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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VeluxMortis

Malzahar- A New Look (DEWO take a look haha)

VeluxMortis Last updated on June 5, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Malzahar- The Prophet of the Void

Please Note- First off. This is my first build. I feel that I have adequately played Malzahar enough to write this guide for him. I bought him the day he came out and have been playing him since. I do not claim this as the win-all, be-all build for Malzahar. It is simply my way of playing him. That being said. I will take any suggestion given that they are productive and presented in a civilized fashion. Everyone has their way of playing and as long as they are good at doing it their way and enjoying themselves then more power to him. Malzahar is a new character and I want to help those who are looking for a good way to start playing him and if they find flaws and can improve them, then that is great. So now..On to the guide!

Also Note- The idea of using the images of the items and In the beginning comes from DEWO and HeAt Who are both very good champion builders.

One More Note- I couldn't include The HexTech Gunblade in the items, so my ability power would be a little higher and so would my attack damage.


DoT- Damage over Time
CD- Cooldown
AP- Ability Power
AD- Attack Damage
MS- Movement Speed
HP- Hit Points (Health)
MP- Mana Points (Mana)
LS- Life Steal
SV- Spell Vamp
LoL- Leauge Of Legends
EXP- Experience Points

Other Terms: (Note these may be different from some other interpertations. This is how I mean them)
Squishy- Characters that die easily or have low health
Lane- The Lane is the path that you are defending. (Top, Middle, Bottom)
Farming- Killing Minions for EXP and Gold
Blue Pill- Recalling to Base
Ganking- Overwhelming a Foe with several Allies. This can be done by trapping them, sneaking, and teleporting. Those are main variations.
Push(er)- Driving towards a turret, or base. Causing the enemy to fall back

1) He is a great harrasser. He has a long range and his DoT spells drive enemies back.
2) His Call of The Void Spell causes silence, which used in team fights or in a 1v1 can turn the tide. Saying this, he can contribute greatly to team fights when used correctly.
3) He can dish out some serious damage is done correctly. He can, at times, kill fleeing enemies at times with his DoT spells.
4) His Malefic Visions regenerates mana when it kills, so mana is less of an issue than with some casters. This skill also makes Malzahar a great farmer because he can take down waves of minions fairly quickly.
5) He is also good at soloing middle lane. But even with his Malefic Visions I sometimes find mana an issue so I avoid middle lane if possible. If not, I change my build a little bit so I can stay in the lane for longer periods of time.
6) He has no problems jungling.

1) He is a very squishy character.
2 He is a relatively slow character, he is easy to chase down and stuns, slows and disables are a nightmare. Because of his speed you will find that you will miss out on some kills and will be out of range for your ultimate many times.
3) He has no escape mechanism. You could use your ultimate to stun your oppenent. But its channeled so you won't get anywhere.
4) He is very difficult to master.


Skill Descriptions

Summon Voidling- (Passive)After 5 Spell Casts Malzahar summons a Voidling to help you fight which grows more powerful over time.

Tips- This is an under-rated passive to me. I think it can be useful at times. Especially at harrassing. Even though you can't control it. It does what I want alot of the time.

Call Of The Void- (Q) Creates two portal which shoot out energy after its cast.

Tips- This can do great damage. On a more strict AP build I was dealing out 600. Its very hard to master and can be difficult to hit with. Its great in team fights if timed and placed correctly, as it silences. I usually take this after I get my ultimate, because that's when you start becoming a deadly force. You don't do enough damage before this to take on alot of characters early on. But this can be a great help early game, to get you a kill in a gank. If you want to take this earlier, feel free to do so. I suggest if you do, replace a null zone or two.

Null Zone- (W) Malzahar opens a rift which causes AoE damage which takes away damage according to % of the enemies life.

Tips- Very Good in Team Fights and at Harrassing. Its deadly when used in Combo with Nether Grasp. Also good for farming in combo with Malefic Visions

Malefic Visions-(E) Malefic Visions causes the enemie to see visions causing damage over time. If it kills an enemie the DoT is refreshed and it changes to another target. It also regenerates mana upond killing an enemy.

Tips- Your farming tool. You can wipe out waves of minions like crazy with this. If you throw down null zone to take off some HP of the minions they become alot easier to take down. This also can help you keep your mana up. This is my personal favorite.

