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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author gore

Malzahar, Assasin of the Void. **UPDATED!!**

gore Last updated on December 15, 2010
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**EDIT** ----

I have just updated my Build since I no longer used what this one was using, and I no longer played as much in this style, so, now, the build is FINALLY updated. If you're wondering why or how I get TWO Rings, it's mostly because Malzahar, after a few Buffs which were VERY much needed I might add, can attain this amount of Gold, it's simple:

Use, Abuse, and Spam Malefic Visions to the best of your abilities! This Ability not only helps you kill waves, it refreshes Mana when it "Jumps" and therefore, should be used and leveled every chance you get, unless your Ultimate is up for leveling.

I still haven't changed the Level of Abilities order, because whenever I see someone printing out a build and staring at it in the middle of a game trying to remember which Ability they are supposed to level next, I always wonder why they would do that when the person who made the build did so, in a way, that isn't conditional.

My Build is Conditional. If you need an Ability because of what the other team is doing, or because of the Champions they are using, then DO IT! Level the Abilities in the manner that suites YOU!

Also, if you DO want some form of help in which to do first, then, well, this is what I GENERALLY do:

At Level 1, I get Malefic Visions. Whenever I level, I will in general try to get Malefic Visions almost every time, and whenever my Ultimate comes up for a level, I grab that. That's what I do.

If Call of the Void or Null Zone come up for leveling and I can't get Malefic Visions or My Ultimate, I will take either one. Sometimes I get Call of the Void more if I'm up against more casters, because I can Silence them.

If I am doing great with my Ultimate, I get Null Zone to max the damage potential of that. That's the best advice I can give. If ANYONE playing LoL, tells you, that you should ALWAYS follow an order of Leveling Abilities, they're an idiot.

I don't listen much to people who follow builds without wondering why, and I don't think any GOOD player would either.

Much like in Magic: The Gathering, you build your "deck" to meet requirements, and then, have something Conditional, because in some conditions, you'll need something that seems almost useless most of the time.

I don't think any one build, can be useful in EVERY situation, so I make my builds "Situational". In some Situations, I might need Call of the Void sooner like I said, but in others, I may want Null Zone instead.

So, I've updated this build to show what I've been doing with Malzahar.

As for the Summoner Spells -

I pick Clarity because he needs it, and usually I choose Ignite, because you can use it WHILE you're using your Ultimate. This makes it awesome, and makes you deal a TON of damage. However, again, Situational!

If you don't want Clarity for some reason because you have Mana just fine, then the other Summoner Spell I use sometimes, is Teleport. I hate having to go all that way in a 5v5 game when you've gotten past a certain point, it takes forever, so, I'll grab Teleport once in a while, and not have to.

Introduction -

I got Malzahar about two weeks ago, and after FINALLY getting him, I started reading up a little more about what Runes to use with him. I noticed that a lot of people use the same Items, and I personally Love playing him so much that I don't really care if I win or not, it's just a lot of fun to play him.

Anyway, I'm going to add multiple Items because there are two ways I've been building Malzahar. I said in my Mordekaiser build (Which I need to update, as I no longer use that build, because I've made a MUCH better one now that I don't suck as badly at this game) that I don't like using Builds, because I don't like basically stealing someone else's builds, and not knowing why I'm using something.

So, I started playing with Malzahar, a lot, and after looking through builds to see what Runes would work best, I basically knew what I wanted to do with that, and went from there.

For Items, like I said, I've been testing two different ways, and mostly, you'll see AP and Magic Pen, and some Cool down Reduction.


Start of Game -

At the start of the game, I basically grab the Shoes. I don't like moving slow, and I'm sure no one else does either. So, I basically grab those. And depending on the other team, sometimes I'll also grab Health or Mana Potions. That's optional really though.

Once you have the Gold, get the Magic Pen Shoes! Sorcerer's Shoes may only be movement 2, but the Magic Penetration is great because it stacks with whatever Magic Pen you have already.

Once you have the shoes, I HIGHLY Recommend you get Arch Angel's Staff. The reason is that Malzahar gets Mana Screwed early in the game, and needs a Mana Fix.

Some people may pick other Items for this, but the reason I go with Arch Angel's Staff, is very simple:

First, it gives Ability Power. Second, it not only gives Mana, it gives great Mana Regen, and...Well, you know, that whole thing about turning a Percentage of your Max Mana into Ability Power is nice, and on top of that, every time you cast a spell, you get a higher Max Mana.

So basically, using your spells not only will give Voidlings, it will also now up the Max Mana and AP available to you!


Once you have Shoes and Arch Angel's Staff, you could have enough Mana and AP to stay out for a while. Basically, you want to Farm as much as you can to get more Gold.

Abilities per Level -

Notice how I didn't really spend much time with Abilities per level? This is because I don't think I should be telling YOU what to do! Builds on here generally say "At this Level, get this, and once you're at this level, get THIS!".... the problem with that, is, what if you're up against a team who's doing something they didn't expect? Then what?

