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Malzahar Build Guide by supernoob96

Malzahar - R-R-R-RAGE QUIT

Malzahar - R-R-R-RAGE QUIT

Updated on July 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author supernoob96 Build Guide By supernoob96 4,769 Views 1 Comments
4,769 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author supernoob96 Malzahar Build Guide By supernoob96 Updated on July 22, 2011
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Malzahar is basically a high dps champion with low health...HE IS A TRUE GLASS CANON. I am going to tell you the right way (because most the mal guides on here are plain stupid) to play the beast that knows his way around the void...And lemme tell you, that isn't a small feat.

sorry no pictures or fancy Bb code, if you would like to tell me how to do that i would appreciate it but, this is the first guide I've written.
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Pros / Cons

-great farmer
-great at sniping
-massive damage and silence
-mops up very easily
-extremely squishey
-no escape mechanism
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I would generally start by using CotV (call of the void) on the caster minions that line up nice and neat, the throw a visions on one and start pounding away at it. this strategy right here is faster than it sounds and makes you a lightning fast pusher. careful tho becuase sometimes you might not want to push as fast as you actually do.
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The real reason people tolerate these builds is for the item guides. I start with dorans ring and move into ionian boots real fast. mal needs his movement and sucks without cdr. lemme put that in perspective. MALZAHAR SUCKS IF HE HAS NO CDR. This can be proven if you watch someone who plays malzahar and does not get any cdr. they rush mejais soul stealer but get no kills because they cant mop up the damage they have dealt. Malazahar has very long cooldowns. your goal is to be able to ult as many times as you can. these items make it ready whenever you need it. then i go into morellos tome. mana regen, cdr, and ap, everything mal needs in one. then I pick up mejais, at this time you should be carrying your team anyway. mejais only lets you get stronger for every poor soul that crosses your path. that and it adds up when you get rabadons, I mean, 8 per stack plus 30% of all your ap, cmon, why wouldnt you get this item. thats really all that you need until you have enough money to get Rod of ages. again when you have enough money, since you are a glass cannon you need armor, sell your ring and buy zhonyas hourglass. I doubt the game will get this far but when it does Zhonya's will pull you out of sticky situations, just move it so it is hotkeyed to 1.
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Skill Sequence

Q is always the first skill you want to get as malz, it scales with ap better than his other basic skills and is great for harassment. It might take some practice to aim this skill and that is all I can say, there are no secret tips I can give you about aiming other than practice makes perfect. Eventually you will be able to predict your opponents movement, and lead the spell more effectively. You are going to want to master your E first because it is your farming sill, and it is great for harassing as well because, as your minions are by a turret, you can drop it on a champion and get out of range of the turret by time the visions have dealt their initial damage. Your combo is going to be E, W, R, Q. How you execute this is by dropping visions on opponent and throwing a null zone under them immediately after, they wont stay in your AOE for long so ult them to keep them inside it. Also, if you have ignite (which you should after reading my guide) and you are in range, you can ignite your victim while you are channeling your ult. If somehow, they survive all that and attempt to escape, track their movements and lead them with a CotV to mop up the kill. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKES OF TOWER DIVING. IT IS A STUPID AND GREEDY MOVE THAT RARELY PAYS OFF AS AN AP CHARACTER.
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Summoner Spells

There is no reason why Malzahar should have any other summoner spells than ignite and flash. as stated in the previous section, ignite is used in sync with your ult to help pick up kills easier. And as stated in the PROS and CONS, Mal has no escape mechanism except for maybe silencing a jax that is chasing you so he doesn't overhead swing you. So, flash is a must so you have some way to escape, I don't really like ghost because it is canceled out by any slowing effects and they see you using it, so they can chase you almost immediately. Plus with flash you can hop over walls to get out of a gank, and fast. Plus it is good for (guilty as charged) chasing.
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Malzahar is an epic champion if used correctly...this (in my opinion) is the only "right" way to play him.

like i said this is my first guide so leave comments, i will update soon, and i would appreciate if someone told me how to insert pictures such as the move icons.

So if you read this guide and see supernoob96 in a game say hi because this took a lot of work and i would like some criticism, constructive or not (if just plain criticism, I will argue my point with you).

don't forget to comment. (also a good place to tell me what you think.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author supernoob96
supernoob96 Malzahar Guide
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Malzahar - R-R-R-RAGE QUIT

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