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Malzahar Build Guide by pakon11

Malefic DoT 2 shot

Malefic DoT 2 shot

Updated on September 5, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author pakon11 Build Guide By pakon11 3 4 4,489 Views 2 Comments
3 4 4,489 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author pakon11 Malzahar Build Guide By pakon11 Updated on September 5, 2011
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Hello my name is pakon11 and this is my malzahar build. malzahar is one of the best harasser's
in league of legends in my opinion. You can use call of the void to harass champions and malefic vision on minions to farm and get mana back and when you get nether grasp you can lay down null zone/malefic vision/ nether grasp/ignite to kill a champion. Remember malzahar can really kill someone say if they turret dive you, you can just ultimate them and kill them if someone ganks you ulti if you gank someone ulti
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Unique Skills

I really designed this build for 5v5 laning bottom and 3v3 laning top just really allows you to farm up and get maximum power from my ult.
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Malzahar is a great farmer use malefic visions on minions to hit minions like domino's i usually get about 200+ minions down by the end and on average make the most gold. You can also use call of the void to hit multiple minions and null zone as an aoe to also hit minions.
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Team Work

Work Well with you're teammates ask them when you want them to ulti who to harass who to silence ask them when you need help at blue even help them at blue sometimes even die to save a champion that should be alive to help you win try to make sacrifices for your team when you are running away use your silence to silence your enemies so they cant use abilities to finish you off.
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I like to use magic penetration runes to take down tanks early game and potency runes to go with that mag pen but you can have any choice of runes say potency magic pen and mana regen resilence magic pen and potency Hp regen mana regen and mag pen there really isnt much runes to switch up so i dont really have much on the rune part
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9/0/21 is the best for malzahar considering he is a mage having arch mages savvy for ability power and cooldown reduction and perseverance for mana and hp regen expanded mind for mana awareness for experience utility for blue buff quickness and blink of an eye for flash and movement speed intelligence for cooldown reduction and presence of a master for more cooldown reduction. You can also change it up a bit for own way you play malzahar this is just my way.
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I like to get dorans ring at level one for the ap mana regen and health and boots then a needlessly large rod amplifying tome so i can have some ap for my abilities and then i get sorcerers shoes then a mejais to stack ability power that clears the amplifying tome so i get a blasting wand and then a rabadons so i have some room cleared for more items then ANOTHER needlessly large rod and a chain vest for my zhonyas and then i end the build with a void staff for more magic pen. Rabadons for increased ap mejais for cdr, zhonyas on activate helps alot plus the armor bonus and last but not least the shoes for magic pen and movement speed.
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Skill Sequence

I like to max my malefic visions then my null zone because malzahar is dead if he doesnt have a harassing ability or his ultimate then i max out my call of the void last because it doesnt do much damage imo the only good thing about it is the silence null zone is like the mage madreds malefic is like that no cd ignite and ulti is like warwicks ulti but better because you can lay down malefic visions and null zone for maximum damage
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Summoner Spells

I like to use ignite and flash but you can use ghost and ignite clarity and flash even teleport and flash but i would recommend ignite for a DoT to go with malefic visions and flash to escape really there is alot of summoner spells so it doesnt really matter what you use aslong as it qualifies for mage summoner spells dont use cleanse or smite and please dont use rally revive or fortify so i think that is all for summoner spells.
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Remember Malzahar is one of the best harassers in the game so use call of the void to harass and malefic visions to farm game mana and slowly hit enemy champions lay down null zone malefic visions and nether grasp to kill someone with no problem. Malzahar is a pretty easy champion but is fun as all hell and most people have shadow prince malzahar but it is really really really gay get all of the them for some odd reason and only use djinn and vizier and just rememeber malzahar is a great harasser so really i think that is all i have to say for now.
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