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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GlorySeeker2X

Malzahar - No AP,just Attack Plz.

GlorySeeker2X Last updated on March 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why DPS Malzahar you ask?

if they were expecting it, this would probably not work as well as it does for me. with this Build You can attack safely from a distance with a high amount of damage per second, and also makes jungling with Malzahar easy to do. Malzahar's skills are also very useful in a DPS build; using Call of the Void to Silence and annoy, Malefic Visions to drain the foes remaining HP (If any is left) while he/she is running away, and aside from taking out Super Minions, Null Void will mostly be used in combination with Malefic Visions when Malzahar's Ult is ready to use. even without AP, the combination of the three skills does a great deal of damage and most importantly, suppresses the foe for a short while so your team can mob all up on him/her.

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The Flaws

I'm no pro at League of Legends, so there are probably many obvious flaws that I'm not aware of. anyhow, here is where I will list the Flaws I am aware of.

first off, early game Malzahar's base attack won't be doing as much damage, and without clarity, will likely be low on mana quite often.

next off, this may be just a personal problem, but I have troubles attacking my targets every here and there due to Malzahar floating and attacking from a range. i often find myself travelling to where the foe was standing, rather than attacking him/her, which often places me in difficult situations, and makes me an easy gank target.

last up, I'm not sure if he seems slower because he floats, or if it's because items mostly increase movement speed by a percentage and Malzahar has a low base movement speed or something, but he doesn't seem to be a swift as the typical DPSer.

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The Voidling

He is the sole reason I tried a DPS Malzahar. unlike other champs, Malzahar gets a flippin' demon spider to fight by his side. this adds to the amount of damage Malzahar can dish out, and you can throw out some quick spells to have him tank as you quickly destroy a turret, making it possible to sneak around the action and blow up turrets undetected.

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The Skills

As for what summoner abilities to go by when using this build, you pretty much can't go wrong. Even though itds a physical attack build build, clarity is still a good choice because Malzahar's skills are still very useful, and you'll need the mana to get enough casts to have your Voidling out for a larger duration of the game.

Heal is pretty much the same as it is for any champion. Free health! Same goes for Fortify, it is always nice to have an ally with fortify. Cleanse is another self-explanatory ability that would be nice. As well as rally, and teleport.

I go with ghost and exhaust just because its a useful duo of skills for early game ganks. However, Flash is a good alternative to use if you intend on using the build to solo turrets. Use your voidling to tank the turret as you demolish it with a fierce wave of baif basic attacks, and if a foe shows up and surprises you, just flash yourself outta there into one of the jungle areas and recall safely and prepare to go back for more tower slaying.

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The Masteries

The reason I use the masteries that i do is to increase both damage per second and survivability. the main piece in the defensive tree is the Veteran's Scars, which increases the champions HP, and in the Offensive tree we grant our champion cooldowns, critical chance, attack speed, damage, and improve our Exhaust a bit. if you choose another summoner skill to replace Exhaust, you should probably also replace that point in your skill tree. however, unless you are using Smite, the only other option you will have to put that point into should be ability power from the Archmage's Savvy talent.

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it is really useful to get the Vampiric Scepter early off. it helps more than you would know. other than that little bit of life steal from the Bloodthirster, the focus here is Attack Speed, Critical Chance, and Physical Attack Damage. The Manamune is nice because of its increase of attack and Mana, however it may be better to go for the Infinity Edge before getting the Manamune. it depends on how you are doing that specific game mana-wise. and as for Trinity Force, well when I got to that point I coudn't think of anything else that would be better, so I thought "Hey, why not?" it grants a useful boost in movement speed, but another Phantom Dancer could be nice as well, or some Warmog's for additional survivability.

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This build takes some time to get going, so I would recommend focusing on hitting minions with your Call of the Void as soon as its available, and farming them for gold and xp early off. also low level neutral monsters in the jungle can be useful as well. don't be afraid to waste your skills on neutral monsters, the reason you are attacking them in the first place is to level up as quickly as possible, ans using your skills does just that. when Jungling early on, Malefic Visions is your best tool. Use it on the weakest monster in the group, and focus the infected monster, and when it passes on to the next, just focus your attacks where the Malefics direct you to. also, since they are generally horded together in a small circular area, Null Void can be of a small assistance if you have the spare MP. In later game once you've gotten the items for your build, Jungling is a great way to give your team the edge. with a heavy amount of damage per hit at a high critical chance, and a high attack speed, Malzahar and his voidling can ice any non-Baron buff monster no problem, especially with Malefic Visions going.