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League of Legends Build Guide Author DaemonEdge

Malzahar - Oh sorry, you wanted to touch me?

DaemonEdge Last updated on January 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1


If you like killing people and living, you've come to the right place.

Practically my first build so sorry for noobness :P.

-This build is the build I use for Malzahar and it has never failed me, if you're smart and safe, you could go no deaths. Just remember one thing,
, I've seen many anoob forgot the jump on the malefic visions and giving me a kill. You could even kill summoning champions such as Annie with this information. Example: If her bear is on low hp and so is she but she is out of range and her bear isn't? what do you do? Cloud her bear. Heimer's turrets? Another Malzahar's voidling? Mordekaiser's stolen soul(Almost impossible scenario)? Or even the clones of Shaco and Leblanc? Cloud them all.

I recommend laning mid if you are using this build as you will need to for easy gold and Rod.


Most important thing about the item build I have is... Rod rush.
Forget boots, if you farm well enough and can out lane mid, you will only have to go back once and that should only be to get catalyst. At mid just grab 2 wards if needed to watch for ganks or just play defensively. Also get Rod ASAP, dont wait to get it, before you get enough gold, call a jungler or another teammate over to hold mid while you go back.

After Rod, grab the all important boots. Once again, you should stay in mid and farm with malefic visions. Harass a little to keep them at bay. Only leave mid if fighting an enemy as far as blue, or an easy kill at top or bot. But otherwise dont until you finish Sorcerer's.

Next is the staple, Rylai's. Health, ability power, adds slow to your abilities? why not get it? Although I haven't really been sure if it works with malefic, at least I haven't noticed malefic slow while I have Rylai's, still great. Your Q (Silence Skill Shot) now adds slow! Your % HP damage pool, now has slow! Just great to have.

Tear of the Goddess. Might as well get it now, gonna be spamming a lot since it will be mid game by the time you reach this item. Honestly though... after Rylai's I like to triple stack ArchAngel's as a personal reference, but for those who just dont like to stack it...

We have Will of the Ancients next. "why would you get this? it doesn't do much noob." Why? Gives 70 AP and 30 AP to surrounding champions not to mention the
Just put on a malefic visions and you got your self a red pot practically. Low hp, ulti up, someone chasin? Lead them into a pool then ulti, prolly got about 500 or maybe 700 hp if you burst.

Zhonya's... should I have to explain? But only a little. Gettin focused? pop a Zhonya's, 20% more AP? what a deal! +120 AP? I'll take it!

Now just finish your Archangel's and youre all set.


Ignite: Just givin more DOT, great early game and mid game. If you have a wall on your team, (Wall=Two tanks/Meat sheilds), why get more escape? And if you play smart and defensively too.

Side note: Most of my kills with malzahar are while backing, ill be running away and they just chase and I lead with silence, Pool with Rylai's, and if in range, throw on a cloud.

Flash: Laning in mid? Harassed enough with your cloud they have half hp or less? Get in basic attack range or flash range? Flash in and burst like a mofo. Throw down a pool slightly behind them. Or start with a silence then flash in and burst. After the pool pop ulti instantly, should kill. If not, chase down and tag on an ignite or cloud.

Others: Meh im lazy to explain why not to choose other, well no clarity because you rarely need that with the items you'll get.

Masteries & Runes & blah blah blah...:

For Runes I do a standard caster build with Mag Pen Marks, Mana Regen per lvl seals, and Cooldown Reduction per lvl glyphs with Mag Pen Quintessences. I also take the standard caster build for masteries with improved flash. But if you have anymore question just message or ask in comments, ill answer. Oh and final thought: You could roll with Mejai's but personally I dont like it since most of your skills are DOT there's a chance you won't get the kill and I personally don't like it much since it's scaled on kills, just depends on your personal Reference.

(Im not really sure about the skill build, more personal reference except take one in all for you'll need the pool in your ulti combo, need silence for... well... silencing lol, and of course cloud.)

IGN: Luna1337