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Malzahar Build Guide by iIsLoLing

Malzahar, the Nuke of the Void (MID)

Malzahar, the Nuke of the Void (MID)

Updated on December 13, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author iIsLoLing Build Guide By iIsLoLing 3,833 Views 0 Comments
3,833 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author iIsLoLing Malzahar Build Guide By iIsLoLing Updated on December 13, 2011
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Build Pros/Cons

-Good Damage Output
-Good Magic Pen
-Damages A Lot Of Enemies In A Team Fight

-Squishy early game
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This is a mid build, but you can easily make it a laning build.

Usually, if you're playing Malzahar, your team is going to make you go mid. I build Malzahar this way for soloing mid. There are some slight differences in skill order and play style if you are laning with a partner, which will be explained in their respective chapters.
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Summoner Spells

Clarity is VERY IMPORTANT, especially early game! Your mana pool isn't very high, and you need to constantly spam skills to deny your opponents of last hits! Always go with clarity UNLESS your lane partner has clarity too.

Flash is also a great spell both for ganking and running. You could be in a bush, or just farming behind all your minions, then BAM, you're right next to them and you are in range of all your abilities!

Other spells you can use:
-Ignite (if you really need it, e is basically an ignite)
-Fortify (if no one else has it)

Spells to AVOID:
-All the other ones
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I actually don't play with runes because they are expensive. I have a few, but not necessarily these.

These seem like they are helpful :D
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Skill Sequence

Pre Ulti Skill Build
You want your "auto farm" spell first. Helps you farm and keeps enemy back. You HAVE TO attack the minions a bit too (early game) for it to kill them and spread.

When you lane, your skill shot silence is a good first spell.
Max "Auto Farm" first (Malefic Visions).
alternating between your w (Null Zone) and q (Nether Grasp)
this maintains good damage on your silence (which is better harass than your pool)
Pool is still the most useful when combo nuking.
Of course, grab your Ulti whenever possible.
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Skill Usage

Your standard nuking sequence would be E > W > R, then they are basically dead :). I wouldn't recommend trying to use your Q before your ulti because it is very hard to aim. At level 6, don't expect this too kill a champ at full health, use it wisely.

Your E is a great harass, and does a ton of damage. Put it on the front row minions and watch it spread to the back, and if you're lucky, to the enemy. You can also easily turret dive with this. Just click and run (it's Damage Over Time).

The range of your Q is huge. Also gives you vision. Lengthy silence.

W does a % of enemies max health as damage (capped on monsters). If you actually have 900 AP, it will do 100% of their max health (not calculating resists) if you keep them on it for 5 seconds, but in this build I sacrificed a bit of AP for more magic pen.
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I recommend not to stray from this item build too much. If the enemy team has ABSOLUTELY NO MAGIC RES AT ALL, get another archangels instead of the Abyssal Scepter. If the enemy team doesn't have too much magic resist, get Abyssal, but if they have ****loads of magic resist, get Void Staff.

Wards are your friends!!!! Which type of ward depends on if the enemy team has any stealth champions or not. Put wards in the bush by the river (if you're laning) or the 2 mid bushes (if you're mid). Later on, put one at barons (just put it through the wall, so you are in no real danger).
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Play Style

Play as aggressively as possible (you have clarity so it's OK). Put your e on low minions whenever possible. Spam your q, to keep them back. Use your w sparingly for it has a lengthy cd and costs a lot of mana.

Also, if you are laning, try to use your Q 3 times back at base, then go to your lane. This will give you an extra minion (your voidling) for the next time you cast a spell.
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