Nether Grasp- (R) Malzahar stuns the enemy and channels energy into them causing damage over 2.5 seconds.

Tips- First off. Pay attention. This means in the loading screen as well. Watch out for champions who have cleanse. Don't waste your ultimate on them. In a team gank, pick out a low life champion. Take them out, or take out the biggest threat. I will state this many times. Null Zone --> Nether Grasp --> Ignite --> Call Of The Void --> Malefic Visions. Few Champions can take this. If they can. You shouldnt be fighting against them anyways. Go for the squishy's. Be careful not to get into 2v1 situations. You can still be hit while using your Ultimate (Im faily certain since I have died using it) and once you use it, your left with a champion with no way to fight him. Its best to run and lead them into your allies or a turret.


Alternate Skill Order:

Offensive Side Lane:

Level 1- Call Of The Void
Level 2- Malefic Visions
Level 3- Call Of The Void
Level 4- Malefic Visions
Level 5- Call Of The Void
Level 6- Nether Grasp
Level 7- Null Zone
Level 8- Malefic Visions
Level 9- Call Of The Void
Level 10- Malefic Visions
Level 11- Nether Grasp
Level 12- Null Zone
Level 13- Call Of The Void
Level 14- Malefic Visions
Level 15- Null Zone
Level 16- Nether Grasp
Level 17- Null Zone
Level 18- Null Zone

Playstyle: Go to either the top or bottom lane. You can if you want, use Call Of The Void Four times at your base if you want to summon your voidling quickly in a fight. Best to get their quickly though. Hide in the Bushes. Try to get a gank on the squishier characters in your lane. This playstyle is alot more offensive, focusing on getting more kills, instead of farming and pushing. You will want to use your Call Of The Void to put out some nice damage while silencing your enemies. Once you get your Ultimate, get Null Zone directly afterwards so you can use your combo. This build can work great jungling, picking off enemies who are trying to move from tower to tower, ganking people.

Item Selection: This build will focus more on AP so you can out more damage. I still think Rylai's Crystal Sceptoris a must, because it slows. The rest can vary. I like to go with Zhonya's Ringor maybe even two. Getting High AP items is a must, so you can deal out the damage quickly, and not get your kills stolen.


Summoner Spells:

SSpells you SHOULD have:

Ignite: This spell has great synergy with your skills. Using it with your Ultimate of Malefic Visions can produce some nice damage output. I think this is a must have for Malzahar.

Ghost: As stated in the cons section. Malzahar is slow. And his ultimate is hard to get in range for. He also has no escape mechanism. So this will allow you to get close enough for your ultimate, get in that last hit, or run away praying for your life. -Note- I tried Exhaust for him as well, It just didnt work quite as well for me. But it is definately something that can be
exchanged for this if you really prefer it.

Spells you CAN have:

Exhaust: As stated above, Exhaust is a perfectly viable substitution for ghost. It blinds and slows, which can definately help you. I dont think its as good for escaping and chasing, but the blind can really help you out in a 1v1.

Cleanse: As stated earlier, stuns, slows and disables are killer. Cleanse is a great spell and can be used in place of the others if its your preference. This spell can save your life at times.

Clarity: Malzahar has very little mana issue in the top or bottom lanes, as you have help to clear out the minions. But if your going to solo the middle lane, this might be a spell you want to pick up. Malefic Visions is a great farming skill but at lower levels it must be used very carefully to be effective. You might find yourself running out of mana before your lane oppenent does. And in middle lane you want to do your best to outlast the oppenent.

Heal: Malzahar is very squishy and can be very easily harrased by long ranged characters early on. If you dont use Health Potions very often in early game, or get spell vamp, this might be an option for you. Once again, staying in the lane is important. And this might help you get a First Blood early on if you play your cards right.

Rally: This is a pretty under-rated spell but can come in handy. Malzahar isn't very good at taking down towers and has low auto-attack damage. This increases your AD and your Health Regen. I know the Voidling is pretty under-rated as well. But he attacks alot faster than Malzahar and does pretty decent damage so he can be used with rally to take down a tower. This can also help you in some 1v1 Fights.

Clairvoyance: This is mainly here because it doesn't belong in the next section. This can keep you from being ganked, help you gank and just helps with survivability. I wouldn't suggest using this but it is definately viable.

Spells you should NOT have:

Revive: So many better options

Fortify: Leave this to a heavier character. Its just not for you.

