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League of Legends Build Guide Author green

Malz 1 2 3 Ult dead

green Last updated on March 4, 2011
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Welcome to the prophet of the void

(Created as a guest then realised what the hell so changed it)

First off i want to say sorry about spelling and grammer i have a disablity with those two things. Not to say that im a complete ****** and run away from this build now your reading a ******s work. No just cant do spelling and grammer never have never will.

Malz is a champion fairly overlooked, he is a heavy carry in my eyes and will destroy if well farmed and gets a good early kill/assist.
this is your god send it will kill people it will farm for you use it. It is a damage over time (DOT) spell and does about 1000 damage upwards when fully built. Also something that you want to hit before you ult. REMEMBER THAT IT GETS YOUR MANA BACK WITH EACH MINION KILL
null zone does not do much at rank 1 but it damages depending on health bye bye vlad. does nice damage late on you put this down just before you ult. It is AOE and people will try to get out of it fast however in team fights they will not be able to and you can just soak up the kills. Only problem is that it has a longish cooldown for how much you want to use it.
difficult skill shot works twice if they are in the middle of the skill shot it will hit them twice if either side of the line will only hit them once and they have to be close. Problem is it takes to long and gives them a huge f off warning so they can run away. Good silence stops a lot of things like nunu and kats ult and if your clever you can stop warwicks ult because if you do just before he ults it will hit him when he does. Cant use this when ulting but can lead people into it when running away for the kill. Use the silence when running away if they are getting close will keep you alive against people like rammus wont stop the ball but will stop the inevitable taunt.

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Introduction Continued

Dont know why but they keep cutting out the rest of my intro
this is your ulty simply amazing it supress and does damage. Think Warwick ult with twice the damage and the fact that you can place an Aoe before hand that lasts and a dot and an ignite and an exhaust while ultying one person

LASTLY YOUR MINION this is your passive he spawns after your 4th spell. Okay wow he does some amazing damage early game. I cover tactics on how to use him in farming. Just to say he is UNCONTROLLABLE. He will not just run round the whole map he stays in distance of you. He also follows malific visions like a dog

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Pros / Cons


High damage
Good Aoe
Slight tank killer
Works well with many tanks ult's
Ult is increadible and should win you every one v one even on like 10% health when there on full
VERY strong mid laner
Strong minion early game


Ult holds you in place to long and means you can get eaten by a second player
Can get pulled out of ult
Low survivablity
VERY HARD skill shots
Have to know how to lead well

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I have gone with the simple set up of.

Magic pen marks they are needed cos you need some magic pen.

AP quins this starts you off with a good basis on which to capitlize on mid farming

Pro level AP glyphs gives you a large amount of AP over time and makes you strong end game it also helps charge up your rabbers a little bit (every little helps)

Pro level health. This is needed in my eys i know some malz's will disagree, but for one thing there is nothing decent to put in its place. Also helps with survivablity.

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Okay now we start with the good stuff.

The 9 in offence are obvious i will explain the ehaust later on. IT give you an increase in AP and some cooldown reduction which is always nice. Main point is that you get the increased exhaust (always nice) and the magic pen with your magic pen runes makes void staff not needed (nearly).

on the other side i have got one in good hands cos i dont have any use for the other 2 summoner spells. Hopefully you wont die to much anyway still nice to get out fast when you do.

2 in increase experience it is nice

4 in increase mana pool you do have some mana issues when spamming skills (remember malific gets you mana back each minion kill) but this also powers up your archangel scepter. 5% increase in mana = 5% increase in the power of the unique of your scepter think about it.

3 in mana regen again small mana issues

1 in greed (wow going to get flamed) okay all AP carries are hugely costly so it just adds a bit of g i used to find i was off by about 20-100g or so from where i wanted to be it just helps with that a little bit the maths shows it dont do much but i like it. You can move this to even more xp or just nutrual buff increase up to you.

3 in quick and 3 in cooldown always nice spam skills better to get pet out and kill people movement speed just kinda needed i think gets you moving well in team fights and to minion kills.

