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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author demon

malzahar - void assasin

demon Last updated on November 19, 2010
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Okay, to start this build of mine:

Early game:
With Malzahar, you should take mid.
Malzahar can push really hard with MV (Malefic Visions): minions drop easy, cash is ringing!
It gets even better when you're MV occasionally jumps to the enemy (help it a bit with killing the minion faster, so the enemy is surprised).
When he's weakened enough (and out of heal/health potions) go for the kill: flash in; MV and Ignite him --> guaranteed kill (if necessary: use CoTV (Call of the Void) first for that extra bit of damage and to prevent him to flash out in time.

Early game items:
I start with amplifying tome and health potion and try not to port back untill I hit lvl 6. First buy boots: you will start ganking, and will need the speed. When you have enough money, take fiendish codex too (to be upgraded to deathfires), don't take kages: you want the cooldownreduction :)

Mid game:

You should have no problems mid anymore (unless you are up against a kassadin, if so: you should've switched before the game even started).
As i play Malzahar, i have no gold issues and the same goes for my mana: use your MV wisely on the minions as it returns mana with every minion that dies whith MV on it!

As you should always be doing, keep an eye on the lanes.
When you see a lane having problems, go there and gank the squishiest.
this combo usely does the trick:

CoTV - MV - Null Zone - Ulti -(Ignite if they still live)

note: when the enemy is rather tanky: start with the active of deathfires grasp: 30% hp gone in a single instant is rather nice to see ;-)

Now return back mid to hold the enemy away from your tower (kill him if possible), or help push that lane a bit. It depends on the situation.

On teamfights: your job is to silence the enemy as much as possbile (especially their casters!)
A little trick I always do: cast MV on minions, no one pays attention to them; so when they die it will jump to an enemy: you got back your mana (minions dying) and you harass them nicely ^^ (it got me a few kills too, by jumping to weakened squishies - use your CoTV!)

Items: item order is completely up to you. (see lower for my item order)

End game:

Here you should be frightening (mejais stacks should be at least at 14 or higher).
You keep doing the same thing as you were doing during mid game, when teamfightings began.
When your voidling pops out: wait a few seconds (let it grow), cast MV on an enemy, then CoTV - Null Zone -Ulti (-Ignite) them to death! Don't forget the active of deathfires for those tanks!

As I said before: I start with an Amplifying Tome and a health potion (you must stay as long as possible when you are mid and this helps me to stay there).

On my first port back (or death when I'm unlucky) I buy Sorcerers boots (speed for ganking).

My first AP item: Deathfires grasp - love the cooldownreduction and the active!
(also: try to get the golem buff as much as possible - more ultis you know)

Now I buy Void Staff - it has Void in it so it's good for Malzahar ;)
No, just kidding: with the magic penetration, you deal true damage to squishies and hurt the tanks a whole lot more than before :)
Also, the AP bonus ain't bad!

Mostly, I then start working for my mejai's (sometimes sooner when i'm doing really good), but i just so often skip this item when the enemy team knows how to play and I can't get a lot off kills/assist or when i'm being targeted.

Next up: rylais! love the HP bonus and the AP is just awsome.
Same goes for the following item: Archangels Staff. AP with this item is great! :)

If the game lasts long enough or if you get feeded big time: change the Void Staff for Zhonya's: you're AP bursts through the roof right now :)

Thank you for reading!
I'd love to hear constructive criticism :-)