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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Malzahar Build Guide by ravager

malzahar prothet of death

malzahar prothet of death

Updated on July 8, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ravager Build Guide By ravager 3,986 Views 5 Comments
3,986 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ravager Malzahar Build Guide By ravager Updated on July 8, 2011
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quick summary

this is only a quick overview for details see the other chapters

with this build you will have over 1000 ap end game also all mana problems will be solved.
however you will be very squishy and proberbly be focused asap by the enemy team. so try to play with a galio or something like that for a lot of cc.

- insane damage output
- no worrys about mana
- can kill (almost) any champion 1v1
- can stay on the edge of the fight while killing everythin

- very squishy
- mana hungry early on
- without cc your an instant kill

(all of the above wont be repeated in the following of the build)

early game:
herr*** your opponents, keep an eye on your mana and dont be to aressive

mid game:
pick up some kills, denie your opponent xp

late game:
kill everyone you can possibly kill, stay on the edge of teamfight or you'll regret it and DON'T EVEN THINK OF GOING SOLO
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here we take magic pen so you will dish out more damage over the entire game. if you prefer ap this is fine too but in my oppinion magic pen is better because you already have ap quins and glyphs.

for seals we take magic regen so you wont have as big as a problem you would otherwise have with your mana in early game in late game this is sloved by the archangel's staffs.

for these you want ap per level so you start doing more damage as the game progresses if you want you can take flat ap runes so you do more damage early on and rely more on your items for late game.
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i take 10-0-20 masteries so i have magic pen and improved ignite in offense and all -to me- importand stuff in utility. i dont think the last one is as usefull since we already have improved flash in masteries as well for the cdr. of course you are free to replace magic pen or improved ignite with the last one in utility but i dont think its that great.
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i start with a dorans ring so i have a bit of everything: hp for survivability, ap for damage output and mana regen so i wont run out to fast. after dorans i rush tear of the goddes so i will solve all main mana problems and am able to charge it right form the start. after this i take rod of ages as soon as posible so i will have it fully stacked early. after rod of ages i get sorcere's shoes. now i finish arcangel's staff and begin my rabadon's deathcap. after the deathcap you can vary this build. i take as much arcangel's staffs as posible so i will have a bunch of ap because of my high mana level and ofcourse for the mana and mana regen. but you can also take things like zhonya's hourglass or deathfire grasp but this depends on your preferenses.
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for skills this is pretty basic. max CotV asap for good damage next max MV but take one point in NZ at level 3. level your ultimate whenever possible.

now the skill sequence can vary depending on the situation you'll have to find out what works best in each situation but here are a few basic sequenses


again these arn't the only combo's that'll work you just have to experiment while your playing in order to find the one that works best for you
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summoner spells

for summoner spells i take flash and ignite because with flash its easy to get in/out of combat and ignite is a perfect addition to your skill combo. you can replace flash with ghost if you want. and if you think you'll spam your abilities you could take clarity. or you could take exhaust so you can slow them and ensure the NZ->NG combo. but this'll be up to you to find the spells that work for you.
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early game

mid lane:
you want to keep her***ing your opponent but keep an eye out on your mana levels. if you are fighting a caster make sure to hit CotV if your fighting a dps you should still hit but time it more effectifly for example: yi before he uses highlander or meditate but after alpha strike so he'll always be in range. also use MV and if needed NZ for farming minnions as fast as possible.

side lane:
same as mid lane (troughout the entire/most of the guide) but now you have to be a little more conservative with mana and a bit more defensive because there are of course 2 enemy champions (even though you have a friendly one on your lane as well). keep in mind you have to give your laning partner last hits on minnions as well so be carefull with MV, NZ combo.
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mid game

mid lane:
by now you should be at the 10-15 min mark and be starting to get rod of ages (if you are doing well and killing your opponent pretty much/fast you should -at least- consider buying majai's soulstealer) if you are not doing to well get rylai's crystal cepter instead of one of the archangel's staffs. this will improve your survivability a bit but you wont do as much damage. here you should also keep an eye out for gank posseblillety's. have someone form a side lane help you by ganking or help the side lane by ganking yourself (wich ever one works better at that time)

side lane:
you properbly are finishing tear of the goddess at this point now you just have to try xp denying the enemy and (if possible) kill them. this will be easier with a champion like malphite or galio on your lane because of the cc.
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late game

here you realy shouldnt be laning any more. look for enemy solo's and make them pay and make sure you are there when a teamfight breaks out you are one of them main sources of damage after all. however make sure to position yourself right. this means keep a bit of distance and
rely on your spells not your basic attacks (those wont do anything) and be sure to time your spells for instance: if warwick uses his ultimate to focus someone use your ultimate right after his so the enemy champions stays supressed but dont use it at the same time as it wont be used to the fullest potential.
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explenation for shortenings

if you are femiliar with the game/mobafire or this champ you (properbly) wont need to read this,

CotV : call of the void (q skill)
NZ : null zone (w skill)
MV : mallific visions (e skill)
NG : nether grasp (r skill)
early game: lvl's 1-6
mid game : lvl's 7-11
late game : lvl's 12-18
cc : crowd control (like taunt)
cdr : cooldown reduction
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ravager
ravager Malzahar Guide
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malzahar prothet of death

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