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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EroSanin

Malzahar without Clarity

EroSanin Last updated on October 22, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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07.10.2010 --> Magic battle

My Builds

Some time ago, i wrote build with Shaco (Dance with the clone). It wasn't get high votes but it wasn't bad either. In start of this build i just wanted mention that i write this builds after playing over 30-40 games with subject champion and i feel that i know something about him.

However i know that mistakes or some bad sides of builds will appear. If someone downvoting build, please write why (Please without childish behavior like "becouse i don't like it").

Malzahar without Clarity

My build is based on flat magic penetration with mana regen from runes and also some ability power. In the end usually have about 600 ap and with magic penetretion it kills quite effective. Also with this build, ending game with 0 deaths isn't something unusuall.

Good mana regen with bonus from malefic visons can bring you max mana pool in fights 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 1. Sometimes you will have lack of mana when there will appear full scale battle 5 vs 5, but blue buff should keep you in shape.

Ignite and Ghost

Malzahar is a champion which have enough power to kill without ignite. This spell is just making things easier for me. Preventing healing targets and makes powerful dots with vision.

Ghost is my favourite spell to eascape or chase. It will not rescue you from situation where flash do, but there are situation where flash is worst from ghost. My choice is ghost becouse it helps with chase and transport.


First item which will amplify your ap and should give you enough power to take down minions with Malefic Visions which will give you more mana.

Sorcerer's Shoes is second item, after amplify tome, which you should pick. My build is based on magic penetration but only on flat amounts.
After getting boots and getting 6 lv you should have power to take someone down even when it will have full amount of hp.

Almost 40 flat magic penetration will give minus mr values on a lot of hero.

Now when we have some power, it is time to get stacks on Mejal's Soulstealer. It is great item for Malzahar becouse he can kill from backs of your team, which prevent him before dying. Assist goes up quite fast too, so getting 20 isn't much trouble.

Giant Belt is first and the last item with HP. You will need it to survive. When you have Mejal's, your power rises every kill, so you have some time to spend money on something else then AP. Furthermore it is one of the items needet for Rylai Scepter, which is your additional crowd control

Rylai Scepter, gives you hp, ap and slow when you use your spells. Now your call of the void make silence and slow effect which makes a lot of champions unavaible to make any action.

Zhonya Ring is quite must have every nuker /caster champion. Gives procentage bonus to amount of ap, and also have 2 seconds protection to survive some attacks.

Next two items you should buy depending on situation.

Lich bane is great item when sometimes you feel that regen of mana is too low and sometimes you don't have how deal a killing blow to a target, this item is great for you. Additional movment speed also helps with survability.

Abbysal Scepter is good item to decrise mr of the enemy team and also gives you some mr. Good item for team battles.


Malefic Vision is your base spell, which gives you mana and a lot of gold from waves of minions. In mid game you just need to cast and froget to kill full wave. It is also good finisher with ignite. Where dps is quite strong and ignite prevent heals.

Call of the void is your second finisher and also good support spell. When someone runs from you, you just need to cast it. Good ap scaling will give you high damage from this spell.

Rylai Scepter will make this spell quite overpowered when it will be used in teamfight. AOE silence with slow for about 2 seconds? Only bad team don't use it well.

Null ZOne is your combo and support spell. Good when it comes to teamfight, great when you use it with Nether Grasp.
Why i level this skill as the last one? Becouse of his procentage damage which is greater when champions have more hp and you have more ap.

Nether Grasp after patch have quite good range. Make stun but it is chanelling spell thats why yous hould be with your team when you use it. In 1 on 1 your main weapon.

Summon voidling after patch is more useful. Now you just need to cast malefic vision and your pet will attack that target. If you have 3 stacks on summoning, you can use it with combo null zone + nether grasp. Your pet will give some damage when target will be stuned.

Magic battle

Levels 1-6
You should avoid contact with enemy champion untill you get lv 3 (lv malefic visions). With amplifing tome, now you should farm minions quite easly. If there will be situation that vison jump on enemy champion then always you can give him some "call of the void" on his head. When you feel that you can take him down, use call with ignite and right click him with some of your base attack.

Near 6 lv you should get Sorceres shoes. Try to not leave line before you get 1100 gold. Boots with your amplifing tome and lv 6 should give you kills.
Just try to attack from back, use "call of the void" to silence your target, next null zone with nether grasp. Now interupt your spell near end of the chaneling and cast malefic visions with ignite. Should kill almost everyone.

Levels 6-11
Now after 2-4 kills (you should have at least that much) it's time for majal's book. Go for it after gaining 800 gold. You need to stack it quite fast. With this item you should wait for Giant's belt. Untill then hang with someone everyminute. It is time for ganks and you are quite squisy untill you get belt.

If you gank someone try to wait with your ulti. Support your team with "call of the void" and "null zone". Use "Nether Grasp" when you feel that it will be your kill, or to stop enemy champion from killing your team.

After getting Belt and buy rylai, you can play try attack champions alone, but remember to check minimap to avoid situation 2 vs 1 malzahar. You are good in 1 vs 1 but that's it. More enemy then more you with your team.

Levels 11-18
Late game. Propably you must stay with your team and nuke from their backs. Everything is perfect if you have Mejal's Sorceres Shoes and Rylai Scepter. Time for Zhona Ring to makes things much easier and to nuke and nuke more with your team. Don't worry propably on 3-4 kills of your team you will have 1-2 kills and 2-3 assist. Book should have 20 stacks now. If not don't worry untill it drops to 4 or worse stacks. Then sell it and buy items which you had problems to get.


In fight you can use null zone with nether grasp, after this use ghost and cast ignite, visions and end it by call of the void. If you are not feeder in your team you should kill easly.

You can use malefic visions like traps and wait to jump on your target champion , then use null zone with nether. It should be simpler in that way.

Getting blue buff is much easier when you summon void.

Sometimes, when tanks get above 200 mr you can get void staff instead abyssal scepter.

Remember that you are not alone. Help your team in fights. Your spells are very effective in teamfights.

Buy wards to nuke people in bush.

Try to catch enemy champion under your tower to get faster kill.