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Malzahar Build Guide by Witty Hobo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Witty Hobo

Malzahar: Flame Imperishable APC (For Experienced Players)

Witty Hobo Last updated on October 29, 2012
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This build may seem completely useless, and from first glance yes it is... If you use it wrong. Personally, playing Malzahar as my main and training him for over 3 months nearly strait, I thought it might be nice to display a build that would utilize Malzahar's insane ability power potential, while rendering opponents completely vulnerable in and out of team fights.

This build relies on staying alive long enough early game while picking up some kills, yes I understand that this is risky and for most Malzahar users this is nearly impossible, however for the more experienced players I suggest this build to challenge your will and evasion perception.

I do not believe that most of you readers will attempt this seemingly dangerous build, but I hope it amuses those who love playing Malzahar as much as I do every day.

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The Cons and Compensation

The main problem lies with Malzahar's squishy nature. While he does a considerable amount of damage mid game, his health, mana, and resist(s) are frightening during early game.

I realize that by using the two suggested items you put yourself at a great risk, while health, mana, and resist(s) (which most builds are created to patch up,) this one focuses on screwing over your opponent by using your range and escape methods intelligently to open them up for a clever dive from an ally. However, I have suggested using a banshee's veil to help with the health, mana and magic resist, unfortunately Malzahar's armor is drastically reduced.

To compensate for the lack of preservation I have introduced two items that completely devastate your opponents, rendering them defenseless making slaying them delicious pie.

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Using this build

While this build brings lots of AP potential late game, It is entirely reliant on the user to be able to get fed and survive. This poses a huge problem for casual gamers, so to avoid this, only build towards these items if you are positive that you can get the kills you need to stack the damage.

However grim that may seem, it is not impossible to reach a full stack with your build. I would suggest buying Mejai's Soulstealer earlier in game if you can pick up enough kills while staying alive.

While the process can be grueling, the results are well worth the work. The increased AP, cooldown and movement speed pays for itself late game in and out of team fights.

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Early game


Purchasing the correct items is important in the beginning more than any other time. This becomes blatantly apparent once you find yourself ganked in the first 3 mins at lvls 2 or 3 and are armed with only Flash, your boots of speed because you decided to hold off on buying hp pots. The most popular building guide for Malzahar ( Malzahar-come-mortal-witness-your-demise) displays how to spend the meager gold you start with in a decent manner.

Be wary of your opponents and their positioning as always but when they get territorial try driving him off by casting your call of the void through the back line of minions (the mages) which will either aggravate him or cause him to double back for a few seconds (landing it doesn't hurt either), allowing you to cast your Malefic Visions (space aids) on the minions earning you some gold.

Surviving mid lane:

While mid laning the action going on in your lane often distracts you from checking your mini-map and noting where your opponents are, usually your allies will assist you as best you can as you call "mia" yourself.

Be careful you pay close attention to how your opponent moves and positions himself: If he usually shies against you but suddenly grows bold in movement and ability casting you are likely to be ganked or ulted soon.

Malzahar is gifted in lane pushing, which early game can lose you your farm or invite the enemy for an easy gank. To avoid this (no matter how painful) stay on your side of the river for at least 75% of the time while laning.
Playing mid smart:

When it comes time to claim your blue (buff) your jungler or closest laner will usually assist you, however some summoners will refuse to help or take it for themselves, in most cases where one will do this they need it more than you do. So don't be quick to offense.

If your opponent is killed and you notice after several (10-20) after they spawn (use "o" to check enemy spawn timers) call mia on him even if you find it unnecessary. The reason for this is to notify your teammates that mid could be going top or (likely) bot for a gank assist.

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Late Gameplay

Assisting Side Lanes:

When playing mid lane many opportunities can be introduced for a gank assist on either wings (side lanes), to safely leave your lane to participate, be sure that:

a) Your minion wave is full and pushing your lane.

b) Your next wave of minions has already arrived or is nearby.

c) Your opponent is gone as well or does not notice that you've left (if he has low hp or gets nervous of ganks this will be a lot easier).

d) Your teammates know that your coming down ahead of time.

In a team fight, your teammates will usually count on you to drain some hp with your null zone, silence the opponents before or directly after initiation, if necessary pick up whatever kills they could not (death or range not permitting), as well as targeting the right enemy with your ultimate (Nether Grasp).

During whichever fight, your allies are likely to pick up your kill from a nether grasp not accompanied by either null zone or malefic visions. The only thing I have to say about that is to just be glad that your ult wasn't completely wasted and that your opponent is now taking some down time (the gold isn't half bad either).
Holding your Keep:

If things take a turn for the worse and you end up off your game or stuck with derp teammates,
defending your base is (almost) always top priority. While behind your turret, the sequence of abilities that you choose can usually determine you and your turret's fate. Laying down a null zone will usually buy you a few seconds before the opponents re-group and push HARD. Using your call of the void correctly can not only repel your enemies, but also do a ton of damage if positioned correctly to hit the tank and the ranged champions behind him.

Dealing a significant amount of damage can encourage an ally into initiating, which (if successful) not only save your lane, but can result with an ace in some cases. However, If things continue to go bad for you and your turret is nearly gone, fall back towards your inner turrets and lay down a call of the void if your opponents get greedy. Once again positioning your abilities here is very important as well.

Say if the enemy tank decides to jump you, your only option is using call of the void on your location and quickly flashing out of the way, thus silencing the brute, saving your squishy void butt.