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Malzahar Build Guide by Bombastikz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bombastikz

Malzahar , Dancing in the Air

Bombastikz Last updated on August 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello everyone, this is my first build/guide on MobaFire and I hope you will like it or just give me some feedback , what to improve or just correct my bad english ;) So I hope you enjoy the build and maybe test it and rate it! Thanks guys ! :)

And also its not fully finished i will add an Item Section if i get the time !

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Pros / Cons

+ Very good farmer
+ Nice CC ( can silence several Champs / Surpress with Ult)
+ Can push a lane very hard sometimes when his Voidling is out and has its frenzy status
+ Devastating W+E+R Lvl 6 Combi which nearly allways garantues a kill when the Opponent aint paying enough attention ;)
+ Tank Slayer ( Null Zone)
+ Pretty hard Harrasment Skills
+ Can lane 2v1 very good if played defensivly
+ Nice Manareg by his E-Skill
+ Summons a cute Voidling :)
+ He has the Djinn Skin.

- Pushes his lane very hard because of his E-Skill(= prone to be ganked)
- Squishy
- Vulnerable to CC
- Is stucked when he does his Ultimate
- You get focused first very often
- Sometimes Bluebuff dependent because of its CD reduce and Manareg in Teamfights.

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Pretty Standard Caster Runes:

Red: That extra MagicPen you wont miss!

Yellow: Here you can choose which you like more the Flat Mp5 oder Mp5/lvl. You could put some more AP Runes in here too but i think with the Blues and the Quints you have enough AP in the beginning +15 AP from your Dorans!

Blue: Same here just choose which you prefer most!

Quints: That little AP Boost is nice to have at the beginning.

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Some standard Caster Masteries nothing very special. The Buffduration is very important because you want to grab BlueBuff asap and as much as possible :P

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Skill Sequence

Maxing your E-Skill right away ,makes you a great farmer. On lvl 5 you can easily clear a minion wave in about 15-30 secs and allways get at least 4 last hits.

I recommend maxing your Q right after your E ,because its essential for winning team fights and and very got spell to get that last damage on an opponent thats running away ,because of its very long range.

The last skill we´re maxing is our W , which will hit Tanks and those anoying lifestackers very hard lategame. The only reason to max it before your Q is when you think that your q aint that effective and the opponents team have too much healthstacking champs.

And of course you'll lvl up your Ult everytime its possible ;)

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Summoner Spells

I take Ignite and Flash. Ignite for that early game kills and when there is a Mundo/Swain on the enemies team AND it helps you finish off enemies which have a tiny bit life left when you ultied them ;). Flash i think there aint nothing saying to that. It sets up terrific ganks and you have no escape skills so you need at least one as a summoner spell;).

Other Choices could be:

- Ghost: Great chasing spell if you like it more than flash take it instead of flash if you like flash too take ghost and flash ;)

- Teleport: Teleport + Flash is a nice Mid Combo ( You should allways go mid / solo top). If you choose to take it , tell your team to put up wards where opponents cant see you porting to them and set up terrific ganks and gain some moarr kills ;)

- Exhaust: IF you really think Malz needs exhaust please improve it by skills , else its pretty useless in my Opinion ;)

- Cleanse: You can use it if your into it ... ;)

Not recommended:

- Clarity: With my RuneSetup and your E you want have any Manaprobs

- Clearvoyance: Your support or Tank should grab it but not U !

-Heal , Revive, Smite, Rally: NOPE!

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Your job in teamfights is to Focus on the enemy AD or AP Carry. If you get ur devastate combo on them ( WER) they are normally dead , normally means that they wont get healed and your Ult deals its full Damage (which it nearly wont Lategame because they immediatly focus you when they see ur Ulting someone). Your second job is to harras and silence the enemy team with your Q and E and W. Never Engage a fight with your ult , its NOT your job! And try to allways get at least your dot on the enemy before you ult him else its to weak even if you have a Highbasedamage and scalling on it.

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To sum up this guide:
- Take Mid or Solo top
- Stay back in Teamfights and constantly harras the enemy
- Grab Blue everytime your able to, it helps you and your team A LOT in teamfights (10% CDR on ur ult is freakin hard)
- Allways try to get 40% /39% CDR , buy Elixir / grab Blue , so you can allmost spam your Ult <50sec cd

Item section will be added asap I get time to it!

Please rate and comment if you like it and if you dislike please tell me why!

See ya later,