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Malzahar Build Guide by kaytzjay

Malzahar - HEY! uve got a voidling up your a**...

Malzahar - HEY! uve got a voidling up your a**...

Updated on July 6, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author kaytzjay Build Guide By kaytzjay 4,247 Views 0 Comments
4,247 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author kaytzjay Malzahar Build Guide By kaytzjay Updated on July 6, 2011
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Hey guys, this is my Malzahar guide, i hope you are gonna like it, i do ;p
My main Champion is Malzahar so i hope i know what im talking about xD
Enjoy (;
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For Runes i pick Magic penetration red, because i think it's really usefull for Malzahar the whole game, and i helps him alot.
I take Mana regen yellow, so i can stay on a lane for as long time as possible, because i want to be able to far for a long time, while harrasing my opponent.
I take Cooldown reduction blue, because well i like the cooldown reduction, and i dont really buy an item that helps me out there.
Then i pick ability power for my quints, so i get some more dmg, early game, and it makes my malefic vision flow better, which i like alot ;p
You could also go Ability power blue instead of cooldown reduction, that works fine 2 ;p
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9-0-21, i like that way for alot of casters, i think it scales good with what you need, and the extra spell pen is lovely to harras and make your malefic vision run.
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Okay Items, i like to start of with Dorans Ring because i like the ability power the hp and the mana regen, lovely start item. Then i rush Rylai's crystal scepter because i like the hp it gives so you aint to squishy, and get ganked easy, and ofc i love the fact that it slows the enemys. Then i go for rabadons death cap, because i want alot of ability power early or mid game (ofc also late game) but early and mid it really pays of. then i run Rod of Ages, to get some more hp and ability power, and ofc because of the ekstra mana. In this point in the game, the enemy feels your power in every team fight, or when they try to gank you, or you gank them. So they are prolly gonna get some magic resist, thats why i build void staff, to get some spell pen, and more ability power, that's nice. Then i go zhonya's hourglass, becuase it gives good ability power, but more because when you get late game (and ofc. you own them) they are gonna focus you in the teamfights, so when when they do that u just put hourglass on and they can do nothing. Then at last i go banshees veil, so nobody is gonna be able to kill me.

Ofc. the items you buy depends on the other teams setup, so think about what you buy, and dont just use one item build!!!
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Skill Sequence

I rush malefic vision, because it's my faverite spell in the whole game. It's really good at killing creeps, it gives you your mana back, when you kill a creep, and if your opponent is an idiot ( the most do this) they go to close to the dying creeps and get your malefic vision on. that way, you dont even need to harras then, focus on the creep kills, and just let them make the mistake. Then i dont really care about the other spells, when u reach lvl. 6, u can kill everyone in the game ( xD ) you just silence them ignite them, malefic vision, a null zone under them and then NETHER GRASP = instant dead. So easy, you prolly isn't gonna lose life at all ( xD )
But as i said i love malefic vision, because it just jumps around, once i got a tripple kill after i was dead, thanks to malefic vision xD
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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells, well i like ignite and flash. Ignite because it works really well with malefic vision, when you use them at the same time, you own everything.
I like flash, because malzahar dont have so much survive ability. Other than if someone trys to follow him, you can just use malefic vision on them ( when you have rylai's) then they get slowed, then u use call of the void to silence and slow them, and then you lay a null zone, to slow them again, and they will never catch you xD
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Ranked Play

I don't really play Malzahar in normal games, but often in ranked if he doesnt get banned. I Like him in ranked games, hes a good single tarket nuker, but can also silence almost whole team and slow them all with null zone (when u get rylai's) i think he fits good in ranked, because hes a really good farmer and pusher.
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Pros / Cons

Good farmer.
Good early / mid / late game.
Good killer.
Alot of survive ability.
Good engager.

run out of mana all the time.
Prolly alot more but i don't really know the downsides with malzahar because im so good (LOL, like i suck)
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Creeping / Jungling

Malzahar is a really good creep killer, because he can use all hes abilitys to farm (not nether grasp tho' xD) Malefic vision make him a good farmer, and a good laner, because he can harras so easy. He doesnt go oom (out of mana) And that makes a good laner and creep slayer.
But you should be really carefull, you might push way to much, sometimes thats good, but you are gonna over extend alot, so you are easy to gank, so stay abit back. or just last hit with auto attacks.
And remember that malzahar is a good ganker, because of hes supress and hes silence. you will get one kill when you gank (or your team will) unless u suck xD
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Last Words.

Well i think im done now, i hope you liked it despite my bad english, and i prolly have maked some mistakes but whatever xD Malzahar is a overall good champ, and you should try play him!!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author kaytzjay
kaytzjay Malzahar Guide
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Malzahar - HEY! uve got a voidling up your a**...

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