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Malzahar Build Guide by Chbs

Malzahar: I Give You Space AIDS

Malzahar: I Give You Space AIDS

Updated on August 15, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chbs Build Guide By Chbs 5,583 Views 3 Comments
5,583 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Chbs Malzahar Build Guide By Chbs Updated on August 15, 2011
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I've been a gamer all my life, and there is one thing that i've learned that repeats in almost EVERY game i've played: a hard nuke hurts, but DoT (Damage over time) spells make you stare at your respawn timer much often.

This build is focused on that, getting Malz big AP boosts so you can be a true pain in the *** with all your DoT abilities, and some tips to play it safe. This is my idea on how to play Malz, hope you like it!!
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Pros / Cons


- Low chance of getting killed in early game due to constant healing
- Great farming
- Melees wont DARE to touch your tower
- You can solo pretty much every champ in the game
- Great chance for building a nasty combo if 1 of your buddies has any CC
- Good for soloing or laning with someone else


- You need a lot of precision to make things work
- Map awareness is really important, distracted players will find themselves 0/10 with this build
- In team fights you need to cast the abilities in the right time at the right target, otherwise you waste mana, time, cd and become prety much an insect with no damage output
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This is the most importante part of the build. Sometimes my team gets mad cause I never lvl my Q. I find Q not as important since this is a DoT build, so I obviously give my DoTs a priority (duh).

Malefic Vision (E): If you don't see a creep with E on it, you are doing it wrong. Casting your E for farming is probably the most important part of this style of gameplay. Time your spells so it jumps on the closest creep, so you can maximize what you get for your mana and also recharge some. Try to guess where and how the creeps are gonna move, so you don't find yourself casting on 1 creep, and then the spell jumps on one of the big creeps, thats a waste of mana since it's probably not gonna die. The perfect scenario for you is killing a bunch (if possible the entire wave) of creeps with only one cast, and then the spell jumps on the enemy champ. That is getting lots of gold, exp, and harass for only 120 mana. Late game, with the insame amount of AP that you build, you can cast on a single creep and get to another lane, don't matter how many creeps there are. You will kill them all.

Null Zone (W): This spell is amazing, since it works great in every possible scenario. Let me give you some examples.
1) Ganking: Using this skill prior to your ulti can max out your damage ridiculously.
2) Defending: You can use it near your tower when melees are pushing. When I play Malz, my tower rarely gets destroyed by melee players.
3) Team fights: You help a lot by casting it in the middle of a team battle, specially if there is a AD carry trying to take down a friend with low mobility. If your team has CC, this is so great. Imagine a Jarvan jumping and getting 3 enemies while your W is on? Yeah, **** in your pants.
4) Avoid ambush: Casting on bushes is a great way to know someone is there, mainly because not moving and stand on top of it is really stupid.

Nether Grasp (R): Casting this is saying "someone is getting a +1 in killcount!". You supress your target and deal a huge amount of damage. If you don't kill him, I assure you his health will be so low that even your support will. DON'T cast this as a starter in team fights, since you'll probably get disrupted in some way and you'll just get nerd-raged at (unless of course a braindead overextends in a 5vs5). The target of this skill can vary on the occasion, I usually decide dependind on the tank of my team, and the tank of the other team:

- If the tank on the other team has a decent amount of HP, wait a bit and go for the squishy carry
- If the tank on the other team is below 50%, go for him. Remember your damage is based on percentage. I believe this is your best scenario possible, since no tank means GG.
- If the tank on your team has low HP, WAIT!! Cast W to make them b a little, and then cast as soon as the carry overextends as he tries to finish the tank.
- If the other team has a support and the carry is not near, go for it. But remember, you are really vulnerable to any type of damage when you are casting your ulti, so be really aware where the other team carry is.

Call of the Void (Q): I find this spell usefull in this build only at late game, when you can cut the HP by 1/6, 1/7 of an average champ with one cast. A great way for using this spell is as a starter if you are certain that you will hit more than half of the other team, specially the carry so they get silenced and your team automatically takes him out.

TIP: I can't tell you how useful switching to smart cast is. For the people that don't know, smart cast means that you only need to press the key and the champ will cast the spell directly where your mouse is, no need to click the target. Kinda like Karthus Q, or when using Flash. This gives you a lot of speed when using your ulti combo (W+R), which is really important since the enemy can flash away before you supress him. Try it! Once you master it, this will improve your gameplay a lot!!

(FYI you switch to smart cast by going into "key bindings", on the in-game menu)
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I find rushing for spellvamp a good idea since Malz can sweep an entire wave with a since cast, and this gives you constant healing so getting harassed is not a problem. You can go against any champion and feel safe knowing you have fast and constant regeneration.

This is really personal, but I think getting Mejai is not the best way to go, unless you realize the other team is really stupid and easily gankeable. I honestly think this because farming is a top priority for Malz so you can kill quick, and you need tons of AP for this, and what better way to do this that rushing RaD? Beside this, getting Mejai is like saying "Hey, carry, I'm stacking and will own you in bout 5 minutes". So no, no thank you. I play safe. AGAIN, this is personal, stack if you want! :)

Rylai helps you and your team chase, but sometimes you can go Morello to get that nice CDR, mixed with blue buff it can be devastating!

The last item on the build is really situational, I like to go DeathF Grasp since the damage you can deal with 400+ AP is about 40%+ of the current HP of the enemy. No need for explanations.
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Last Words

Hope this helps to improve your gameplay! Remember: a good player has nothing to do with the build, its all about timing and awareness! So get that space aids going and tell me what you think! Thanks for reading guys!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chbs
Chbs Malzahar Guide
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Malzahar: I Give You Space AIDS

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