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Malzahar Build Guide by smoke a blunt

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author smoke a blunt

Malzahar! Fear the void! ( and my cool dance )

smoke a blunt Last updated on November 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to Smoke A Blunts Malzahar Guide

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Hello people of mobafire :)
I have been a part of these forums for a while now however i havnt made many posts.
I have been playing malzahar as a main for quite some time now using my own build and i decided today to share it with the community.
Malzahar is one of the most OP mages in the game with an ultimate that will make almost anyone qq.

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Pros / Cons


    Ap ratio on spells is VERY high
    OP ultimate which suppresses.
    E is good for farming
    nice range on spells
    can nuke almost anyone down if you combo his spells correctly
    voidling from passive can deal quite alot of damage at low levels
    long silence with Q

    Extremely Squishy
    you can get silenced / stunned / other cc during you're ulti which stops it.
    difficult to get full spell combo.
    not much CC apart from ulti and Q which is difficult to hit with if your opponant is goood.
    no way of escape
    his skins arnt that cool :(

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Abilites / spell combo

(I don't know how to make icons appear so sorry for that =S )

Passive Malzahar summons an uncontrolable voidling which grows bigger over time and attacks random units but prefers to target usits affected by E.

this passive is not the greatest however at early levels the Voidling can deal the little bit of extra damage you need, and also it looks totally bad ***.

Q spell Malzahar creates a gate which after a few seconds closes and deals damage and silences all enemies that remain in the target area
This ability is quite hard to land but if you do it has quite a lengthy silence + deals some huge damage late game.
the trick to this ability is trying to place is behind the target unless they are chasing after you then you should place it just infront of them.

W spell Malzahar creates a large circle of void and enemies standing on it are damaged by a % of thier max hp each second.
this skill doesnt real deal alot of damage at lower levels however at late game with alot of Ap this skill will deal around 15% of your targets max hp each second. (even the tanks)
max this last because like i say it isnt very powerfull early game.

E Malzahar infects target unit with void dealing damage each second, if the target dies whilst infected, the void hops to closest enemy unit.
This Spell is Malzahars insane farming spell and also one of his main damage outputs.
at level 9 following this build your E will deal roughly 300-400 damage so by using it on just 1 minion and using a few auto attacks per minions, can destroy a whole wave.
also if you want to harrass you can use this spell on a dieing minion close to enemy champion and hope it hops to him :)

R Malzahar suppresses his target for 2 seconds and deals damage over that time.
this is malzahars bread and butter skill, it suppresses them for 2 seconds and deals HUGE damage.this ultimate has a low cooldown and when its up, if you use it correctly you are almost guarenteed a kill.

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Spell Combo

So the best way to combo with Malzahar is Q ---> E

> W
R----> Ignite.
However the chance of missing with Q is quite high but even without Q the chance of killing them is very high.
also be carful not to use ignite if you are not already in ignite range or else this will stop you're ultimate.

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My personal favourite runes for malzahar is
9x - Greater mark of insight
9x Greater seal of clarity
9x Greater glyph of force
3x Greater quintessence of potency.
there are other rune setups however i find this one the best as it gives good mpen, mana regen,
flat ap for early game and ap p/lvl which is very nice.

if these runes dont work well for you then you can always mix and match, and try out your own.

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i use the standard 9/0/21 masteries build and you can see which ones i chose at the top of the guide.

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ok so i start out with a Dorans ring.
this is for a little AP and mana regen.
On my first trip back (which is usually around level 6) i pick an amplifying tomb and a few hp pots + 1 mana pot, unless i can afford a soulstealer which if i can, i pick up an soulstealer instead. If you couldnt afford the soulstealer on your first trip back, pick up the next time you head back.
you're next item should be regular boots. why not sorc shoes ??? because these arnt needed right now as you will still be in lane.
after you pick up the boots you want to rush tears of the goddess so you can start stacking mana.
Now is the time to pick up your sorc shoes ;)
after picking up you're sorc shoes you want to build your tears into an archeangels staff.
now you should be around mid game and you would want to pick up a rabdons deathcap to starting increasing your damage output massively.
if the game hasnt already ended by now, i reccomend getting a zhonias hourglass for the AP and also a little bit of Armour, but also the amazing active which you musnt forget to use if you are in a sticky situation.
if you make it this far, you're last item should be a void staff so you will be able to penetrate all the m res your eneimes are stacking.

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Summoner Spells

ok i would'nt reccomend anything other than flash and ignite.
flash is for the escape seeing as malz has no other escape mechs.
Ignite is for the extra damage to help you get a kill.
if you dont like this summoner spells i guess you could take clarity or teleport.
i wouldnt really reccomend anything else though.

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Farming is simple with malzahar,
all you need to do is land an E on one minion and then with 1 or 2 auto attacks the whole minion wave will go down.
also you're Q can destory a whole minion wave if landed correctly late game.

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That will be the end of my guide mobafire, i know it is layed out poorly but it was my first one so please let me know how i did in the comments and tell me how i could improve.
thank you for reading and good luck with malzahar, the propit of the void :D