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League of Legends Build Guide Author ItzLuke

Malzahar the VoidVamper

ItzLuke Last updated on May 14, 2011
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Table of Contents
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Hello everyone im here to show you what i think is the best way of playing Malzahar.

First up i hope you will like this build and i would like it very much if you comment on everything you want so i can make it even better :)

Words that u may find in this build ;D :

Nuke - Heavy instant damage

dmg- damage

CotV - Call of the Void

NZ - Nullzone

MV - Malefic visions

NG - Nethergrasp

Ok so why play Malzahar? well heres the deal,,,,,


- Long supress (the same as stun though trynda CAN do ulti while supressed)

- Heavy nuke damage as well as over time damage

- With rylais and/or rod he can survive most if played right

- THE most awesome dance in game

- works on both lane and mid though mid is to prefer


- VERY squishy early game (we take care of that with dorans ring)

- Call of the void (q) can be very hard to hit with until you get used to it

- often targeted due to the heavy damage (but if your tank knows how to play that is no problem)

- again pretty squishy and his spells are kinda hard to get the hang of so overall hard champion but on the other hand, this game aint fun without a challenge ey? ;)

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The build!

Build 1

This build is the one i often go with so lets begin with it:

The runes, masteries and skill sequence is the same for all builds because according to me (comment if u disagree) this is the best way for malzahar.

"Why max Malefic visions first?" Because it does ALMOST the same dmg as CotV and it is TARGET so u dont have to worry about missing it, + its the best farming skill Malz has due to the effect that is if a unti dies while being dmged by MV the dot transfers to a nearby enemy. This is really awesome and if theres a lot of minions you can have more than three MV up at the same time!

"why not max null zone?" well i choose not to max it until late game due to its percent dmg doesnt go up that much so you will gain more damage maxing CotV first.

Now to the Items :D

i start of with Dorans Ring as it gives a nice start bonus, mana regen wich is important as malzahar along with a good hp boost and a little ap :) After that its different from how the game goes, as for if i get first blood and feel like "yeah this game is mine" then I go shoes and then Mejai but if i feel like its gonna be an even match then i start out with Will of the Ancients instead.

The first build is the build i use when i feel like i have controll over the game and i get fed.

The second build is if you meet maybe katarina or some other heavy nuker (like le blanc) then you need the extra hp and go for rylais early but still trying to max out the dmg with rabadons and voidstaff.

The third build is for if you meet a heavy damage team with one or zero tanks, then you will need the hp from both rylais and rod but you will still have tons of dmg output from rabadons and will of the ancients.

So why spellvamp with malzahar? well because spellvamp according to me is MADE for malzahar.

Ill try to explain how i think: Malzahar is a naturally squishy champion no doubt about it, but with spellvamp you becoma an unstoppable killingmachine! not to be cocky but i made a triple kill alone on 3 full hp enemies (TF, Vayne and katarina) and still had 50% of my hp left and they where not so bad!

Lets put it in numbers : with build one maxed you will be at aproximately 1600 dmg with NG and with will of the ancients you have 25% spellvamp. thats 25% of 1600 in health wich is 400! along with the other spells you will heal from 100 to full hp in 4 seconds (i am not lying) This makes you kinda immortal if i dare to say so.

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I will soon put a instructional video in this chapter but i dont have any good recording program right now so bare with me for s while :)

when in 1v1 versus someone the spellcombo is always the same Q-E-W-R-Q-E they are often dead after ulti but if they have much Magic resist then u might need to put one more MV or CotV.

When facing 2 enemies try to get them close to each other so the CotV can hit both and they both stand in the null zone, always target the squishiest one with NG since they often are the ones who does most dmg and if they die fast the MV will transfer to the other one making it easier to kill him/her.

If you are not fed beyond mortality i would recommend you to not go into fights 1v3 or 1v4 since, well no champion can really handle that without being fed beyond mortality ^^

When i play malzahar i keep a low and passive profile not being to aggressive and then when they least expect it i burst them down with malzahars almighty power!

Remeber to farm and last hit minions! 10 minions gove more than 1 champion kill, keep this in mind and you will surely do good against any opponent :)

Thanx for reading hope it was interesting :D remeber to vote and if u vote down please comment why so i can make changes ;D

Thank you once again! happy playing!