Well, that's why I've left it up to you. Just try to get Malefic Visions leveled quick, as it helps Farm very well once you've leveled it a few times.

I don't want to have a list of all the Levels, and which Ability you should choose to Level at every one of them. That to me seems a little silly. I mean if you hit Level 18, it won't even matter how you picked them, they all level the same number of times, and you end up with the same power on each one of those abilities no matter how you picked it.

And again, if I said "Do this and that" what if you run into a team who's using something I didn't think about? You'd be stuck trying to make this work in that situation, and I don't want to do that to you.

So basically, here is the advice I WILL say about leveling up Abilities:

Malefic Visions, once Leveled, is amazing. You can farm VERY well with it, and on top of that, you get Mana every time it bounces to another unit. So I generally do try and level that every chance I get for a while, and then continue with Call of the Void, and so on.

Your Ultimate should obviously be leveled every chance you get, as it's something that will save you, and help win the game.

You should learn to use Call of the Void as much as you can. The fact that it has a small delay means you need to kind of guess where the unit you want to hit will be in a second. This can be tricky, and I've heard multiple people tell me multiple ways of doing this, so, I'll just say to play practice games, and attempt to practice using it.

By the way, once you do get good at that, you'll have a nice ability and combo you can use. Basically, it silences and does damage, and it can hit any number of units in the line.

The Malzahar Ability Combo to kill almost any Champ -

This seem to be something everyone who plays Malzahar uses. Basically, Malzahar's Abilities, can go into a combo. The exact way of doing it only matters if the unit you're trying it on is trying to run, so, here is one way you can do this combo, and I'll point out that if you DO do this, you'll probably have some whining from people saying you're OP. Anyway, here:

Malzahar's Call of the Void, will do damage, AND Silence a Unit. This comes in handy because then, when they have been silenced, you don't need to worry as much about them using some Ability on you, and turning the fight around.

Use Call of the Void, and hit the Champ. Then, you'll use your Null Zone to turn the floor into Void goo. This does massive damage, and since they are Silenced from Call of the Void, they aren't going to do much other than try to run.


I play LoL and use Malzahar with my Keyboard to cast spells. You can use Mouse if you want, but for this combo, use the keyboard so you can hit buttons AND click, at the same time.

So, hit this:

"Q" to Silence, and then "W" to drop the Null Zone and force some Damage, and then "R" to pop your Ultimate which will not only stun the Champ you're fighting, it does massive damage. On top of that, you dropped Null Zone, so they're standing in that, taking massive damage from that as well! If they aren't dead after this, "E" drops Malefic Visions on the Champ, which, of course, is a DOT spell.

Once you do that, you should have a Voidling actively chasing them down with whatever health, if any, they have left.

If you really want to show them who's boss, use Ignite too lol. All of that will basically drop any Champion.

Items -

The reason there are so many Items listed, is that, well, basically, just like choosing Abilities to level, what if you need something in one circumstance? Well, the Items I listed are all cool with Malzahar, so, you can pick and choose the ones you likes best, and use them.

Why no Void Staff??

Simple. Void Staff gives you some Ability Power, and then, a UNIQUE for Magic Pen.... The Runes have Magic Pen...The Shoes do too, and so do some of the other Items.... So why spend THAT much on Void Staff, and then only get the AP? The Magic Pen isn't going to stack with anything, it says Unique, so? Don't bother unless you don't have anything else.

Nashor's Tooth - This is listed because first, it has AP, second, it does Attack Speed, which is cool, but doesn't matter as much, and third, it has COOLDOWN!!!

Mejai's Soulstealer - Optional. Period. If you DO get it, get it right after the shoes. I personally rarely use it, but early game, the stacks can help out. Good for AP but only if you get it early.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - 80 AP? Good! Health? Sweet! Get it!

Abyssal Scepter - This is nice. I like it. It gives YOU Magic resistance, and, also lowers the Magic Resist of Enemies. This is good because really, what does Lowering Magic Resist on an enemy really translate to? Magic Pen!

Basically, if you like some of the items more than others, then get them. But the Items listed will give you good AP, a little extra Health, and some Magic Pen.

Anyway, when you play with this build, try to farm as much as you can. The more Gold and Leveling, the better. I generally will try and get as many minions as I can.

I'll try and update this more, but I'm about to pass out from exhaustion, so, Comments are Welcome, and Enjoy!!



I've updated this text a little bit since I've finally slept. I saw I got a rating on here, but no comments to go with it, so, if you do have any comments, or you rated it, please feel free to comment and tell me what you think.

I'm open to suggestions, and I'm open to new ideas. So if you think this build is ****, tell me why, and how it could be improved, and if you love this build and think it's great, tell me that, and share how YOU play Malzahar.

I made this build myself, and the way I play, makes it work, so, if you have another way to play, tell me about it. Like I said, I'm open to suggestions, and I love hearing about new ideas to play Malzahar to the fullest.