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League of Legends Build Guide Author The_Bouncer

Malzahar: Tower Crusher

The_Bouncer Last updated on September 23, 2010
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This is my first build ever on here so take it easy with me. I don't know how to add icons or anything cool like that but I will tell you why I choose my items,runes and general tips and ways I play Malzahar. Looking for constructive and useful ways to help my build if you can.

I will return the favor.

-Malzahar is a team player, he is great for certain champions 1 v 1 but team fights he needs a good team for sure.I also recommend telling your team who you ping will be the one you decide to ultimate.Makes focusing certain enemy champions MUCH easier.

-Prepare your voidling at base, good way to start pushing early.Also if you can time it good having your voidling out for a null zone + ultimate combo is like icing on the cake. Sometimes my voidling will get the last hit as he gets buffed up every 7 seconds if I end chasing a bit, which is nice.

-Voidlings are attracted to whoever had visions last,which came from other patch which makes him more useful now. Also I like angle my self into good spot when at the tower as if you run back too far and forward the voidling ends up just running back and forth, making it rather big waste of 21 seconds.

-Be careful if you like to harass a lot with Visions/voidlings. They can make the tower target you and that can become very annoying. Just be aware of your position and your visions/voidling. Don't wanna become tower fodder.

-Sell Doran's ring later, or if you want skip it and just rush for other items. I like it personally gives little extra AP,mana regen, and a nice chunk of HP. That little extra has saved my butt many times and helps me last in battles early game whether it was mid or bottom/top lanes. It is basically your choice and depends on your style. I tend to be little more aggressive specially in mid, so I like the overall bonuses I get from it early game.

-Ghost/Ignite are totally optional. I find ghost and ignite/clarity work well for me.Some people like Flash/Ignite or other combos. BUT I highly recommend some sort of escape/chasing spell is a MUST specially for Malzahar lacking a escape.

-Fiendish Codex is personal preference for me.It is your call whether to build and later use it for Deathfire Grasp. I love it personally makes pushing that much faster early-mid game because at this point you will have just around 15-16% CDR(later on you get 20% via Death Fire grasp) which means more spamming spells and that means more voidlings. And they can rape turrets if summoned at the right time.

-Runes I like this build personally as the later game goes on once I sell my ring for another item, the extra HP and AP make up for the lost. You also get decent mana regen 10 per sec from DeathFire grasp, and with visions you really should not have problems with mana if you farm good.

-Later on in the game if you can grab golem buffs specially the blue one, VERY USEFUL this puts you at the max CDR or close to it depending on your items. Meaning you can spam spells easily, I love to push lanes/towers like a mad man with the golem buff.

-Once you grab lich bane + golem buff, I sometimes just spam spells. If I'm lucky I will get 2 voidlings up to push a tower which is pretty fun!

-At this point it is probably late game and your build close to finished. Farming is pretty easy with Malzahar so getting most of your items at this point should be no problem. I am not 100% sure I prefer the Void staff earlier or Zhonyas Ring but assuming you are around lvl 15-18 I'd say by that point either you are winning or losing. I prefer to grab it last if the game goes on longer than expected as a last measure and extra penetration. Again this is your call. I prefer Zhonyas ring first.

Ending note, as you can see this build is open to be change easily depending on you and the team you are fighting. Feel free to change certain things as needed. If you feel something can be changed to make it better please tell me, I will certainly give it thought.If anything if you doubt my build, the very least give it a couple of games.

Thanks for looking and reading my build hope it helps you out.