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League of Legends Build Guide Author Big B

Malzahar - When you stare into the void.....

Big B Last updated on October 12, 2010
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....the void stares back at you.

Welcome to my first build over Malzahar, The Prophet of the Void.

Before we get stared let me say that the item build is just a foundation to go from, not a final set to use.

That being said lets begin. So you decided to play Malzahar, a floating Mc Hammer. Great choice! Why play him? He is easily capable of being a devastating early game champion, a great mid-game champion, and a "LEGENDARY!" late game champion.

First thing first I will describe the runes I use and why I picked them. Magic penetration marks are standard for a offensive caster, cool down reduction on seals so you can spam your already low cool down spells even more, flat mana regen glyphs as you will only need them for the regen early game, and lastly flat health quints for that extra survivability during the laning phase. The quints can be swapped out for flat ap quints or etc depending on what you like but, I choose to take them since Malzahar has no escape spells.

Next is summoner spells. As i already stated Malzahar has no real escape options so our summoner spells will be filling this void. I choose to take ghost and flash for quickly getting out of a sticky situation (or quickly getting to a team fight). Stay away from using Ignite. You have malefic visions to use if your enemy trys to run back to their tower. Do NOT waste a summoner spell on this.

The mastery tree is a standard caster set up going 9-0-21 grabbing spell penetration in offense and the flash and ghost masteries in utility. As for the other utility masteries take the mana regen and experience buff. You can take the neutral monster buff mastery over the increased mana if you choose so.

As for the item build I like to do a kage's lucky pick build BUT if you don't like the ideal of increased gold gain and want to rush straight into the ap items feel free to skip them. I more often then not choose to take them to quickly finish my build and quickly stack a decent amount of ap early game. If your team isn't doing great or you had a couple deaths at the start of the game I STRONGLY recommend you take the picks to ensure you get the gold you need for late game. That being out of the way, I like to start with a meki pendant and build it into a tear of the goddess as soon as I can. After your tear is done, then comes your boots. Boots are a completely situational item and change from game to game. Don't take sorcerer's shoes unless your going up against a team with little or no magic resist. If the team has a bunch of cc go ahead and grab treads they will save your hide quite often. (If you don't like the idea of stacking Kage's picks then just skip down some.) Now we begin building your Kage's picks. You do not have to take 4 of them and fill up the rest of your inventory slots (2-3 of them will do) but I choose to take 4 depending on how the game is going. Once this is done (or if you didn't take the Kage's pick route) build your archangels. You should have now built up sufficient mana from your tear to spot you around 100-130 ap from getting your archangels. From this point on is where the fun begins. Get your Zhonya's Ring next. Remember how I said Malzahar has no escape spells? This will help you out and is a crucial part to the build. You may even choose to take it before the archangels staff if you have the gold for it when you recall. I can't count the amount of times Zhonya's active has saved my hide. It is a very valuable item indeed. The next item you are going to want to get depends on the game composition. If the enemy team has some casters in it go ahead and build your abyssal scepter or if the other team is tanky and has magic resist take a void staff for the additional magic penetration. The 5th item I take is Will of the Ancients. I really do not recommend overlooking this. Spell vamp is something often ignored on casters but, it helps a TON. Late game during team fights Malzahar will be dealing massive amounts of damage and this item will help keep him alive from the huge amount of spell vamp it gives. Once again do NOT ignore this item. The last item once again is situational. You can opt to take a lichbane if you are carrying your team to help out with an enemy running away from your spell combo OR you can take another ap item such as another arch angel or etc. It all depends on how the game is going. And of course don't forget to buy your potions once your build is done, every little bit helps.

Now the part you have waited for. How to play Malzahar. For reference I will abbreviate his abilities. cotv - call of the void, nz - null zone, mf - malefic visions, ng - nether grasp.

Malzahar is a Assassin type caster similar to Ryze. He is a great ganker AND can contribute hugely in team fights. I will take it from the start though.

Laning Phase

Start out by grabbing one level in call of the void and spamming it four times at your summoner pool to get your voidling ready. Once it is ready head out to your lane and cast call of the void in the bushes to check for enemies. Doing so will summon your voidling and give you and your laning partner that extra advantage at the start of the game. After this you are going to want to focus on leveling your malefic visions first as it is your main harasser and farming tool for now. Keep pushing your enemies back with malefic visions and if they are casters try to harass with cotv to silence them as well. Grab one level in null zone before you get your ult to maximize your spell combo. Once you hit level 6 you should have enough for your tear of the goddess and brown boots. Recall and take these items and now, your are ready to start ganking IF and only IF your lane partner is doing alright by him self. Do not be selfish and try to rack up kills while your partner is being killed.If you are soloing mid (which I strongly recommend doing as malz) wait till your opponent recalls before you attempt to gank. That being said this is how you want to gank.

Coordinate with your teammates to see who is available for a easy gank or who is in need of help. Try to get your voidling ready to be summoned to maximize your damage but do not have it already summoned before you go to gank as it will just give you away.

-Open up with MF so your voidling with focus that target.
-Cast NZ under them.
-Cast NG IF they are in your NZ. If not stand back and try again.
-If this cycle of spells does not kill them tag them with a MF and lead them with a cotv to finish them off.
-If this doesn't kill them, you shouldn't have been trying to gank this person in the first place.

Mid Game

This is where Malzahar shines. As with any champion mid game is the usually make or break point for how you will do late game. By the end of the Mid game you should have all of your Kage's picks build (if you took that route) or finished your arch angels/zhonya's ring. Mid game usually brings about team fights. You as Malzahar are a very viable caster for this. Unlike most nuke casters who can only focus down one target at a time, Malzahar is privileged to be able to take down multiple enemies at once. If your enemies are lined up or some what grouped together do not hesitate to line them up with cotv. Once a team fight initiates try to drop down your NZ in the mist of the action where it is affecting the most amount of people at once. Spamming your MF on many different targets will deal major damage and keep it bouncing around from person to person. Do not wait to cast MF when it is up. Save your ultimate NG for taking down the teams carry. The range on this attack and the fact that it is a suppression will make them rage. Before you cast make sure to tag them with MF and drop a NZ under there feet for maximum damage. Your ult can also be used to catch a runner dead in their tracks. If you notice someone trying to escape hit them with NG to finish them off.

Late Game

By now if your team is doing good you should be pushing their nexus and beginning to build your abyssal scepter/void staff, will of the ancients, and your lichbane/other ap item. Your job in pushing the enemies teams base is to stay back and constantly hit them with nz, mf, and cotv. Do not underestimate how helpful cotv is. The 3 second silence it does in conjunction with being able to hit many targets at once is extremely helpful. Keep dropping down your NZ where your enemies are clustered. Spam your mf as much as you can to keep it bouncing and tag it on those who try to run. Your NG should still be saved to pick apart the enemy teams carry and runners. Try not to use it on a tank unless it is absolutely necessary. When ever you recall and your build is finished make sure you buy your potions!

End Game

-VICTORY! Don't forget to be a good sport and tell the other team gg.
-/t, /l, and /d (in that order)
-If they complain about your ultimate being op and just a "use this to get a kill" spell then make sure you tell them to QQ some more.
-Enjoy your IP, you earned it.

Criticism is appreciated on what I can do to change this build for the better and suggestions are always helpful. This is my first build I made and I want your guys opinions. If you rate it down please tell me why and what I can do to make it better. Like wise if you rate it up let me know what I did right. If you have any questions don't be afraid to add me ingame.
My Screen Name is I3ig B.