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Skill Sequence

simple skill sequence

i get null zone second cos i dont like to waste the mana using call of the void to farm. Its also a very hard skill shot to hit and at that level with the amount of ap you have it wont do much.

Now null zone wont do much either and i dont use it to really hurt you can if you get the chance but i like to use it as a scare tactic at that lvl. You want to be concentrating on farming and not really harrasing to much chuck malific on him whenever you can but i use null to throw down when you just want him to step back from a dangar spot every so often. Lets say your laning against lux your on half health and there are some minions you can farm but she is waiting for you chuck the null zone down in area so she backs up a little then run in and chuck malefic on the minions.

Another thing that i will cover in ranked play is get call of the void first (go to ranked play to read more)

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Skill Rotation

What your going to want to do. (i dont have Q W E and R as my skills so will just say name instead)

1 v 1

At lvl 6 up against melee (if your close to low health drop exhaust) drop null zone just in front of you then call of the void, then malific when they get close, then ulty. Ignite if you need do remember they are melee and will have to run away or after you so you can get another malific off after ulty is over.

Against ranged at lvl 6 up. Your going to want to get close enough to use ignite if needed and exhaust if needed. Then null zone so that it is on them but slightly back (or lead if they are running) then malific and ult. (summoner spells if needed)

At about lvl 4 if your going for it lead with null then malific then ignite and call of the void if you can. IF you can get close enough exhaust if needed just to make it easier to hit all. REMEMBER THAT MALIFIC, NULL, CALL OF THE VOID AND YOUR ULTY HAVE LONGER RANGE THAN EXHAUST AND IGNITE.

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Summoner Spells

Wow im going to get flamed for this. It helps hit your skill shots also if there a fast character like gangplank fully built or MF or someone fast can slow them down just enough to land your null zone and ult. Also it gets you out of bad posistions if they try and tower dive you i suggest exhausting the one that doesnt have the tower on them then ult the one that does and then start running around the tower with your null and malific on them soon they will die too.
PLEASE (THIS IS ME BEGGING RIGHT NOW) NEVER EVER PLAY MALZ WITHOUT IGNITE. This with malific even at level 1 means that you take half there health. It can be used while ulting and it reduces heals by a huge amount. Also makes you tower dive really easily you drop malific then ignite then run away.

OTHER ideas

CLEANSE a good idea sometimes useful especially against people like viegar and anivia (want to watch out against a mid anivia also with viegar you will die fast with the amount of your ap to his ult so ult him in team fights fast before he does the same to you)

TELEPORT helps you farm however you should not need this cos you should do almost a perfect score in mid every time.

GHOST AND FLASH gets you out of bad spots you know


HEAL for survivability you should be easy 1 v 1 and you should be dancing around the back waiting for tanks to initate then running in so shouldn't be hit that hard ever.

CLARITY you do have some mana issues but your malific does get you mana back with each minion kill

ON A SIDE NOTE SUMMONER SPELLS ARE WHAT YOU FEEL GOOD WITH JUST PLEASE GET IGNITE SERIOUSLY. I work well with exhaust so i get it, also fits in mastary tree well.

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okay mejais is needed you should be killing well and you snowball as it is but even better with mejais i sometimes get this asap if against a stupid midlaner. More than once i have gotten first blood on a mid laner with mejais.

elixer of brilliance is at the end of my item build but just put it there to say buy when you have spare cash it helps if you have a slot free carry it for a bit then pop when you start fighting.

you need the amplifying tome after mejais to get you some ap then you want blasting wand for the same reason

GIVE TEAR TIME TO CHARGE UP get the tear of the godess but give it time to charge up i dont know if you carry over the mana and the archangel starts again i will change if people in comments tell me other wise. if you got like tear and 1000g left dont go straight archangel get another blasting want for your rabers or even a needlesly large rod if you really aint gone back enough.

archangal should be a nice adition to ap i get this before rabbers cos you need the mana to spam well

rabbers of course huge damage. Build up slowly (get blasting and needlessly large rod when you can) cos it is hugely costly and will hurt you if you dont

Rylai's gives you health and ap and slows. Increases survivability hugely also slows them when they or you are running away.


