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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ranged Phys FTW

Malzahar -- The AP Carry you would never expect

Ranged Phys FTW Last updated on March 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Malzahar is a very different champion. He has a percent dmg spell, a dot, and a silence/dmg spell. And his ultimate is a supress! He is one of the most nuking casters i've played, and he isn't that hard to play. But mabye hard to master, as all champions are. In this build, we'll use malzahar as a mid laner and show you how to rack up them kills!

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Malzahar's main upgraded spell

Malzahar's main upgraded spell is his DOT, and his next it his silence, then next is his percent health dmg circle. Why get the wall of silence first in the game, if my dot is the best ability you may ask? Well, the wall is great for early harrasment at lvl 1, and you use your wall in base untill you have one more spell cast untill you spawn a voidling. After you have that, you wait untill you can get your E, the dot, and use it on them. The voidling will chase them for a long while, and you will make them use a health potion, or go B without a scratch.

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Pros / Cons


    Great harraser
    Awesome dmg early
    Awesome dmg mid
    Awesome dmg late
    3 CCs
    Hardly dies
    Tank's bane
    Great pusher
    Great team player


    No escape ability...

(I'll get back to you on the cons. lol...)

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Early gaming with Malzahar

When you first spawn, grab a dorans ring and spam your Q untill your passive needs one more spell to activate the voidling spawn. When the minions spawn, get your E and start harrasing. Use your E on the enemy and send them back for a while so you can get all of your abilitys. What i love about malzahar's E is not only the dmg, but the other ability it does. It gives you mana everytime an enemy unit dies from it, and spreads to a different unit that's in the range to do it again! It could spread to an enemy champion aswell, and that's some awesome harrasment! It makes the close ranged champs stay away from their dying minions so they don't get exp, or gold. When you get back you should have enough money for your boots of lucidity. Get back to your lane and keep upgrading your E. When your about level 8, what you do is, 1: Get the enemy half health or less. 2 and 3: Aim your W on the ground, and flash towards them into a E. 4: Ult them while they're on your spot on the ground, and voila, e-z kill. When you get back, you should get an amp. tome and get your mejai's. Once you have gotten that, look for some ganks, and minion farm.

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Mid gaming with Malzahar/Teamwork/Ending

Once you have gotten mejai's and giant's belt, you should be saving for a blasting wand then another amp. tome for rylai's crystal scepter. You should be level 13-14 when you get your rylai's and you should be team ganking. Team ganks with malzahar is easy considering his massive dmg and suppress. He can go in first because of his ult to insure an easy kill. His mid is full of ganks, and turret pushes, so always be aggresive when it comes to those things around mid. That is, when you learn how to play him good. His mid is very well like his late so there isn't much for me to add at this point so..

Thanks for reading my Malzahar guide and build. I hope you dominate them there squishy mid laners, and good luck!