Flash: Oh boy. I know Im going to hear things about this one. Personally. I just feel like you could use your slots for much better things than Flash for Malzahar.

Smite: Your not jungling enough to use this one.



Champions you WANT to Lane with:
Disablers: If you lane with one you might want to consider getting Call Of The Void a little earlier. Its very hard to hit with, but if your oppenent is stunned or slowed it suddenly becomes a lot easier. And Call Of The Void, probably is gonna get you the most damage off in early game. (Examples: Ashe, Ryze, Pantheon)

Ranged: Harrassing is great with two ranged characters. Being able to harrass without getting close enough to the enemy for them to counter is going to give you a huge advantage. Even against other ranged characters this is still viable.

Champions you do NOT want to lane with:

Tanks: Very few tanks have good harrassing skills. Their ranged skills, if they have them usually put them in danger, and against ranged characters they just become useless. You can however do this with decent communication, especially against squishy characters that you can stun and take down quickly.

Champions you WANT to lane against:

Low HP Champions: Any character you can take down quickly. If you can get them out of your lane, you can push much easier and hopefully gain some levels on them. (Examples: Twitch, Teemo, Morganna)

Melee Champions: This one might sound strange. But I find it very easy to lane against champions that HAVE to be close to me. I can hit them with my ultimate much easier. And its far more simple to Null Zone --> Nether Grasp --> Ignite --> Call Of The Void --> Malefic Visions. Most champions wont make it past Ignite. Its harder to get ranged characters in your Null Zone and to keep up with them without ghost. The squishier melee's are very easy to take down (Example: Master Yi) While some are harder to take down such at Tyrndamere because of his ultimate.

Champions you DON'T want to lane against:

Disablers: Like I have said before. Getting Stunned and Slowed as Malzahar is just awful. If you are stunned, with your low HP you wont last very long, and if you are slowed, there isn't much hope for you either without cleanse. (Examples: Ashe, Ryze, Pantheon)

Tanks: This one isn't always true. It is possible to tear through that HP. If a tank goes with magic resist you could possible have a problem though. Be sure to keep an eye on their items and on their HP.


Item Selection

I already know this will be talked about alot. Malzahar is a new character and people are searching for what items work best for him and some just go with what they use on their other caster champions. This is what I have found to work best for me so far

My first item choice is always Apmlifying Tome. This item gives +20 ability power. You could go (as most do) with Doran's ringbecause it gives +120 HP and +10 AP. But i find that I dont ever need that +120 HP more than I need the extra +10 AP and what I can build it into.

Note- For the first Item i suggest this if you are going to top or bottom Lanes. If you are going mid, I would suggest Sapphire Crystalwhich gives +200 mana along with an MP Potion
After I get into my lane, I time my use of Malefic Visions and my auto-attack to ensure I get the last hit, and therefore more gold. Once I have farmed enough gold I return and get an Item that isn't listed. Why? Because Mobafire hasn't added it yet. It's HexTech Revolver which (correct me if I'm wrong) gives +40 AP and 10% Spell Vamp. Spell Vamp seems to have great synergy with Malzahar and I find this can keep me in the lane even longer.

From there I start working for 1100 Gold for my Sorcerer's BootsWhich gives +2 Movement Speed and 20% Magic penetration. This will help you alot in chasing down champions and running away.

If you have been playing your cards right you shouldn't have died yet and maybe got a kill or even two now that you can chase those pesky squishies.

My next item usually varies. If Im having a hard time catching oppenent, which trust will happen. I go for Rylai's Crystal Sceptor. There are so many reasons to get this. One. Your spells now slow. You can finally start catching those oppenents who get away with 200 life. You can now safely get away. You can throw down you Null Zone and once your chasing champion passes through it, they are slowed. This will save you waiting on CD for ghost. It gives +500 health! For a squishy character like you, this is super important. I find that once I have this item, the kills come faster and more often, I stay in the lane alot longer, and I almost always get away.

The other Item that I might take at this time is Void Staff]. If your facing some enemy champions who have went for magic resist then this is great. It gives you 70 AP which is gonna give you some nice extra damage and it gives +40% magic penetration which will be nice. This can be put off till later.