I have not added a last item on there its hugely situational and how you feel with the champion


Lich bane gives you everything you need a bit of magic resist for there ap carry, ap itself, also the unique does nicely increase your damage and also helps you kill well with just malific followed by ult (dont do that on tanks wont kill them)

Void staff if playing against a blitzcrank stacking huge M.R. any tank really stacking a lot of Magic resist. (remember only a lot of M.R. makes this useful you have a nice amount of magic pen)

Death fire grasp is nice does well at finishing off unsespecting people only get this if you can use it well and are acustomened to using it.


Dont get spell vamp seriously it may look like a good idea but if your taking that much damage your doing something wrong the person that gets to you in a team fight should be ulted or just getting eaten by the tank. 1 v 1 you cant be touched team games you should be dancing at the back.

Rod of Ageas it does not give you huge ap okay it drops there magic resist but not by much i just dont like the thing. Personally im going to try it now and then and see if it works better in different situations and update if it does.


Hourglass the unique where you cant be touched for 2 secs works well and i have used it to get a trip once where just use the unique and watch my malific eat a view people. It has huge ap so thats nice. However i just dont use the unique well enough to busy killing in teamfights to remember to use it. If you can use it go for it.

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I wanted to add this because you farm so well

CALL MID so you dont get some stupid tryndamere going AP in mid (yer i have seen it. Luckly was against me not with me. And yes i got out of mid with 14 stacks on mejais with no deaths at lvl 9. Yes it was GG by that point. Yes i did laugh the whole way through the game)

just use malific at the start killing what you can dont worry about harasing to much jump malific on to the enemy champion at the end of the minion wave if you can. You can use like call of the void to finish of the minions really quickly so that if jumps to the champion.

Be clever with where you place malific so that it will go down the whole line of minions and hopefully onto the next set.

Follow malific like a dog at the start you going to have to keep hiting the minion if its on full health to kill it with malific. you should be placing when on low health.

If a cannon wave wait till the cannon will be on like 30-40% from your minions hitting it when malific will jump.

YOUR MINION IS UNCONTOLLABLE. BIG POINT HERE READ. He does huge damage at the start for a minion summons after every four spells. HE FOLLOWS MALIFIC. Will not run to far away from you. A great tactic is if you enemy chamion is on low health just spam till minion jump malific and ignite on her/him and run with her so your minion can hit the champion and watch him tower dive at lvl 1 to last hit him/her your minions is a fast little guy.

USE YOUR MINION TO FARM he will follows malific so use him he hurts minions greatly

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Team Work

Your role in the team is 3 parts

First part is:
anti carry. Your going to want when the team fight initates to get round and kill there carry fast before he kills your team with your ult.

Second part is:
AOE burst damge your skill shots are hard to hit but in team fights you will always hit so set everything down and malific someone low then ignite if needed and watch the kills roll in.

third part is:
anti tank. Rememeber to place your null zone where there tank is. If they have a clever carry staying back or just an underfarmed undergeared worthless carry but a well farmed tank kill the tank first cos you can with your combo. With there tank down REALLY FAST (only do if you are confidint you can eat there tank fast) you can all move on with a good amount of health and just wipe there team.

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Ranked Play and Early Gank (killing jungler)

Only thing in ranked play is i would change your skill sequence to get call of the void first. Then what you do is spam it in your spwan pool till your one spell from minion. ONLY DO this if your going for the gank straight off the bat or going for the enemy jungler and you can do it fast enough. Trick to doing fast is before you get items do it once for cooldown. Then a second time after items then third as soon as you can if you need to go deal with the mana loss on the third time.

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Baisically just wanted to put my guide see if people liked it. Give it a go it works really well.

Comment and votes will be warmly recived.

Get ready to here "malz is so op" "i hate malz" and "wow malz carried your team"

Also in champion select "ahhh not malz he is so underpowered" "pick someone else malz is ****"
Then by your team later "okay malz is op" "wow malz is good" and "wow im going to start playing malz more often"

This is a huge guide sorry have fun reading it all.

Last words of advice LOVE THE CHAMPION YOU PLAY, learn how he plays DONT build to my guide if you dont like something in my build change it to your play style.