. Really whatever suits your taste. but really games should end before you get there.

For my item build, I have a pretty specific item order in which to buy them. I almost never purely rush one item before moving to the next (only items for last two item slots). You don't have to follow it, but please use it as reference material.
start --> cloth armor, 2 hp pts, 2 mana pots
--> boots of speed
--> Madred's Razors
--> mercury treads
--> phage
--> vampiric scepter/giant's belt/recurve bow
--> vampiric scepter/giant's belt/recurve bow
--> vampiric scepter/giant's belt/recurve bow
--> Emblem of Valor
--> Frozen mallet/Madred's bloodrazor
--> Frozen mallet/Madred's bloodrazor
--> Starks Fervor
--> Guardian's Angel
--> ??? (whatever you feel like getting for sixth item slot)

The reason why I focus on attack speed is that it helps with Rabid bite. I know the cooldown is shorter than the duration but the extra attack speed can help save mana which trundle desperately needs. Think about it, if you can make 3-4 attacks per bite, and a person takes 20 hits to kill, you will need about 4-5 bites (obviously this is just an example, just trying to get my point across)but if you could double the amount of attacks you make per bite, you can halve the amount of mana it takes to kill that person and use it to kill another.

Obviously frozen mallet and starks are for survivability. with the attack speed boosts from items and contaminate, the lifesteal should keep you alive during team fights and the slow from mallet should greatly increase your chasing ability.

A quick note about the boots. I think boots should be gotten based on the game. If you feel you don't need merc treads, feel free to get ninja tabi or any of the other boot types.

On another note, notice that I haven't said anything about elixirs. You should get them as needed since they can significantly slow down your item build progression.


early game
during this phase you should really focus on farming. I think my build allows trundle to really shine during mid game when ganks and small team fights start occurring. of course if the opponents are really aggressive during the laning phase, it doesn't mean you have to take it lying down. Coordinate with your lane partner and agree on someone to focus. your damage output with rabid bite should give you a pretty clear advantage especially with exhaust and ignite. however, if, for instance, the opponents are too tanky, or they just purely have more damage than you, chill behind the creeps and get as much exp as you can.

mid game
this is where you should really shine. hopefully by now you have your choice of boots (usually merc treads for me), razors, phage, and maybe an elixir, if you need it. feel free to start ganking. trundle is a great ganker with contaminate and pillar of filth. you just initiate with contaminate, ult, then bite, and chase with pillar. when chasing with pillar, try to aim slightly ahead with the center circle, this way the enemy will get hit by the pillar itself and get pushed back, and slowed, and forced to walk around the pillar. when saving someone from a chase, aim pillar so that the pillar rises in between the chaser and the runner.

late game
if played right, trundle can keep his effectiveness late game. his ult allows tanks to be taken down quickly, but of course you should focus the damage dealers first. always ult the tanks whether you're gonna hit them or not. usually you should ult first, then contaminate and rush to the nearest dps enemy. hopefully you can coordinate with your team to figure out who to focus first. team communication always helps for team fights

Thanks if you read my guide. If you didn't please read the foreword at least. Flaming doesn't help anyone. it only points out the douchebags. I also feel as if I forgot to say something so if you think you know what it is, tell me. and again, feel free to give constructive criticism and debate with me on the validity of this build. I will try to incorporate your suggestions.