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Malzahar Build Guide by odinbellator

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League of Legends Build Guide Author odinbellator

Malzahar Where are you going?

odinbellator Last updated on January 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Alright Malzahar is my main played char and because of such i use this build Without Pause I will explain my logic as we go. Btw This build works best when you are mid. Also please excuse my lack of pictures and fancyness first time making a guide.

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Pros / Cons


Massive Ap When your done
You Move Quicker then would be expected
Great Farmer
You have a awesome pet
Shuffling everyday


Is Squishy
Hardish time escaping
Ult Is Easily Stopped
Can Take to long to get build.

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With my runes i use The glyphs are what they are for cool downs malz is not the greatest early game champ and i realize this thats why i personally use the gained amount maxed at lvl 18. Because of this also people arnt expecting the boost you will get as you lvl. Then there are the quintessences and seals i make ability power at lvl 18 giving you a extra 40 AP witch can be that extra magic damage you need. And last but not least the only non as you lvl marks for my build are magic pen ones most overlook you need to be able to get through there armor and having almost ten can really help to start the game with. This is my logic behind my ruins.

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Skill Sequence

I Play with Mv(malefic visions) being my main ability i use most say its to hard to push through creep waves but if you wait just a few moments before you start popping ability's you can generally get ever single creep in a wave. This is why i get my MV first and max it as soon as possible then followed by my CV with of course always picking up my ult ups as soon as i can. Some may wonder why i dont care about NZ i do but early game the only real use it has is to scare away melee char's and to drop on people while doing your ult to max the dmg your doing but at this point your dot will do more early game.

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I picked the mastries i did to maximize dmg potential and to improve buffs and running speed.

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Summoner Spells

Honestly i wouldn't requimend any others but if you must get ride of flash witch makes you escaping move possible ghost would be a good substitute. When mainly using your MV i would always use ignite many don't expect the amount of dmg that can do when your high ap and lvl 18.

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The items are essential honestly the only two you really need to get As soon as possible are your rod of Ages witch should be build first if you feel you need your full boots before your AA then do it but that item should be next large build item you do followed by your rabs with by this point should boost your ap up to about 500 or more the lichbane is for the movement speed and plus having a additional 500 to 800 attack added to your next basic attack is always nice. the hourglass makes your ap amazing and gives you armor and a extra moment if you need it to stay alive if you get focused frequently.

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When farming early game it is important wait till one creep is almost dead since your dot cant do the dmg atm to kill creeps by its self and then cast it on that creep make sure to attack the same creeps your dot is on. past that its gravy once your up to about 200 ap or so usually you will be around 160 to 180 when your CV can take out the weak creeps and pick up that gold easly.

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Basically this is burst ap build that you run faster then expected. Also a little side note when pushing towers(when you have the ap) put your dot on the creeps near there champs to troll as much as possible to help your team pick up kills. Also you can use your ult to save champs its important to not let the other team feed!