If you put it off till later than means your going for Zhonya's Ringwhich I think is a must have. It gives +120 ability power and it increases your ability power by 25%! It also is a clickable item. When its active you can't take damage for 2 seconds. But you also can't take any action, like attack or use skills. This is great for getting past towers, or escaping.

After That I build my HexTech Revolver into the (drawing a blank on the name) gunblade. It does 300 damage when you click it and gives you I believe 50% attack speed. It also has some AD and AP and SV.

Your gonna be Late Game at this point, probably close to the end. But its not over yet so get some more items. Now I go for Banshee's Veil. This gives you alot of HP and MP, along with some magic resist and a UNIQUE allowing you too block spells which just increases your survivability.

Now Im sure someone will say "But Velux. You dont have a soulstealer" I know this and I know there are PLENTY of other items that can be used. I have tried MOST of them. I haven't tried ALL of them but ALOT of them. You can post your ideas, but please give a reasonable explanation of why you would replace an item. And also before you try to down my item selection at least give it a try. You might be surprised.



Ok as stated before. Malzahar is good at harrassing and farming. Try to lane with someone who can help you get a first blood, or that you can help get a first blood. Remember. If you are going for an early kill and you have someone that can slow, or stun, consider getting Call of The Void early. You want to try and outlast your oppenent in the lane, get ahead in levels and gold. So use Malefic Visions in a way that takes down thier minions quickly, which can be difficult. I know most won't agree, but the voidling isn't half bad. Even though you can't control it, it helps with minion control and harrassing. My Voidling has driven off enemy Champions Many times in early game.

Ok, so staying in the lane till 6 is a good idea. If done correctly its very achievable. Malefic Visions (if done properly) can keep you at enough mana to stay in the lane. So now go back, heal and get your items that you can afford. Now. Get a little more offensive. On the way back, if your Lane Partner is still at a decent amount of life. Try to pick off one of the weaker charcters. Come in through the jungle and hide in the grass or in the fog until you have the right moment. Let your partner slow or stun them if they can. Throw down a null zone, cast nether grasp, and then ignite. If that doesn't tear through them, cast Call of the Void. If you aren't very good at timing it yet, thats ok. Just use malefic visions and auto attack them while they run. If you feel you can't do any of that, then thats ok, just go back to the lane and continue farming and harrassing.

Once you get Rylai's Crystal Sceptor. Your a pretty tough cookie. You can take a huge chunk out of your oppenents HP in a 1v1 before they get to hit you. In most cases, if you can pull off the combo with your null zone --> nether grasp --> ignite --> call of the void --> Malefic Visions before they even attack you...even if you dont take them out, which means they have alot of HP, they will often get scared and try to run. Bad Idea. Your cooldowns aren't too bad and you slow with your spells now. So you can use Malefic Visions to slow them (It has a pretty short CD) and deal some DoT, and then route them with Call of The Void.

Getting Zhonya's makes you even harder to catch and makes tearing through Champions HP even easier. If your having a hard time with a champion, DO NOT FEED THEM OR RISK ANYTHING. Ghost and Zhonya's and run. Get out of there. Head to the jungle. Trick them by going in a bush and going a complete different way than they would expect. Just dont die.

Gank often. You will be pretty good at picking off weaker characters all by yourself. Get in a group of 3 or so and attack a group of 2. You can take the weaker of the two while your Partners hadnle the second. With practice you can pull this off very often.

You MUST have a watchful eye. LOOK at your oppenent's equipment. You sometimes need to change it up depending on what yours needs are. If you are fighting an Evelynn, invest in an Oracle's Elixer or a Vision Ward. Or with Shaco, or even Teemo. Play it smart. Dont Risk dying. If you can tower dive and get the kill AND get away, go for it. But be 100% positive. Watch The Map. Look to see if someone is getting Ganked or needs help. If you can only see two enemies on your map, keep an eye out, check to see if they are getting buffs. Watch out for ganks.

Try to get the buffs. They help alot and aren't hard for you to get. This will keep the enemy from getting them as well. Or if someone else needs the buff more than you, help them out, or tell them.

Be a Leader, Help your team know what to do if they don't. But always be willing to listen to some advice. As long as its wise.

AND ABOVE ALL- Have some Fun guys.

Comment and Rate (Please don't give a bad rating without leaving a comment as to why.)



6/5/2010- I didn't notice the spell vamp (my bad) on the Haunting Guise was removed. I replaced it with Banshee's Veil.