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Malzahar Build Guide by ramboo124

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ramboo124

Malzahar Prophet of the void

ramboo124 Last updated on November 26, 2012
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Welcome to my first guide that i ever made.
This guide is about the champion Malzahar Prophet of the Void
For the start most people say why will you choose clarity at the start there is 1 simple answer mana same reason why i would buy 2 doran's rings in the beginning.

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Runes are things you only buy after lv 20 so if you are not that lv yet better not buy anything.
Runes are nice to have for a extra good start.
I choose for AP runes so I start with 32 AP at the beginning of the game.
Mana regen at lv 18 at the end or at the midle of the game you sell the doran's rings so you have more place to buy better items.
Magic pen. i think it is a bit useless so use the marks for anything you want cooldown reduction or some more AP if you like.

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Malzahar is a great mid champion hard to master sometimes but really fun to play.
First thing you need to know is that like most mid champs you can't do anything if you have no mana.
Malzahar has the great ability to farm is malefic vision just jumps over from minion to minion with you voidling you summon every 4 spells it is easy to kill them and get all the farm and the spell deals great damage to champions to that why i max this one first.
malzahar can easy kill i jungler or someone else when your alone just use all you spell on him start with malefic vision after that nullzone then call of the void and as last your ultimate because call of the void takes some time to deal damage it sometimes is hard to place it and hit but because the other 2 are damage over time they won't see that they are losing lots of health and when you ultimate is used he can't do anything for 4 sec because you use al of your 4 spells you also have a voidling that deals extra damage.
Flash: is just if you have to back off fast or run away.
Clarity: best spell for mages because mana is everything.
Ingnite: is a great spell for malzahar because you can use it when you are using your ult and it gives you a extra spell for your passive.

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About the Build

I rush really fast for the rabadon's deathcap but if you just start playing i prefer something with a bit more health like rylai's crystal scepter or the rod of ages but still you want to do lot of damage.
Normally you see that you buy the boots with the magic pen. i hate them because the magic pen. on the boots is that low that is a waste that why i build the one with the 15% cooldown reduction for his ult sometimes you have pushed very hard after you bought the rabadon's deathcap the first turret is going and you don't know what to do next you could buy the boots of mobility you guys should think wtf right know but if you can help other lanes why not it's a easy way to pick some kills.
after the boots a normally buy rylai's or abyssal scepter it is your own choice look at the kind of match and see what is best.
I also buy a void staff against enemy's who have build some magic resist against you.
After that you have the Deathfire Grasp it is great against tank or any kind of enemy you could buy early but i have more use of the other items.
Normally if i see that i make some great kills and don't die alot I buy a Mejai's soulstealer but if you just started playing and it is not working well I wouldn't advice you to buy it.
That's why it is not in the build.