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League of Legends Build Guide Author thanyou

Malzahar - Nice try there Eve

thanyou Last updated on September 15, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Malzahar is many things, but to name a few, he is; a pusher, amazing at soloing mid, a great mid-late game ganker, and last but not least; Immensely hard.

Malzahar is one of the most difficult casters to play in LoL because of his lack of survivability and guaranteed escapes, not to mention how hard it is to learn how his spells work when you first play him.

Now I am by no means a "pro" player, but this build has a tendency to make other teams rq because no bush is safe to blindly walk into when Malzahar starts ganking, and of course the added survivability of immense cdr, additional CC and health will definitley make a "Oh look Malz is in the jungle lets go gank him" into the most hilarious penta kill you'll ever get in that game (Just wait till next game to bait 'em again).

Now I'm not saying that just because you're using my build that you're gonna rape everything that moves, but what I am saying is that with this build, you'll have some crazy survivability late game, and be able to drop almost any champ by the time you get your Zhonyahs, if you play your cards right of course.

Lets start off with the pros and cons

- Great pusher if left alone with a tower (This is what your voidling was made for)
- Decent chaser once you get your Ryalis CC
- Can wipe out a whole horde of creeps with 2 spells (or 1 if you like taking your time)
- Amazing Silence (Hard to master but an amazing tool in teamfights once you learn the timing)
- Has the best DOTs in the game
- He can DEVASTATE almost any champion with his Ult cycle

- Squishy beyond belief
- Mana hungry
- Spells are EXTREMELY difficult to learn to use correctly and are almost entirely conditional

Now looking at this list you might think "Wow, that Cons list is pretty small compared to his pros! He must not be THAT hard." While this may be true it does by no means make him easy to play. Remember that from the moment you enter the sights of enemy champions you are the biggest threat standing between them and your towers, and therefore the most likely to get ganked and hunted down to the point of feeding.

We do not want that.

Feeding the opposing team is the worst thing that you can do, cuz they're gonna stack mag res and completely shut you out even if you start stacking that ap and mag pen.


On to Masteries:

A basic 9/0/21 setup works very well for his mana hunger as well as the initial mag pen you'll need for early game kills until you start stacking your ap and mag pen.


Your core should look something like this if you get all your items:

The reason I choose these items is because with a fully stacked Meijai's you can have over 700 ap + your magic pen + the beautiful UNIQUE PASSIVE on Abyssal Scepter.

I'll break down a rough estimate of how much damage you can do with all your spells, spell by spell (Assume you have 700 ap, are level 18 and you have no mag pen and they have no mag res):

COTV - 300 base + 560 = 860
NULL - 8% + 7% (Assuming they're on for 5 seconds and have 2.5k hp) = 1800
MALV - 320 + 560 = 880
ULTI - 550 + 1050 = 1600
Which brings us to a grand total of 5140!!!

Nuking for over five THOUSAND damage (roughly) is outrageous! Although this is caluclated without any mag res/mag pen so this is probably the absolute most you could hit for.

And don't forget about using Deathfire Grasp, its extremely useful on those beefy tanks who stack mag res, so taking 1/3 of their hp away right off the bat can be the difference from getting the kill and NOT getting the kill.



Ignite and Flash are my preferred spells. Malzahar should never be far from ignite for a few reasons:

- It can be casted during your ult's channeling
- It often is the reason you get that kill
- It + Visions = lolded
- Its another DOT to add to the collection

I never leave home without it.

And I used to take Teleport, but now I like Flash because I'd rather be able to live and tell about it then to die and be able to get back to my lane quicker. You can also use it to get into position for your ult cycle, spooking the enemy and setting up the perfect time to land all of your spells.

Not recommended, but not bad spells on Malzahar

Teleport - See above for my Teleport minirant.

Clairvoyance - Clairvoyance is great for if you're paranoid and don't wanna waste mana for checking bushes =p.

Heal - Heal is great for guaranteed sustained laning without bping, you can also survive a gank with a well timed heal.

Clarity - Clarity is especially useful in accordance with flash, simply use up all your mana, and then flash, pop clarity and nuke, they won't see it coming.


Revive - If you're dieing enough to the point that you resort to this, then you aren't playing the right champ.

Rally - You are a CASTER not a dps/ad

Smite - Now this one I can POTENTIALLY see being useful (for farming) but he's already an amazing farmer with his visions + COTV.

Now at this point I direct you to the guide that taught me how to play Malz effectively and efficiently, cuz from this point on I'll pretty much be saying the same stuff as him. And he has a very well written guide and decent items (I don't agree with them but his guide is exceptionally well written):