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League of Legends Build Guide Author khaldo0n69

Malzahar - Stack Arch Staff ftw!!!

khaldo0n69 Last updated on March 14, 2011
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Chapter 1

Hello, this is my second guide on This guide will help you figure out how to build malzahar into an AWESOME champion. I know most of you have seen Karthuses stack Arch Staffs, but on Malzahar i can honestly say they work MUCH better.
Hope you benefit from this and I apologize for any language mistakes, my first language is not English.

Default 9/0/21 route for most casters. Before you get your first Arch Staff, Malzahar literaly drinks mana early game, so I get all of the mana regen masteries.
15% pentration on spells can be extremely useful if your enemy tank is stacking magic resist (which they probably will, ive seen a Morde'Kaiser stack 5 Force of Nature but i still owned because of the 40% pen from void staff and 15% from masteries and a little from runes).

I will not lie, i honestly stole this setup from Phreak, after I saw his Champion spotlight video on youtube and made me fall in love with malzahar <3.

Summoner Spells:
Malzahar has no escape mechanism, so i take Ghost. Most people prefer Ghost and Flash but honestly i think an extra DoT on your enemy because he survived with 40 health is better :)
Other good summoner spells:
Flash: I would take this instead of Ghost, but Ghost helps you in ganks and escaping, while I barely ever use Flash to gank
Teleport: For those "****ISHOULDVEBEENTHERE" times :p
Cleanse: This is a good spell to choose because honestly, a stunned Malzahar is a dead Malzahar.

Early Game:
This is where it is tricky. From lv 1-3 try to farm as much as you can. Ive reached 2.000 gold at level 7 from farming and a kill on the enemy i was laning against, went back and bought Tear of the Goddess and continued to build my Arch Staff. Most importantly, get a kill before you port home, wether you have to gank or kill your enemy.

Mid Game:
By now you should have 2 Arch Staffs at least + a blasting wand. the AP on mobafire doesnt count the 3% bonus from Arch staff, you should have around 300-400 AP and should be dominating the enemies.

Late Game:
If you finish the build entirely, I guarantee you 1000+ AP. 25% of AP you already have from zhonyas, 12% of your mana in to AP and everytime you use a skill mana increase by 4, just ******ic. :D

Starting Items :
I start off with an Amplifying Tome adn a Health Pot. Why Tome? Well because Doran's Ring is too expensive now, you wont be able to get a health pot now, and youll benefit from the extra AP at lvl 1. Not that much it may seem but it helps. I advise you to be conservative with your mana, dont spam your skills for your voidlings to come into action, unless if you can get your team to help you with a mana buff early game.

How to get an almost GUARANTEED first kill:
I wouldnt advise you to be aggresive with Malzahar before level 6, because he becomes really overpowered when he gets the ultimate. At level 6, lure ur enemy to at least half the lane (no need for towers, but dont do it infront of thiers). MOST IMPORTANT, MAKE SURE YOUR VOIDLING COMES AFTER AT LEAST 2 SKILLS. Drop your Null Zone under your enemy and keep him on it, or u wont do so much damage. After you put your null zone, immediately use your Malefic Visions on him and the voidling should be out, then Nether Grasp him, all this should be done before your enemy realizes hes on the Null Zone, in a split second he should be on the Null Zone with Malefic Visions and stunned with Nether Grasp. He will drop like a ROCK, 3% of his health and voidling and malefic and ulti would devstate him. Ignite if they are almost dead.
But I stress these 2 points, MAKE SURE YOUR VOIDLING COMES INTO ACTION AFTER 2 OR 1 SKILL AND MAKE SURE YOU CAN DROP EVERYTHING IN A SPLIT SECOND SO THEYRE STUNNED ON THE NULL ZONE. Otherwise, the kill is not that guaranteed :D. Dont tower dive if they dont die though, try again when your ulti comes off cooldown. If youre new with Malzahar, dont go for a kill without your ultimate, because you are really squishy

Your job in teamfights is to take out their carry. Wait until after some ultis have been used, then ghost in and do the same combo as above.
Enjoyyyy :)