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League of Legends Build Guide Author umop episdn

Malzahar - Oblivion Awaits

umop episdn Last updated on October 15, 2010
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Ok, I've been playing Malzahar for a while, and I enjoy playing him. He's just too fun to refuse, but once the enemy team sees how big a threat you are, you will begin to get focused down, trust me. I've been in a game where people have attacked me over a Fiddle at half HP and a Teemo.

Firstly, Malzahar's main focus is single target DoT, which is why we've picked Ignite to stack DoTs. As a result of being a single target attacker, you'll want to have the middle solo lane. If you're team is being annoying about handing it over, insist, because Malz really shines at his best in mid and you can't really get this build without it.

Early Game
As soon as you get mid, wait a little while and start auto attacking minions. If the enemy wants to start a level 1 fight, pop Malefic Visions and Ignite on him. Nine times out of ten they'll back off and take you on more cautiously. Sometimes you'll score first blood if their squishy. Now get to level two and you can start harassing with your Call of the Void [CotV]. Here's a tip: CotV is, obviously, a delayed skill, and a wall AoE, so you'll want to time it properly and carefully. Note that the center thing's edge on the spell's precast is the edge of the actual wall for the most part. There are several tricks you can do to make it easier to land. First, you can get in range with it on an enemy champion and auto attack minions for a while, then randomly cast your wall and it's an assured hit unless their moving around a lot. Another trick is to walk along beside them so your wall is horizontal instead of vertical to them, it should be ten times easier to hit. The third option is to lead which may be a bit tricky. I've discovered a way to make it easier on myself, and hopefully it will help you too. On a champion with no boots on, you'll want to aim it about a fourth of an inch lead on them, with boots it should be a half inch lead. If they have speed 3 boots, make it a bit further, but don't over do it or you'll overshoot the wall. Anyway, back to the guide. When you hit lv 2 on your Malefic Visions you have 2 choices, harass or farm. This cannot kill minion waves without help, which is why you should only cast it on minions at lv 2 when you have a voidling charged up. Since the new patch, your voidling attacks the target of MV, which makes farming easier. Just auto attack with your voidling and it should clear the entire wave unless their seperated or it's a cannon wave. When you get lv 3 MV, it can clear minion waves alone, so slap that on the 2nd melee champion of the wave in the line, not the first. He typically goes for your casters. Auto attack once or twice on each melee and it'll be fine. When you get to level 6, you're ready for the massacre. Hopefully by now you've either killed your enemy once or wounded him to at least 50% life. Most people are unaware of just how much damage Malzahar can do, so you have that advantage. Wait for an opening, make sure you have enough mana, and drop Malzahar's combo. If you're unaware of it: Null Zone>MV>Ult>Ignite and prepare a CotV behind them if they don't die, because any rational person would be wildly clicking behind them to get away as fast as possible. Just a side note, Ignite doesn't interrupt your ult, which is another reason why we've picked it and Clarity. With Clarity, you can stay in mid lane with just Doran's ring up until your level 8 max if you havn't had luck killing your opponent but he can't hurt you that bad. It is recommend when you get a kill, farm the minion wave then recall and buy your next item, Sorc Boots and maybe a Blasting Wand if you've been doing well. You will definitely have the money for your boots by then though. Try and get your opponents mid tower down as fast as possible, then go help a lane who's having trouble.

Mid Game is a bit dodgy. Sometimes whole teams will group up, sometimes small skirmishes of up to 3v3 will occur across the map, and sometimes people are still laning. By now the enemy team knows just how big a target you are, so you might wanna travel with a partner or 2 from here on out. By the time mid-game comes, you should have your Rylai's Scepter by now, which allows you to shake off some of your innate squishiness. Here you should push tower with a few friends and farm up a little for your next item, Deathfire Grasp. The best thing about this item is the active, which can be casted during your ult, so you can exploit that to the fullest. By now lots of ganking has occurred. Lots of different changes in strategy are being made. Hopefully with you being fed the fights will go smoother and your team will have theirs camping at their tower. This is where CotV and NZ really come in handy, since they both have long ranges. You should be hitting like a small SUV at this point, so you should carefully place your CotV for harassment hits. NZ will be used when your creeps are at the tower so you can deny movement for melee champions at them. Be wary when people step into it though, because the turent will make you it's *****. Also with little skirmishes, if someone tries to get away with a sliver of health and you're out of range while chasing them, Null Zone can ruin their day. As soon as it's casted it automatically ticks very fast. I've scored many kills I've otherwise wouldn't with this tactic. By now it should do at least 6% of their max hp, calculating MR.

Late Game
By now the game has tilted one way or another and you're both looking for a way to end it once and for all. A prime way to do this is Baron. If you're team is winning it will be easy, but if not it may be a bit trickier. If you'll losing, look to kill at least 3 of their champions before attempting to sneak off to Baron as 5v2 is easier to handle if your found out. Sadly MV doesn't affect Baron, but your NV and CotV does, spam those when ever you can and it should be a pretty fast baron no matter who else you have. You should be building your Zhonya's Ring by now, which will make you pretty OP, since all of your AP ratio are high. For team fights don't pop your ult willy nilly, harass with your AoE and your wall until one of the champions venture too far into your team and punish him for it. While they can do nothing, certain CC can really ruin your day in ult, so be careful. Mainly just try to silence as many enemy champions as possible with you wall. If you have a stunner/grounder/heavy slow on your team, coordinate with them to cast your NZ when they cast their CC to ultimately punish your enemies. A good choice would be Morgana. With MV and NZ and her bind and Tormented Soil, that person will be dead before they move unless your targeting a tank, then you're doing something wrong. I usually end with Will of the Ancients for the Spell Vamp, since you already hit hard as hell, it adds more survivability. It's not required though, it's just my personal preference.

Misc. Thoughts/Tips
-When your passing the Wraiths in the jungle, pop a wall on them and keep going. It should net you the 3 small ones and you can go on about your business.
-Your CotV gives vision of the area for a few seconds, so you can use it to check bushes.
-When stalemates occur and the two teams are growling and poking each other behind their minion line, drop 2 MV on the minions. Yes, 2. It's likely that in the poking, they'll pop onto an enemy and drop their health 1/4 to 1/3.
-I have calculated and flipped through several starting items, and Doran's Ring is the biggest bang for your buck for all your Doran haters. Trust me. With your Ignite popped, you'll have the AP of an Ancient Tome, plus more effects for the same price.
-If your team has a Jungler, you can take the 2v1 lane easily, but you must be more cautious. You'll likely be put by your tower most of the time. Do not go for an ult of a 2v1 unless your sure it will be a quick kill, otherwise harass them to no end.
-A lot of people want CD Redux with Malzahar, which you get about 30% from Deathfire Grasp and Golem in this build, but you wont really need it. By the time you go through your combo, your MV will be back up and NZ soon after. Plus without golem your ult will be at about 50 seconds. Trust me.
-Try to play with people you know. That will increase the effectiveness of your playing by ten folds.
-Keep a wary eye on your mini-map by lv 6 in the laning phase, because if you're doing well, you will be a target for ganks. If someone disappears from your vision back up a little, and definitely retreat when they call MIAs. You cannot handle 2/3v1 at this point unless their all really low and you have a lot of HP left. Most of the time, this will not be the case.

This is how I build and play Malzahar. I know K/D/A doesn't matter as long as you win, but unless it is a very, very bad game and my team gets ultimately raped, I always end positive. An average would be about 15/5/10. I hope my insight helps all of you budding Malzahars and veterans alike.

"~BUURP~ Oops.. I think a Voidling came out."