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Miss Fortune Build Guide by dr funk

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dr funk

Making it Rain With Miss Fortune

dr funk Last updated on October 27, 2012
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Welcome to Dr. Funk's tutorial on how to make an exceptionally lethal Miss Fortune. The main thing you have to remember is that you are still using a ranged character so you have to be cautious because you are still REALLY squishy.
Try to avoid middle lane but it is sometimes inevitable. I say avoid it because as far as ranged characters go, Miss Fortune drew the short stick on attack range, most ranged champions will harass you and make it difficult to become godlike.

this is my first build so give me pointers and be gentle!

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It is sad to say that I have never paid much attention to runes so please give me some feedback on what I need to add to make her even more terrifying.

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This is the exact build that I used when I first used Miss Fortune. I didn't look at any other builds so i don't know if there is once similar to this out there.

[*] We start off with a dagger; don't worry about boots quite yet, your natural speed buff from Miss Fortune's passive ability will take care of you for now. As you should do with any champion, grab a few potions to allow you to stay in your lane a little bit longer so that you can farm some more minions, gain more XP and more money.

[*] When you get the chance, recall and get yourself some Berserker's Greaves; this is where the fun starts.

[*] Once you get enough money, again, buy a dagger; now you can wither use this to build the Black Cleaver or Malady. it really doesn't matter which you get first as long as you have them both. These two will make your enemies think twice about engaging you because not only are you rocking out a ridiculous attack speed, every shot drops their armor AND magic resistance.

[*] "Guinsoo's Rageblade" should be your next target because it's the other vital part of this build. Now you get stronger and faster as your enemies get weaker, making your danger level increase exponentially.

[*] Once you have the "Black Cleaver", "Malady", and "Guinsoo's Rageblade" you have a choice to make. This choice is based on the opponents you are fighting. If they have a lot of HP and you want to end them quickly then you should proceed with "Madred's Bloodrazor". If they are not so tanky, they will try to level the playing field by bringing more champions to end your reign of terror. Prevent this by eviscerating the entire group of enemies that is attacking you with the "Ionic Spark". then wave goodbye as they more than likely try to run away.

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That laugh is the sound of dreams dying...

~ an enemy talking about Miss Fortune's maniacal laugh when she uses her "Bullet Time" Ultimate Ability

By the end of the build, your attack speed will be maxed out at 2.5, and if it isn't activate your impure shots and it will be. Your attack speed is what this build is all about, you shoot fast, get buffed fast, deal damage fast, debuff your enemies fast, and lay them low with your ionic spark which will sound off once every two seconds (a little less i just don't feel like doing the math because I'm lazy).

Not many opponents will be able to withstand this lethal assault but don't get cocky, use your abilities to their greatest potential. if you find yourself at a moment when you have enemy's charging at you, use my favorite technique that i'm surprised i don't see many Miss Fortune's using:
[*] "Make it Rain" will slow and deal damage and likely make the enemy try and escape. But before they can escape, remind them what time it is... bullet time. they are slowed and debuff-ed enough that you will end the life of any miserable soul who gets caught in this lethal combination.

This build is lethal, period. I have had matches where I deal over 200,000 damage, the next player coming in with 131,000.